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Pablo’s POV continues


“I can’t believe this!” Daniel muttered.


“Well you have to. It’s true Paula did cheat on me…”



“Keep it shut Pablo! What I mean is that, I can’t believe you’re such a dumbass.!”


“Me? How?” I asked and sat down.


How have you been managing your business all this while? I mean you’re a bussiness man right? And a successful one at that! So if any investor or business associate want to invest in your company or vice versa, don’t you do any private investigations before going ahead?”

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“What are you implying?”


“What I mean is that this things are fake. There’s nothing real about this and even if they’re real….”


“You mean that’s not my wife in the picture with that asshole Xander? I always knew that something fishy was going on between them”


Here we go again! You’re just behaving like a nagging pregnant woman. That’s what I’m seeing alright but..”


“But what? what again do you want to see before you believe that it’s real?”


“There’s more to this Pablo. And if you had made use of your brain just a little and if you hadn’t acted on in pulse, I believe you would’ve understood better”.


“Why don’t you watch the video maybe after that, you won’t be spewing this gabage”


“Calm down dude. Has Paula ever given you a reason to doubt her?”

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“Not really! But she did when she lied to me about Jude”.


“Jude? What has he got to do with this?”


“Yeah! Jude.” I replied and threw another envelope at him as I recalled what happened yesterday.



When I was leaving the office yesterday, my secretary came to give a parcel to me and when I asked who brought it, she said it was anonymous and that she saw it on her table but it was directed to me that’s why she brought it.


And when I went through, it was a picture of my wife with another two men in bed. But their faces weren’t showing clearly.


And then a sex video, that’s when I was able to capture the face of that Xander guy but I couldn’t see the other. And they chose no where but my house and on my matrimonial bed. The bed we share how can she do that. She couldn’t even respect our marriage! What kind of a woman is she?


And then, as if that was not enough to break me completely, I saw another picture of Jude and Anna in an intimate position at a place which seems to be Amy’s house. Then I remembered the day I visited Paula in the night. And the dress she was wearing that day was the same in the picture.


I also remembered asking her that day when she came back but she didn’t tell me.


And just recently when I asked the reason why Jude and Amy broke up, she dodged the question. She couldn’t answer me. She lied.


I got confused and mad at the same time.


Was Paula dating Jude?


Was that the reason why Jude and Amy broke up? I thought.


“Snap out of it Pablo!”


Oops I zoned off.


“So what if Paula did cheat. That I know is false but what if she did? Couldn’t your love for her be enough to take her back and try to understand why she did that? And what if the child is not yours, you can still take care of the baby together can’t you?


Now if I may ask? Did you bother to ask her about this nonsense you received?


Did you talk to her before opening your mouth to divorce her?


Did you show her this evidences? Did you try giving her an opportunity to explain herself? And did you not think for once that this might be a conspiracy just to separate both of you? No right?”


“But I…”


“I’m not done yet Mr! I just feel like hitting you once more. Gosh! You behaved so foolishly”.


What is wrong with Dan why is he shifting the blame on me. I’m not the one who is in the picture right?


“I pity you Pablo.Why did you marry her if you knew you can’t trust her on matters like this? And if you’re talking about this Jude here, then I will explain who that man really is. This man here” he took the picture and showed brought it to my face.


“Take a closer look at the photos and tell me what you see after.”


I took it and looked at it one after the other. In one of the photos, Paula was caged.


Jude was holding her captive but I couldn’t see her face.


And the other, he had his lips pressed against her neck.




I looked up at Daniel with my nose scrunched up indicating my disgust.


“Go ahead!” He said and sat as well with his eagle -like eyes boring into my face.


I looked back at the picture and at Paula’s face and…I saw the same disgusts face I made in her face too. But hers was filled with rage and scorn.


I looked at it again and her hands were balled into a fit beside her.


Oh my…does that mean he was forcing himself on her?


I looked at the other photos and I saw that same look on her face.


What have I done?


“Have you seen what I’m trying to say now?”


“Yes but ..”


“That’s okay. Don’t say more. That’s the only thing I want you to see. Now listen, I saw him trying to rape Amy right in the hospital the day Paula was discharged and Amy told me everything about him and I also have a solid prove against him”


“What? And you didn’t tell me anything?” I can’t believe this.


“What difference will it make? besides I didn’t see the need then”.


“What of the sex video? Was it forged or was it also an attempted rape?” I asked and laughed dryly but a part of me still hope he will tell me that they’re also lies.


But his next reply crushed all my hopes.


“That is what I don’t get!”

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“That’s it! Can you leave my office now? I’ve had enough!” I said and buried my head in my palms.


I never wished any of this to happen between Paula and I. It has been my wish ever since I met and fell in love with her that I will spend my entire life with her. She was my forever.


Where did I go wrong Paula? I loved you to the moon and back and I still do very much.


And I thought you will fight for us but you also went ahead and signed the divorce papers why would you do that? Why Paula?


“Your sobs won’t help!”



Was I crying? I removed my palms from my face and I saw a liquid in them.


I wiped my face instantly and looked up at him,” Why are you still here? I thought I told you to leave”.


“Of course you did. But how I’m I suppose to leave you after you started crying like a school kid who is being taken to school for the first time? I’m not that heartless like you.”


I glared at him hardly.


“Sorry! sorry! What I meant is that I’m not heartless that’s all. Now stop looking at me like that.” He said turning away from me.


I chuckled slightly. How is it possible for someone to joke in times like this?


“There, you smiled!”


“Really? Was that your aim?”


He shrugged, ” Not really. Anyway, I will leave you to think everything through.


As it stands, I can’t force you to reconsider your decision about Paula.


She deserves better than this and even if I try to get evidence to prove her innocence, Will you go back to her because of the evidence I provided? What if it happens again? You will divorce her again and it will continue like that until you learn to trust her.


You’re matured enough to make good decisions for yourself. I’m in no position to do that for you.


And I’ve really come to like Paula I won’t sit and watch you to hurt her again. Remember a marriage or a relationship can not work if there’s no trust between couples. It never works! You’re on your own now Pablo.



Do what you think is best. And don’t think I didn’t try to help you because I did and even though I might know who is behind all this, I can’t tell you without gathering enough evidences besides I won’t risk creating a feud between love ones without a strong evidence backing it.


All the same, I will still do my bit. The rest is in your hands go out there and fight your battles. I believe is not too late you can right your wrongs if you want to.


I’m repeating my self again, follow your heart and do what you think is best. Avoid taking unnecessary and hasty decisions based on what you hear, not every rumor is true. I’m done! Take care”


Before I had the chance to process and comprehend what he just rattled he was already out of the door.


“Hey wait!” I hollered behind him.


“Dan wait!” I rushed after him as all my staffs stopped what they were doing and began watching me. But what do I care?


Before I got to the driveway, he has already zoomed off in his G-Wagon.


“Shit!” I cursed and got into my car and drove off.


What did he mean that he doesn’t want to create a feud between love ones?


And why won’t he show me the evidences that proves Paula is innocent?


Maybe he is right. I have to hear Paula’s side of the story first.


But since when have Daniel become so literate in matters like this. The Daniel I knew never cared so much about this stuffs.


Why didn’t I asked her in the first place about this matter? I should’ve at least hear her out. Gosh now I’m starting to regret this.



Where could Paula be now? I’m sure she won’t like to go back home. She will surely be with Amy.


I looked up and a woman was running towards my car tiredly. She was waving her arms. Why will she be waving? My car was moving so fast towards her. I have to do something else I will run her over.


I quickly moved the car into a nearby bush to avoid hitting her. When I was successful, I got out about to chide her when I realized it was Mrs Blake.


“Mom Sarah?”


“Yes my dear it’s me” she said through pants as she slumped on the ground beside my feet.


“What are you doing here? I thought you travelled? I almost hit you with the car.”


“Wanted to tell you something my son..”


“Will you risk your life because of that? Besides I’m not running anywhere you can just tell me anytime”. I chided anyway.


“Keep quiet! I need to talk. I don’t have much time. Take this first”.


I rolled my eyes. How many times am I going to hear ‘keep quiet’ today.


“Okay! I won’t say a word again I’m listening. And what is that?” I asked and collected it. It was a brown envelope.


Not again!


“Your…mum…is Paula the baby… and sh..she abducted me” She tried to say as her eyes rolled back in their sockets.


What is she trying to say? And why is she out of breath suddenly! I can’t make out what she is trying to say.


“What are you saying?” I asked and bend to her level.


“I m..mean..the is yours it’s all a conspiracy plotted by your… your mum…”


With that, she went unconscious.


“Wake up Mrs Blake! Wake up please!'” I asked as I rubbed her palms.


I don’t think this will work. Lemme take her to the hospital.


I gathered her In my arms and placed her in the car.


I moved out of the bush and hit the road.


What could be wrong with her?


And what does she know about Paula? What has mum done anyway?


She said the baby is mine. Can this be true?


Maybe there’s something in the envelope that will answer all my questions.


“Doctor what’s wrong with her? I hope she will be fine?” I asked the doctor the moment we got to the hospital and she has been admitted.


“Yes! She will recover but that’s after we have been able to flush out the drug in her system.”


“Drug? What drug?”


“Yes Mr Dominguez. She has been injected with a dangerous sedative called barbiturates It has the ability to keep someone sleeping for a couple of months.”


“What? Doc please make sure she recovers. It’s very important that she gets better”


“We will do our best Mr Dominguez. I will take my leave now. I have an important appointment.”



“Okay. Thanks.”


“You’re welcome..” he said.


As much as I want to stay with you in this hospital, I still have to see Paula. It’s very necessary that I do so.


I got back to my car and got took the envelope she gave me.


‘A pen drive?’ I asked rhetorically as I stared into the envelope.


I rushed to the passenger seat and took out my laptop.


Thank God I always try to keep a spare in my car for emergencies like this.


I slipped it into the side of the the laptop and waited for whatever that is kept on it to play…




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