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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 10

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Episode ten
Alexa’s pov
Cloths were flying from different corners as i and mia tried arranging my luggage for tomorrow’s flight. Do you know what mia said,what i asked folding a pair of jeans.
I heard koreans are racist, they discriminate blacks mia said maybe trying to make me say i wont go anymore which was impossible. I know bout that, so that’s why i’m alexa, i’m gonna show them what i’m made of, you know we blacks dont fight by pulling hair like the white’s do, we punch so thats what i’m gonna do i said smiling.
Oh! i said again,why dont we do something. I’ll punch you and you’ll tell me how painful the punch was. What!! mia yelled you want to punch me, no i’ll punch you instead.
I’m the one going to korea not you. I need to learn how to defeat any bully i’ll come across over there. No way mia said. But i’m really gonna beat up those who’s gonna try bully me. Yes you’re gonna punch them like this mia said punching me.
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Yes i said smiling, i’ll also knock them like this i said knocking her on the head.. Ouch why would you do that mia retorted. You showed my how to punch and i showed you how to knock its simple, it’s called trade by barter.
Mia’s pov
Richard called me to meet at his house. What would you like me to offer you richard asked me. Dont bother i replied. You cant just come to my house and not take anything from me he said again. I’m okay i replied again(i wanted to take something but mom had warned i and alexa never to accept anything from fuys in their house except our close relative cause anything can happen, even though back in london alexa and i attended karate class to defend ourselves but still mom was against it) ok he replied and he replied and sat close to me
I called you over because i wanted to discuss something important with you. So…I said raising my brows. Dont you think we should take a step in our relationship he asked while i gave him a confused look. I dont get you i replied.
Dont act like ababy he said and smirked,dont you think it’s time we start having sex richard asked. I’ll relationship has’t gotten to a month and you’re already asking for sex i yelled. When you grt your senses back call me i said and stormed out of the house
No wonder mom warned us about having boyfriends, u just cant satisfy them.

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