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“Mum! Mum!” I called out to my mother on my way to her room.


“What is it Nicholas?” She asked when I got in.


“Have you heard from Anna? Has she call you?”


“No she hasn’t. I thought she called you.”


“Then let me give her a call.”


“Why are you getting yourself worked up Nico? You know it’s not like her to not call you. She definitely will.”


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“That’s it mum. It’s not like her. You know it’s been raining heavily an hour after they left. And it’s morning already and we still haven’t heard from none of them.” I was worried.


“Then give her a call, I’m starting to get worried too.” She said and got up from her bed.



I dialed her number but it was switched off.


I dialed again and it was still same.




I dialed Pablo’s own and it was also unreachable. I started pacing to and fro. Oh my God!


“What happened Nicholas?” Mum asked.


I can’t tell her that I can’t reach them, else her blood pressure will go high. I forced a smile,” Everything is fine mum.”

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“Tell me what’s wrong Nicholas, please don’t hide it from me. I can see how worried your face is.” She said and walked to me.


“Mum…I can’t ..”


“Sir please there are some people outside waiting to see you.” The intercom sounded.


“Who are they?” I asked.


“I think they’re journalists.”




“Mum I will be right back.” I said and got out.


The moment I opened the front door, the Paparazzi flooded me.


What could be the reason for their sudden appearance?


“Sir have you seen the news? Are you aware of what happened an hour ago?”


What are they talking about?


“I don’t understand.” I stated and looked at the faces of the journalist on my doorstep.



“From the look on Mr Hither’s face, we can deduce that he hasn’t heard about what happened.


“We’re sorry to break this tragic news to you Mr Nicholas but there was a plane accident during the storm and the plane has been identified as your son-in-law Pablo Dominguez’s private jet.”


“Was Pablo himself in the plane Mr Hither?”



“With.. his.. family.” I stuttered. My eyes was filled with tears.


I staggered backwards.


I looked back and all the house helps and my mum watching the news.


It was a breaking news.


I shut the door closed in front of the paparazzi.



“The plane which has been identified as Pablo Dominguez’s has crashed in the lake in Palau, a country close to Australia. So far our rescue team has only been able to find only the pilot.


This accident was caused by the great thunderstorm.



“Live from Mr Nicholas Hither Devante’s mansion, he has confirmed that Mr Dominguez, his daughter and granddaughter were present in the plane .


It has been a great shock to Californian’s big time bussinessman.



Has Los Angeles truly lost Anna Paula Devante, Californian’s second richest and her adorable daughter for real?”


We will keep you updated..


I heard a thud.


“Mum!” I called.


She has already collapsed on the floor.


“Someone get the doctor!” I shouted.


The maids started running helterskelter.


I carried mum to her room and the family doctor arrived instantly. “Doctor please take care of my mom. She fainted out of shock.” “Don’t worry Nicholas.” He a*ssured.


“Thank you!” I said and rushed out of her room. I went to my room and picked my suitcase and other important doc*ments then rushed out.


No! This can’t be happening now. God No! I got into my car and drove out of my house.

I switched on the the radio and the accident was all they were talking of.


I felt relieved a bit when I heard that Pablo was found but he’s unconscious. What of my daughter and granddaughter?


I increased the speed and drove straight to the airport.

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I wonder if I can get a direct flight to Palau.


I took my phone and called for more search teams.


My phone started ringing when I got to the airport.


It was the doctor whose care I left mum.


Your mum has regained consciousness.



Okay. Thank you


Not long after I ended the call, another call came in.



“We’ve found them sir. They’re being taken to St Vincent’s private hospital in Australia.” The voice spoke.



Relief washed over me.



“Tell me, are they okay?” I asked.



” That, I can’t say because they’re currently placed in the ICU.”


whom am thinking to be a doctor said.










The man



Whatever it is, am grateful that they’re alive.


After the call ended, I walked to the checkpoints and finished the procedures.


I was lucky enough that all the seats were not occupied yet.


I got on board and soon the plane took off for the 17hours journey but before that, the captain spoke.



“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Flight 4B7 with service from Los Angeles to Australia.



We are currently third in line for take-off and are expected to be in the air in approximately seven minutes time.


We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments.


We also ask that your seats and table trays are in the upright position for take-off.


Please turn off all personal electronic devices, including laptops and cell phones.


Smoking is prohibited for the duration of the flight. Thank you for choosing Mountain Airlines. Enjoy your flight.”


I don’t even switch off my phones.


Paula and Pablo took off 7am yesterday and they should be in Australia around 12am if the accident hadn’t happened.


It’s quite late now and I will be getting to Australia early tomorrow morning.






I stood with tears in my eyes as I stare at the two casket right Infront of me, mum stood with me as i held her hand for comfort.


My friends and bussiness partners stood behind me as the Pastor said the prayers.


I still can’t believe I lost my family in just a twinkle of an eye. I cried as I stare at the photo of my only daughter. She was smiling so brightly. Then I stared at Pablo. My son-in-law. I lost all of them, my granddaughter was not spared either. They said they couldn’t find her body. Everyone was crying, even the journalist were moved.


After the pastor said the prayers, the two casket were lowered under the ground.


Slowly, one after the other sand was poured on the casket.



When it got to me, I simply couldn’t move. I stood rooted to the same spot then mom gave a loud cry.


Reluctantly, I collected a handful of sand and threw it on top of each casket.


Why Paula. If you knew you wouldn’t come to stay why did you let me meet you.


It was okay to say that I have a lost daughter than to say your daughter is late.


I watched as they closed the two casket was covered and people started dropping their flowers.


After everyone was gone including mum, I went to my daughters casket and placed the flowers on it then to Pablo’s as my silent tears blinded me.


I stared silently at the two graves in front of me without uttering a word.


The two of them were looking so happy in their pictures which was attached to the head of the grave.


Memories came flashing, from the day I knocked her over with my car, all the happy times we shared together.


Someone suddenly touched me from behind. I looked up and it was a woman about my age.


I stared at her face and instantly remembered her.


She’s Pablo’s mum. I quite remember Anna showing me a picture of hers. She was having crutches in between her arms. And if you look closely you could see her scars.


I thought she was blind.


She looked at the graves and spoke.

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“I’m sorry Nicholas. This is all my fault if I hadn’t accused her falsely and separated them, this wouldn’t have happened. I’m really sorry.” She paused and shed some few tears.


“You shouldn’t be sorry, we all suffered a loss. I lost a daughter and you lost a son.


That makes it even.” I said and got up.


“Why are you accepting this so easily? Don’t you think a miracle could happen? Why have you lost hope?”


I ignored her and walked away from the graveyard.


I got into my car and that was when I saw Anna seated at the front beaming widely.


“Anna?” I whispered.


“Dad.” She said smilingly.


I was speechless. I shifted forward to hug her but then, she vanished into thin air.


No Anna! I can’t lose you!


“NOOO!” I shouted and woke up. I was sweating profusely.


“Are you alright sir?” The air hostess and pa*ssengers asked.


“Oh..that was a f*cking dream.” I mumbled.


I was still in the plane.


“Am alright. Thanks. It was just a dream.” I explained then they nodded and started going out.


The sun shined brightly on my face the moment I got out of the plane.



A car was already waiting for me at the airport so I quickly walked to it and jumped in.


I rushed out like a mad man the moment the car came to a halt in front of St Vincent’s hospital.


I speed walk to the lady at the front desk and asked the lady where my family were.


She told me that they were in the intensive care unit (ICU.)


I was rushing towards there when I was stopped.


“Sir please you can’t go in, they’re undergoing serious treatment and the physicians won’t like to be disturbed. But you can still have a look at them through the gla*ss door.” A nurse said to me.


I rushed to the gla*ss window and there was my Anna, there was so many tubes connected to her body and she’s been placed on a life machine as well. The same goes for Pablo.


Their conditions were both critical, I just hope they pull through this stronger than before.


But where is my granddaughter?


I called on one of the nurse that was pa*ssing by.


“Sir please the child hasn’t been found yet. The search is still going on.” She replied and left.


Oh goodness! What now?








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