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The Bad Boy Diary – Episode 2

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Written by, Rejoice




#Chapter 2








Drake’s POV


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“Wake up girls, it’s morning.”


I hit on the girls and pulled my half na.ked self from them out of the bed and headed to the bathroom.



“Be out of my bed before im done bathing. Your money is on the table.” I said and shut the bathroom door.


Uhhhmm.. such a freaked night.




Clara’s POV



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I woke up with a banging headache and checking the time, it said ‘7:30


Jesus Christ!


I snapped out of the bed and hurried into the bathroom, brushed my teeth and in ten minutes I was out of the bathroom.


Gosh! I overslept on my first day at GraAvantes.


I pulled into my nurse dress, followed by my black heels.


I hurriedly packed my hair in a ponytail, grabbes my bag, my phone, my car keys and hurried out, locking the door.


The time said ‘8:00am’


I have just twenty-nine left to work. Thank goodness I’ll be there in ten minutes.


I didn’t even eat.. uh.


Being a nurse practitioner wob’t be so wasy. And I wanted so much to talk some senses into that lousy neighbour’s head.


I gotta go.


I pulled into my red hatchback and drove off to GraAvantes hospital.




Drake’s POV





Once the hoe girls left, I head to the kitchen to make some breakfast.


Im so fu.cking hungry. Shit! those hoes almost drained me.


I made hot coffee and bread..


After eating, I turned on some music.


My phone rang.




Always wanna come for more.


Crazy whore.


“Drake baby.” her voice came on when I picked the call.


I sat down on a couch.

“Im coming over..”


“Se.xy Branda.”


“Alright, come sexy. Come give me some head.” I smirked.


She giggled, “And get a proposal huh?”



“Don’t act like you don’t understand.”she said.


I rolled my eyes, “Im waiting for you.” I said and ended the girl.



smirked. Crazy Bitch.


No work today so Im just gonna stay home, then go to the club by night.


My doorbell rang and well im sure it can’t be Branda..


Who then?


I went for it and opening the door it was Gina.


she wore nice pink singlet, showing off some sweet cleavage and jean bomshort


showing off her pretty laps.


She wore a smile too.


“Quit those stares and let me in.” she said.


“Where’s your sister?” I asked and left the door for her to come in.


She did, shutting the door.


“Yeah I know, you like her more. but why?” she asked.


“What do you want Gina?”


She headed to my bar counter.

“A drink.” she said.


I watched her open the cabinet, pick a drink and a wine glass.


Then she opened it, pour into her cup and came to me.



“Drake all I want is to be your girlfriend.” she said and gulped down the drink in the cup.


I smiled, “And so if you ain’t my girlfriend what are you then?” I asked.


She peered into my eyes, “im I really your girlfriend?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I said.


She smiled..

“And Kira?”


I slide my hands on her tiny waist.



“You are my girlfriend Gina, you are so beautiful. Come here.” I said and pushed my lips on hers while she reached for my shirt button..


Can I really get enough of sex?


Branda is gonna be here soon too.


Soon, I was plunging my d**k into her c**t from behind and she moaning loudly for me to go faster boyfriend.


Gosh.. I need so smoking after this.








Clara’s POV





The surgery with Dr. Tony Campbell was successful and he wrote down that, the woman would be awake in the next five hours.


“You are so smart Miss Adams. I was awed at how fast you were presenting every


surgery tools even before I mention it. So good to have you in GraAvantes. A handshake please.” he said and with a proud smile, I shook his hands.


“Thank you Dr. Campbell. Im honoured.” I said.



Suprisingly I was shown my office, and it was really awesome.


“A nurse practitioner could actually have an office here in GraAvante. Especially if


you are working with a senior doctor like Dr. Campbell.” Johanna, a nurse who was appointed to show me to my office and take me around said.

“Wow and it’s really a nice office.” I said and she smiled.


“I could help you with your desk arrange, then we would go up the second floor to


show you around.” she said and I gave her an appreciative smile.


“Thank you.” I said.



“I heard you were with Dr. Tony on the surgery on Mrs Geoffery.” Johanna said.


“Yes and it was a success.” I smiled.


“Oh, he seem to like you already.” she said with a slight smile.


“Not bad.” I said.




My other hours at work wasn’t so stressful and as I drove home, in the cool wind of the dark night, listening to ‘Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On’ I recalled with a smile, about how Dr.Campbell was very awed at my smartness. Nothing makes you more happier than knowing you are really good at what you do. And also, Johanna, She was a great companion and help.


Can’t wait to get home and talk with Noah.


I really miss him. For three weeks now.


I pulled into the compound and into my garage.


Walking out, I could see lights from the lousy neighbour’s apartment.


He’s home.


I know I couldn’t go to complain about last night loud music anymore.


I just walked into my apartment, switching on the lights, I went straight to my


room to take a shower.








Drakes POV





“Branda, get your ass off my bed, you not gonna sleep here you get that.” I said,as


I pulled my feet into my boots.


She layed on the bed in her lacy bikini.



“C’mon. I don’t feel like going Drake. Why don’t we go to the club together uh.” she said.


I turned to her. “I made it clear to you Branda that I’ve got no fu.cking business with you.. Now, what’s your damn problem? im done with your asshole.” I said. She smiled.

“Fine, im gona go.”


“Get out! And don’t come back.”


“You never gonna stop being a bitch Drake.” “Come on, i gotta get out of here.” I said.


She got up and pulled into her skimpy skirt and shirt and pulled her feet into her wedge heels.


After grabbing her shoulderbag, she turned to me.

“Gonna come some other time.” she said, and kissed me.


“Ohh i’do want that. Now, bye.” I said.


She smiled and left.








Getting outta my house, I noticed lights in the first apartment.


New neighbour?


I guess it’s gonna be a female?


Oh it better do.


Im gonna check out tomorrow.


If it’s a female.. woah! then im gonna smack her ass.




I got into my car and drove off.








I pulled in front of ‘HeroNight Club’


The music was so loud, beating into one’s soul.


I got down, slamming my car door shut.


Walking into the club, I immediately sighted a redhair girl in black strapless gown and heels.


She’s so sexy, im gonna have her.


I sat down and watched her dancing..


She noticed me watching her and smiled.


Few minutes after, she walked up to where I sat.

“Hi.” she said with a smile and sat gently beside me. Her dress all going up, and


thighs visible for me to see.


She crossed her legs.

“Im Alia.” she said into my ears.


I smiled,“You’re damn sexy Alia. Im Drake. Stay with me and let’s drink.” I said.” And she smiled with a bit of her bottom lip.


I came close to her lips, “And ofcourse a ride home with me after.” I added and was about to place a kiss on that hot red lips but she shifted her mouth to my ear.

“Sure mr handsome.” she said.










Clara’s POV





After the long call with Noah, I sat crossed legs on a couch as I’ve decided to watch some movies.


I haven’t watched for too long when I began feeling very dizzy.


I switched off the tv and the lights, walked to my bedroom,layed on the bed, and pulled the duvet over my body to sleep.


I haven’t slept too long when I got woken up by lousy music again. Seriously now this is craziness! and it’s gonna end!



I can’t take this! who the hell is the bitch! No manners!


Gosh!! This is unbearable..


No one behaves this way but an animal.


“Im gonna talk some sense into that stupid skulls of his!”



What rubbish!!






Drake’s POV





I bit her lips softly as my hand trailed down to the edge of her dress and rolling it up, my hand traced up to her pantie and she moaned.


Music playing just the way I want it.


I rolled off her dress to reveal awesome boobs in a lacy black bra.


“You’ve got sweet boobs Alia.” I whispered… and unhooked the bra and it fell to the ground.


I grabbed those huge boobs and pushed my lips on hers again.


The BadBoy Diary






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