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Wasted Love – Episode 8

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Episode 8




Laura cried bitterly throughout the ride home and felt so ashamed of herself for coming back to Caleb after everything that she had put him through.



After a short while, Laura arrived at her house and ran inside because her eyes were red and swollen. The shame and pain was too much for her to bear, the worst was that her mother was not around to console her. She cried and cried with no one to console her.




Laura felt bad and at the same time she was dying of regret and shame. Caleb’s harsh words kept replaying on her mind, she felt shattered and at same time She was numb, heartbroken and weak. For the past few days, she had fantasized about getting back with Caleb.



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“I wish I never left Caleb, I wish I never met Reuben, I wished I never allowed my parents to mislead me, oh I wish I could revive the love that Caleb once had for me” She thought still in tears.


Laura cried intensely until she couldn’t cry anymore. With everything that was going on in Laura’s life, she began to act crazy, she had lost hope in ever finding a good job and in finding a good man like Caleb.




Few days after, The unexpected happened one friday morning when Laura left the house without informing her mother, she was wandering around the main road in deep thoughts, she was about to cross the road when a new sophiscated car knocked her down, she passed out immediately and the young lady who was actually driving the sophiscated car rushed out for her rescue, immediately crowd gathered around.


Laura was rushed down to the nearest hospital. You won’t believe that the young Lady who ran Laura over was no one but Kate, Caleb’s wife to be and the sophiscated car was the new car Caleb had bought for her. Thier wedding was scheduled to happen the next day and now look, the worst happened.




Kate was in tears and scared, she kept replaying how the accident happened, Laura’s mother was not helping matter as she involved the police immediately.


“All this Rich people, once they are inside thier big cars, they don’t care about the poor people who are on foot, look at what she had done to my daughter, she must

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pay” Laura’s mother had told the police officer that she brought along to the hospital.


“Officer is not intentional, this lady walked right into the road without looking, I tried my best officer, it would had been worst” Kate explained, the police officer who noticed that Kate was nervous, shakily and in tears, decided to seize the opportunity to extort money from her.




“Madam, you will have to come with me to the station, to write your statement” The police officer said at once


For what?, Why?, When I did nothing wrong, this lady walked into a moving car, I also rushed her down here, do you know what this had caused me?, Do you know how scared I was when it happened?, I don’t want all these drama, tomorrow is my wedding and I pray she recovers quickly” Kate said innocently but the Police officer insisted on taking her to the station and there Kate called Caleb, who ran to the hospital immediately.




When Caleb arrived the hospital, he hugged and kissed Kate, immediately he saw how nervous and shakily she was.


He met with the police officer, as soon as the police officer saw him, the corrupt officer became scared.


“I only wanted her to write her statement, nothing else” The police officer said nervously




She can write her statement here, what’s the need of dragging her to the station, when she had not committed any crime, the victim walked into the road without looking” Caleb said at once


“What’s going on here?” Laura’s mother entered immediately she walked into the scene, she was returning from the emergency ward.


“My daughter is fighting for her life, all thanks to you” Laura’s mother added facing Kate, she then turned around, one good stare at Caleb, she recognized him immediately.



“Ca.. Caleb” she stammered. Kate was shocked, she stared in confusion while Caleb wondered what Brought Laura’s mother to the hospital.




“This is the Victim’s mother” the police officer said sharply and Caleb was stunned, he knew Laura was an only child, and immediately he analysed, He knew if Laura’s mother was the “Victim’s mother”, then the Victim would be “Laura”


“Is Laura okay?” Caleb threw in


Kate was surprised, she wondered what was going on and how did Caleb know the name of the lady she knocked down.


“She is fighting for her life, all thanks to this lady” Laura’s mother entered in tears




Caleb was devastated, he never saw that coming, how could he had imagined that something like that would ever happen. Caleb wondered how he would explain the situation to Kate


“My fiancee, knocked down my ex, few hours to our wedding, this is a bad, this is very bad” he thought. When he comported himself he explained everything to Kate and she felt shattered.


With the way Caleb was handling the situation, Kate became very bothered. She wondered if Caleb was still in love with his ex, Laura




Caleb and Kate were at the hospital, the whole day and Kate wondered if Caleb had forgotten about thier wedding that was scheduled to happen the next day.


With the look of things, all that was on Caleb’s mind was Laura, and Kate felt used and dejected despite sitting so close with Caleb at the hospital’s waiting room


Few hours later, Caleb brighten up immediately the doctor announced that Laura was out of danger.


Kate who was dying of jealousy, left the hospital in tears. She wondered what will become of her life, if Caleb decide to leave her and return to Laura.



When Caleb’s attention was drawn to Kate, he looked everywhere at the hospital for her, when he couldn’t find Kate, he called her cellphone and Kate picked up immediately but she was brief, she told Caleb that, she had left, Caleb became worried, he wondered why Kate left without him, when Caleb looked at the time, it was 4pm, he almost had an heart attack when he remembered his wedding and then understood why Kate was upset.


He left the hospital for Kate’s house but he was disappointed when he met her absent.


Kate’s parents were home and he greeted them before he inquired about Kate.


“Kate had not returned since morning, she told us this morning that she was meeting up with the wedding planner, we had thought you guys were together, perfecting plans for your big day” Kate’s mother said calmly and Caleb was in disarray, he had to come out plain, he told the aged couple everything that happened.




“I believe Kate is upset with me, because she left the hospital without me and when I called her, she sounded so cold, I thought she was home and I came to explain myself” Caleb said calmly.


Kate’s parents were wonderful parents, no doubt they had also taken Caleb to be thier son and they appreciated his sincerity.


“Do you still love your ex?” Kate’s father asked


“No sir, my heart beats only for Kate, I love Kate so much and no one else, my ex is in the past and all the love I invested on my ex was WASTED and the love had died a natural death, I only felt concerned because come what may, she still remain someone I know and I will never wish her evil” Caleb explained and Kate’s parents were pleased with Caleb’s response




To Be Continued



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