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Must Read: Broken – Episode 2

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( Heal my heart ; the girl is mine )



Written by Haryormideh Ayeni



Episode 2





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“Hey Kev” I called out as I entered his apartment.


“What are you doing here?” He asked


I stood shocked for a few minutes “, wh….what..d…o….do you mean?” I




“Don’t play dumb with me Trish” he shouted in anger “it was so unexpected of you. I never imagined you to be that kind of person” he shook his head at me in disgust.


“I let the first one go by and now this” he brought out his cellphone and showed me a picture.


“What has that picture got to do with me?” I asked confusedly


“First you play dumb, now you’re acting confused. You’re really good at acting. I think you should take a job in it” he replied


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“Be lucid with me Kev” I took a step closer to him “I don’t understand what you’re saying”


“Stop there!” He bellowed, his voice shaking me to the bones.



Tears sprang to my eyes immediately but I won’t give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry.


“You don’t even have the right to call my name, get out”


I looked at his face in surprise, he was serious “K..Ke… Kelvin”


“Get out” he repeated matter of factly.


I turned on my heels and left.


When I got outside, I let the tears fall freely.


Kelvin and I have been dating since college and we had plans to get married very soon but I don’t see that dream coming true any moment.


I got to my apartment and found Jane sitting on a couch and chewing bubble gum.


One look at me and she held her arms open.


I ran into her embrace and sobbed.


In between my sobs, I explained what happened to her.


“He’s a fool, just let him go babe. He’s not worth your tears” she consoled me.


Weeks went by, I became a shadow of myself and Jane is always there for me.


She’s one in a kind. Really one in a kind.


One day, while brooding about Kelvin in my bed, I decided to give our relationship be last chance, try one more time to bring him back.


With that mindset, I showered and dressed happily.


I got to his apartment and found the door opened a little.



I pushed in and went straight to his room and was very shocked at the scene unfolding in front of me.


My bag fell, breaking the silence.


They both looked up at me and smirked.


I picked my bag and fled, choking on my tears.


My mind kept unfolding the scene in my head.


Jane and Kelvin having sex.


My best friend and my boyfriend having sex!


The two people I trust most in my life just betrayed him!


And they didn’t feel sober!


Now I feel worthless, I can’t keep my man.


My heart broke into pieces


I’m very stupid and naive trusting people too.


The next day, I booked a ticket to Chicago. Far away from them.


They were always on the tab, a magazine isn’t complete without the both of them.


I stopped watching and reading the entertainment news because of them and stopped buying magazines too


Now the Fool has found me and he’s smiling at me like nothing happened. What the heck happened to his girlfriend??


Why’s he here?


“Hey Damsel” someone said behind me


I turned back and found one of the most handsome man I’ve met in a while.


“Hey” I breathed out with a frown.


I spared a glance up at Kelvin and saw him twitching his mouth.


What’s wrong with him? Last I checked, we don’t mean anything to each other. “I’m Dallas and you are?” He asked showing his thirty two teeth “Doesn’t matter” I hissed at him in anger


“Here have a drink” he took a drink from a waiter.


I looked at him dubiously.


“Just to soothe your nerves, nothing else”


I took the drink from him and downed it in anger at Kelvin.


“Whoa whoa whoa, take it easy girl”


I eyed him and took another drink from a waiter, the alcohol burned my throat.


Soon a drink became drinks.


I felt tipsy and wild.


I had no control over my limbs and my mind.


I danced to the musics, something I haven’t done in a while and drank even more alcohol.


I knew I was drunk but I wasn’t going to stop.


I kept drinking and moved to dancing on tables with other girls.


I had no worry in the world, my mind was free for that particular time.


I woke the next morning with one hell of a hangover.


This isn’t my room


I sat up and looked at my surroundings, everything is unfamiliar.


I was well tucked in the room and I’m wearing a robe while my clothes are no where to be found.


I sat straighter in alarm and tried to remember how I got here.


Someone came in with a glass of water and what would probably be an aspirin in the other hand.


I looked up at the person in shock and disgust.


“What am I doing here?”

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