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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 20

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Season 2 {MISS COOK








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“The last time I checked Lia, our last phone call was three days ago, so why are you here?” Leo questioned Cheong Lia immediately she walked into the sitting room.



Lia smiled and tucked her brown hair behind her ear. “Well, it’s a surprise and…” she walked to him and touched his cheek. “..don’t you like that I’m here to make you feel warm because the weather seem to be getting much colder,” she said.


Leo turned thus making her hand drop from his cheek. He walked to the table and picked up the remote control.


“This mustn’t repeat itself Lia. You will only come here when I tell you to. Now leave,” he said as he turned on the television leaving the channel on Sports TV.


“Oops! It’s raining already” Lia said as she walked to him and back hugged him. “I can’t leave right now.”


“You came with a car, didn’t you?” Leo said.


Lia rested her head on his back. “Yeah but I’m still going to get in the rain. Why don’t I just stay here till the rain stops?”

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Leo turned and faced her. He grabbed her by the waist and gazed lustfully into her eyes. “Then you can’t stay here doing nothing” he said and locked his lips with hers immediately.


Lia pulled off her stiletto heels in a second with her lips and Leo’s still locked in a rough and desperate kiss. Leo’s hands were all over her blouse but then he stopped, withdrawing his lips.


“But know that I’m not going to pay you for it because I never asked for it,” he said and rushed her lips in a rough kiss again before she could say anything.






Mona Lisa entered silver house, looking drenched and her cat too. The rain had poured on them when she came down from the cab.


Jeff and J guy were at the sitting room and Jeff stood up immediately she walked in, shivering. He walked to her, pulled off the pullover he wore and tried wearing it on her but she didn’t let him.



“No I’m fine, thank you. I will just go up and dry off,” she said and headed upstairs.


“You are being so nice dude, sometimes I wish to be like you but I just can’t stop suspecting this niceness, ” J guy said and chuckled.


Jeff hit him with the pullover.


Mona was about opening her door when Michel’s door opened and he walked out. Their eyes locked and Mona was the first to look away. She entered her room and closed the door.






[Blink House| Angel’s room]


“Thanks for giving me another chance babe, I promise I will never toy with it. You know I really love you Angel,” Best said.


“I know and I love you too. I’m giving you another chance to makeup for all the moments we were away from each other. It’s been months Best and no matter our work and schedule, we are supposed to share moments together, every time. But we hardly see, we hardly speak on the phone, no text messages.. I felt really broken and I thought I should just say it out. I don’t want us to be the second Michel and Sugar. I love you Best and you know I do,” Angel said.


Best held her two hands. “I promise babe. I will be here for you from onwards, all the time. We gonna start like we used to be when our love started new. It’s gonna be just that way, I promise,” he said and kissed her.


When they withdrew, she squeezed his hands playfully. “There’s something I think you need to know.”


“What’s that?”


Bringing down her voice, she said, “I think Sugar is planning on doing something at Seoh Dani’s birthday party tonight and I think it has to do with Michel. Though



I’m not sure about that but with a recent attitude, I guess she has something in mind.”


“How’s her recent attitude like?” Best asked.


“Uhmm, like she won’t stop wishing for time to run faster. She won’t stop mentioning Seoh Dani’s birthday and she’s been all happy today. She even made everyone cake today, including the house workers. I remember that the last time Sugar showed her cake making skill was the the day she got a couple-goal photoshoot with Michel. That was two and a half years ago,” Angel said.


“So…what do you think should be done if she’s really planning something. If it’s Michel then it can’t be a bad plan,” Best said.


“Yeah it won’t be.. I think you should just inform Michel about it, there’s nothing to be done actually,” Angel said.







[Silver House]


Two hours later, all the flower boys were at the sitting room, including Michel who was busy chewing gum and glued to his phone and Best who had returned an hour ago.


Mona sat alone on a couch with her hands resting in her thighs as she explained her meeting with Lei Bethel but couldn’t tell them about him knowing the truth and whereabout of her brother, Tenten.


“He said that he want me at Seoh Dani’s birthday party and that I have to be there if I don’t want troubles. He said if I show up, that whatever he do won’t involve spark5 but if I don’t, then spark5 would get involved,” she narrated.


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“Are you going to show up at the party?” TedyA asked.


Mona looked at Jeff who just stared stoically at her.


“Yes I will,” Mona answered.


Michel stood up and left to upstairs.


“We thought we should not let Xspark on this but now I think we should. Who knows What Leo really want to do with your presence at the party. You are not supposed to be there anyways, it would be a party filled with paparazzi!” Best said.


“You can let Xspark know about it but I’m going to go and I will, I can’t let him cause any trouble,” Mona said, stood up and went upstairs.


Jeff sighed.




[Seoh Dani’s birthday party]


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Actors, actresses and singers could be seen walking in through the red carpeted walkway, some could be seen dancing with their partners.


Seoh Dani kept walking from each person to next, welcoming them. Everyone had a wine in his or her hand.


Leo could be seen at a corner of the hall, sitting at a round table of two chairs. The person who sat at the other chair is a also an actor, Lee Mark.


They were both talking but Leo’s eyes kept looking around, searching for anyone who would look like Mona Lisa.


Then Li Sugar arrived, alone.


Paparazzi followed her along but they stopped following her immediately she entered the hall.


“Wow, your sweetie is here,” Lee Mark said and Leo smiled.



Li Sugar sure looked extremely beautiful. Her hair dyed to black. Her red dress fitting her perfect body with most of her skin visible, including her cleavage.


She had a few hug with Seoh Dani and some others.


“Aren’t you going to take her hand?” Lee Mark asked Leo who took his glass of wine sipped.


Then he said, “I will introduce her to you when she arrives.”


“Who are you going to introduce to me?” Lee Mark asked.


“Just relax,” Leo said.


Li Sugar looked at Leo from where she stood and their eyes met. She gave him a smile and he reciprocated.


Lee Mark was confused.


Ten minutes later, Michel arrived in a black suit with red shirt. His pink hair styled perfectly.


His shoes, wristwatch and earring sparkled as he walked into the hall.


Everyone was excited at his presence. Who doesn’t love Michel?


Li Sugar smiled from her seat and sipped from her wine.


‘He’s always looking hot, I’m not going to miss doing this tonight,’ she said within.


She glanced at Leo from where she sat and he caught her eyes from where he sat and gave her a sign with his eyes



(An hour later )


There was no sign of Mona Lisa and Leo was so worked up and angered.


Li Sugar had no idea about Leo’s plan so she couldn’t sense his anger.


He didn’t tell her about Mona Lisa.


She was busy conversing with the Veteran actress who sat with her on the table.


Michel sat on his table with the Seoh Dani’s brother, Pete . Pete did most of the talking and Michel’s eyes also kept going to the entrance door every minute waiting for Mona Lisa’s arrival which seem like it’s not going to happen. Michel’s eyes went to Leo’s table and just then Leo stood up.


“Excuse me,” Leo said to Lee Mark and walked away.


Michel’s eyes followed him but then he took his eyes off Leo and faced Pete again who seem not to notice anything.


Leo entered into one of the male restroom and immediately put a call to Mona Lisa.


“What the heck do this girl think she is doing!” he fumed..


The call went through.




[Silver House]


Mona Lisa was awoken by the loud ringing of her phone close to her head.


She rubbed her sleepy eyes and picked the phone.


“Leo? What again” She mumbled but as she was about to pick it, she recalled and her jaw dropped.


The party! Her eyes widened at the time.


She was already an hour and thirty minutes late!



She picked up the call. I’m on my way. she said and ended it before he could say anything.


She rushed off the bed and rushed for the dress.



Ten minutes later, she rushed out of her room with her purse and shoes in her hands.


Her hair look roughly packed but she don’t care about that.


She just want to get to the party.


She got downstairs and met all the flower boys except Michel.


They watched her without saying a word, including Jeff.


“In going to the party,” she said and rushed out without waiting for any of them to say anything.


“Her hair look pretty bad,” TedyA said.


“She look really sweet on the dress,” J guy said.


“She’s really going,” Best said.


Then silence took over and the three guys turned to Jeff to hear from him but Jeff said nothing but stood up and headed upstairs.


He entered the rehearsal room and picked up the guitar to play.


“I hope nothing bad happens,” he said.


Mona was lucky to see a taxi immediately. She entered and gave the taxi driver the location and he drove off.


She then wore the shoes and tried repacking her hair.




[The party hall]


“…Now we would give the microphone to our beautiful Li Sugar. She has something really beautiful to say to Dani.


Please step forward Miss Li,” The mc announced.


It was time.


Everyone applauded as Li Sugar stood up and majestically walked up to the stage with a beautifully bright smile on her face.


Camera men got to work.


She took a microphone from the mc.


“I’m so happy and honoured to be here to celebrate with our handsome actor and singer. Our friend, Seoh Dani. I’ve always admired him even before I became a public figure. I wanna say a very awesome happy birthday to him with this song and I hope he likes it,” she said.


Everywhere became quiet and the next second, the instruments began playing.


Sugar smiled.



It’s another beautiful day..


You wake up in a lovely birthday song


You can feel the joy and excitement in you..


You get gifts and cards from your loved ones.


Good prayers from your family.


And you feel like the day should never end…


Ohh ohh ohh… Birthdays are special and so very special.


When you remember the years that have passed by


and who you’ve become now.


And it’s something to be proud of when you know you are plus one.


Good health and prosperity


May your dreams turn reality


A very happy birthday to you.


Seoh Dani… I wish you a very happy birthday..



She walked to him and handed him a golden coloured box which look like wristwatch box.


“Happy birthday,” she said to him and Seoh Dani reciprocated with a peck on her two cheeks.


“Thank you Li Sugar. You never stop being awesome.”


Sugar smiled.


The music ended and applause erupted.


“Wow, that was fantastic. The song was beautiful. You always give something very beautiful and unique. Thank you miss Li Sugar,” The mc said and thought Sugar was going to give back the mic but Sugar continued.


“I have something else to say and not to Seoh Dani but to someone else who is also here…”


Leo smiled but his smile widened more when he saw the lady in a beautiful red


dress walk into the hall.


Mona Lisa.


She was walking like someone who would fall anytime from the heels she wore. She look anxious and scared too and an attendant showed her to a table which she quietly sat down with her hands on her thighs like a little girl.


Leo smiled and admired her rough hair. Even though it wasn’t dressed properly, it didn’t make her look ugly but more beautiful.


“That’s the girl,” Leo told Lee Mark who raised his brow at him.


Michel didn’t see her, he was focused on Sugar who was about unleashing her plan according to Best who told him what Angel said about Sugar seeming to have a plan.


Mona saw both Leo and Michel and her heart skipped.


She faced Sugar who was on the stage.



“…Michel, I want to let you know that I still love you so much,”


Noise erupted in the hall at the mention of Michel.


Michel scoffed. Maybe he was expecting something like this or something similar but he wasn’t shocked by her public confession.


Mona’s jaw dropped. Only Leo was smiling.


“…I want us to start all over again and I promise you that nothing is gonna come in between us, never again. I want you to forgive me for whatever that happened. I want you Michel. I need you back. I want our sweet relationship back. We are perfect for each other and you know it. Everyone know it…” she walked down the stage and headed to where Michel sat.


“..I know you want us back together. We can’t do without each other. I’ve always loved you and always have. Ever since we fell about, I’ve not been myself and I know you haven’t been yourself either. We both need each other back..”


She got to where he sat and halted in front of him.


“You’ve missed me all this while just like I missed you. You’ve longed for me just like I’ve longed for you. You can’t lie about it because you were waiting for me. You couldn’t date anyone else cos you can’t love any other girl but me. We are meant for each other and no girl can take my place in your heart just like no man can take your place in my heart. I love you Michel, I really really love you and want us back together again, as couple.. Just like we were.”


Michel looked at Leo to see him smiling and that was when he saw Mona.


“You know that all I said is true. You know that Michel. No one can replace my place in your heart,” Sugar said.


Michel stood up and smiled at her. “Of course you are wrong. Someone else have replaced you,” Michel said.


Li sugar raised her brow. “Who?”


“She’s my girlfriend and I’m going to marry her because I really love her,” he said.


“Who’s she!?” Sugar asked, curious and angered.

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Michel began walking to her.


Everyone watched.


Mona stared with shock and curiousness but then she noticed that he was coming to her table.


He was really coming to her table.


‘What is he coming here for?’ she asked herself with wide eyes.


Her heart skipped when he stopped at her table. He grabbed her hand and pulled her up.


“What are you doing? Let go of my hand.” she whispered to him, trying to pull his hand of hers but he was holding her tightly.


Leo’s eyes went wide open.


“She is the one and she has replaced that place in my heart,” Michel announced and before Mona could see what was coming, his lips were on hers.


Leo’s jaw dropped and he stood up.


Sugar was dumbfounded.


Mona Lisa silver!!


Mona couldn’t move.


She was in shock with her eyes wide open.


It felt like she was in some dream world and everyone in the hall was on pause except the both of them.


Mona’s hands were shaking with shock and fright.


Her heart beating loudly that she feared the whole hall was hearing it.


Michel withdrew the kiss and grabbing tightly to Mona’s left hand, he smiled at her and his other hand went to the back of her hai. He pulled off the band holding her hair in a ponytail and her blonde hair fell to her shoulders and the length reached her breast.


“It’s more beautiful this way,” he said and with that, he pulled her along as they


headed out of the hall. Once they got out, paparazzi and reporters surrounded them,


taking thousands of pictures.


Everyone was asking questions.


Michel’s securities tried their best in blocking them from getting to him and Mona as they headed to his car.


The car door was quickly opened


“Get in” Michel told her and Mona didn’t think twice before getting in followed by Michel. The door was closed and the car zoomed off.


His manger, Bruno was in the car and he did nothing but just stare at Michel and Mona Lisa.


Mona didn’t know what to say.


She had no idea what to do.


Michel was facing the window, deep in his own thoughts.


What would happen from now?

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Alright this is the end of season 2.


Yeah…. What do you have to say?





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