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Love Affairs – Season 2 Episode 28

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Episode 28




It was on the third day that Stella regained consciousness. A bandage was tied carefully


around her right shoulder and she was still put on a drip. She looked pale as she slowly opened her eyes. She wanted to get up from the bed but a doctor held her, “No, you can’t


get up now.” He said gently and helped her to relax back to the bed.


She looked up at the doctor, lost, “Where am I?” Her voice was hazy.



The doctor said, “National Hospital. You’re quickly recovering.” He smiled, “You’ll

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be alright.”


Stella tried to talk but was too weak; she slept off. In the next one hour, she was awake. She


opened her eyes, expecting to see the doctor but found Dennis instead. He was sitting on a chair beside the bed. He wore a white fitted shirt on blue jeans. His black pair of goggles was over his eyes and he looked handsome.


“Who’re you?” She asked sickly, regarding him.


He smiled, “Dennis a police agent. You don’t need to fear any more. Everything has been


taken care of.”


Stella cast him an anxious gaze, “How do you mean?”.


Dennis was still smiling, “You need to rest now. Later in the day, I’ll tell you everything

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you need to know.”


Stella found herself agreeing. She nodded weakly and was soon asleep. After about six


hours, she was awake. She turned to her left and was surprised to still find Dennis in the ward. She looked up to the clock; it was 9:45PM. She faced him, “I didn’t expect to still find you here. Won’t you go home and catch some rest?”.


Dennis smiled, “I’m on duty. It’s my obligation to stay with you until you’re fully recovered.”


For the first time since her dad’s death, Stella smiled, though it was a weak smile, “Thank you.” She paused and made eye contact with him. She observed she hadn’t seen any man as attractive as the agent, “I’m grateful.” “You don’t have to be, I’m only carrying out my duty.”


Stella smiled again and said, “You said you were going to tell me everything after I’ve


rested. Can you do that now?” She sat up, her palms placed firmly on the bed. Dennis nodded, “Everyone connected with everything that happened in this country,


starting from your father’s murder to the bombings, has been arrested.”


Stella’s eyes went wide with fulfillment and she smiled, “That’s interesting. Please tell me more about that.”



Dennis smiled, “The IG was arrested after he tried to kill you. Your mum has been arrested and she’s already talking. Also, her secretary is still helping us in the investigation with the


information she has in her control. Most surprising, Senator Mahoney has been found to have engineered every single thing that happened. He was connected with the murder of your dad and was also behind the bombings at Lavington and Roman Ridge, and the failed bombing attempt.The suicide bomber he sent opened up when he could no longer withstand the pains that were being inflicted on him.” Stella was now staring at him,


bewildered. She started praying hard that Dennis wouldn’t mention that what Anabel had told her about her being the daughter of the senate president was true. Dennis concentrated his gaze on the floor for a while,


and then lifted his eyes to her, “The senate president has also been taken into custody.”


He scratched his forehead, “I assure you that no person will hurt you anymore.” He


gave him a reassuring glance.





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