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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 27

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Chapter 27
“Next time I will be gentle.” He looked serious.
My eyes almost pop out.
There is going to be the next time!
“Come on let me help you freshen up.” He stood up.
“Ah!… No, I will do it.” I shook my head.
“I have seen everything.” He winked.
A smirk plastered on his face.
“Y-you…” I was speechless. Blush spread on my cheeks.
“Shameless too shameless.” Feigned to be angry.
“Did I tell you that you look beautiful down there.” He grinned.
“…” I was totally dumbfounded what is wrong with him.
My hold body turned red.
Cough! cough! I couldn’t help but to cough.
“You… Ar…e to…tally… Shame…less!.” I dragged my words.
I couldn’t meet his eyes.
“For you I don’t mind.”
I will die because of him, he’s hopeless.
I covered my face.
Suddenly he picked me up with a bridal style.
I gasped I was caught of guard.
“What are you doing?.” It came out as a whisper.
“We will have a shower together.” I blushed.
I was useless to argue with him.
He made me stand under the shower, the cold water sprayed it was so cold that I jumped and tug on him my arms wrapped around his waist.
Gosh did it have to hurt like this.
“Zac, it’s sore.” I pouted.
He brushed my hair.
“Sorry, to have been rough.” He placed a kiss on my forehead.
“From now on you’re mine only mine, you don’t belong to anyone else but me, you hear.” He said with finlaity.
I stared at him. A smile crept on my face, “Hm.” I hummed.
“Good girl.” He looked so beautiful I think I’m gone totally dead.
We both had a shower and he treated me with care.
He helped me with everything and made my bed.
He picked me up again. This is too much, I blushed.
“Uh… I can walk you know.” I reasoned.
“No, you can’t, I want you to get well soon.”
Today my cheeks will hurt, from smiling.
The next thing he said, my face fell flat.
“Because I want to eat you.” I felt like puking.
“Ahh!… Put me down put me!.”
He laughed hard, his voice enchanting a melodious sound.
I stopped whining and stare at him, he look so beautiful. My heart skipped a beat.
He is mine only mine.
He suddenly stopped laughing.
“Are you okay?.” He said anxiously.
I nodded.
“You’re beautiful just keep on laughing.”
He smiled.
“As long as you are with me.” My hand touched his face.
And I stared deep in his eyes.
“Zac, don’t allow anyone to make you sad, even if I’m not with you, I wang you to keep on laughing because it’s healthy and you look handsome.”
“But with you I will be more healthier.” He winked.
Gosh! He’s so hopeless.
“Zac! Y-you are impossible.” He’s always thinking about dirty thing.
“Dirty mind.” I huffed.
“What are you talking about, when I’m with you I will laugh and smile more, because you make me happy.” He explained.
I felt my cheeks get hot, what was I thinking?
“Now who is shameless.” He grinned.
I buried my face on his chest.
“I love you.” I said.
It went silent, I wish he could say that back. But I’m not rushing him because he’s not good with feelings.
He still needs time to figure out himself and what he really feels.
“I don’t know what is love but I like you a lot and you make me happy.” He said sternly.
All that matters is
That you treat me right
Give me all the things I need
That money can’t buy, yeah
Think you gotta keep me iced, you don’t
Think I’m gonna spend your cash, I won’t (Baby)
Even if you were broke
My love don’t cost a thing (Love don’t cost a thing)
Think I wanna drive your Benz, I don’t (No)
If I wanna floss, I got my own
Even if you were broke
My love don’t cost a thing

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