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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 37

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“Chloe?!” Pearl squealed immediately I stepped inside with Daxton. We had arrived at Salado earlier and Daxton insisted we go to the office.


“Hello Pearl” I greeted with a grin then we hugged

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“I’ve really missed you”



“me too.. The vacation was really boring without you” that was a lie


Daxton signalled me and walked out ahead.


“I have to go now Pearl.. See you around” I excused myself and went after Daxton.


We checked his office first then went to see Henry in his office.


“What a surprise” Henry exclaimed when we walked into his office “it’s good to have you back”


“it’s good to be back” Daxton said and we sat down


It wasn’t really good to be back.


“You’re looking good Chloe” Henry complimented


“Thanks for the flattery”


“I’m not trying to flatter you” Henry laughed “how was your vacation?”


“so enjoyable that I wish it could be extended” Daxton replied


“I’m surprised to hear that” Henry said “I was expecting a furious Daxton”


Daxton chuckled “why a furious Daxton?”


“I thought you’d be furious for sending Chloe to join you on your vacation. But seeing the both of you walk into my office together.. I’m speechless”


I chuckled and looked at Daxton.


“There’s no need to fight all the time” Daxton simple stated


“I’m really sorry I wasn’t able to convince Pauline to let Chloe stay behind and to make it up to you, I came up with a genius idea to end this relationship without anyone getting hurt. Not Pauline nor Geoffrey and Chloe can go on with Dexter peacefully”




I looked at Daxton and he was as shocked as I was.


“What do you think?” Henry was grinning from ear to ear


“uh Henry.. We just got back and we’ll need some rest before any discussion” Daxton said


“I thought you’ll be excited about it” Henry looked at us “that’s what you’ve always wanted”


“we know.. But that has to wait” Daxton stated “Brief me on what has been going


on while I was away”















I entered the living room after eating and showering. Daxton was already watching a movie so I joined him. We had our attention on the movie. Or maybe we wished we did cause I was only paying attention to the way be was watching me chew my popcorn.


“Have you spoken to Dexter?” Daxton broke the silence


“no” I replied without looking at him


“Henry called to remind me of what he said earlier.. He wants to give it a try”


I heaved a sigh and looked at


Daxton “what’s his idea?”


“I didn’t ask— I don’t want to know”


“Then what are we going to tell him?”



“You’re yet to decide that Chloe. If you want an end to this then just say it and Henry is going to help us”


I unconsciously touched the ring that had become part of me.


I was getting more confused. What do I tell Dexter? I’ve got no evidence that he has a girl and I don’t know what I feel for Daxton. I just wanted to get away from the two of them.


“I’ll talk to Dexter tomorrow” I said but that wasn’t a guarantee that I would go on with my relationship with Daxton and he knew it.


“What are you going to tell him?”


“I don’t know. I just have to know if he really loves me and….”


“Dexter really loves you Chloe. The problem is you and not him. If you really love him”


I swallowed hard. If I really loved Dexter or Daxton. What if I didn’t love any of them?


“What I feel for Dexter….” I trailed off with a sigh


“it’s okay” Daxton words were soothing “I’ll always understand” then he got up to his feet and went upstairs. I remained in the living room— speechless.


That guilty feeling came back. Dexter or Daxton.. They felt like the same person to






















I waited patiently in the restaurant Dexter had asked us to meet. I had already waited for 2 hours but Dexter wasn’t showing up. Not that I was eager to meet him anyway.


I still had no idea what we were going to talk about.


I checked the time for the umpteenth time then brought out my phone to call him when he strode towards my table.


“Chloe I’m really sorry” he apologized and sat down


I smiled “it’s okay”


“have you been here for long?”


“Not really– I’ve been here for just 2 hours” I replied with a note of sarcasm


“I’m really sorry I kept you waiting.. Something happened to come up”


“It’s okay” I laughed “it’s a good thing you’re here already”


“How’s Daxton?”


“He’s good” I replied


“Chloe there’s something I want to tell you but promise me you won’t hate me for it”


If it’s about Lovetta, then I already hate you.


“Go on”


“You have to promise first”


“why? What if it calls for hatred?”


“Chloe you can’t hate me”


I rolled my eyes “Dexter I’m not promising no promises.. Just spill it”


Dexter heaved a deep sigh “It’s about Lovetta”


“She’s your girlfriend?”


“No” he yanked “Lovetta and I aren’t seeing and besides, she’s reconciled with her boyfriend”


“Then what about her?”


“Remember when I told you she cheated on her man?”


“yea… You lied to me?”


“Chloe I would never lie to you” Dexter snapped “but I didn’t tell you the truth either”


“So what’s the truth?”


“Lovetta really cheated on her man but she cheated on him with me”


I scoffed “You slept with her?”


“Chloe I’m sorry. It happened that night you said yes to Daxton. I was drunk and I met her here in Salado, she was here for a show and it happened. I never wanted you to find out, even if you aren’t my girl, my love felt like it cheated on the trust you have for me”


I swallowed hard “It’s okay.. It’s gone now and it already happened”


“Chloe I’m tired of being on the edge, I feel like the antagonist here. Tell me what’s going on between you and Daxton. Why isn’t anyone talking about ending the relationship and you just keep telling me you’re trying”


“Dexter we’re really trying”


“Henry came up with a idea. I don’t really know how plan but he is 100% sure it’s going to work”



“he told us”


“So what are you doing about it?”


“Dexter I don’t know”


Dexter slapped the table and leaned into his chair, biting his lower lip. “You lied to me didn’t you”


Tears were welling up in my eyes when I saw a tear trickled down his left cheek but he quickly wiped it out.




“Why did you have to fool me? You should’ve just told me you didn’t love me from the start. I could’ve left in peace. I did leave but you begged me to stay.. Chloe you promised you wouldn’t disappoint our love.. What happened?”


My tears rolled down “Dexter I don’t know”


“Gosh!” Dexter tilted his head up and blinked rapidly to suppress his tears


I reached for his hand but he drew back. “Don’t touch me”


“Dexter I didn’t lie to you.. I never did”


“you told me you love me. The sun still echoes it until today”


“I wasn’t lying” my voice fell to a whisper “I thought I loved you”


“you thought you loved me?” he leaned forward and tilted my head up with his finger below my chin. “you thought you loved me but you don’t?”


“Dexter?!” I sobbed and yanked his hand off


“Chloe?!” Dexter was in tears and I couldn’t stand it “You love Daxton don’t you”


I don’t know. I just couldn’t think.


I looked away and wiped my tears.


“Dexter I have to go”


Dexter grabbed my hand and made me look at him “answer me”


“let me go you’re hurting me”


“Chloe I’m hurting more” Dexter said and slowly released my hand “but I’m not letting you go” he stated and walked out


I leaned into my chair and face palmed myself.


Oh God!


What have I done?
















“Chloe?!” Daxton called when I returned.


I looked at him then headed upstairs without saying any word.


“Chloe?!” Daxton came after me


“I need to be left alone” I prompted and went up to my room. Daxton didn’t follow me. He returned to the living room while I locked myself inside.


That day, I cried like a baby. I was in pain but my pillow took it all. I didn’t come out from my room, torn between the brothers, I just wanted to get away.


I had come to Salado to get a peaceful life but my life wasn’t peaceful at all. I didn’t plan any of these.


I couldn’t hurt any of them. Not that I loved the two of them, but I cared for them both.


Daxton had been through a lot and it wouldn’t be fair causing him more pain. And it wouldn’t be fair loving him out of pity either.



And Dexter— I just couldn’t hurt him, I made a silly promise. And even if I didn’t, it wouldn’t be fair hurting him because or his brother.


I wept until night and the tears on my pillow didn’t reflect half of what I was feeling inside.


When it was morning, I was already weak from crying. Daxton was up all night. Knocking and begging me to let him in or at least have dinner. I regretted letting him suffer that night but I didn’t want to see him. Didn’t want to talk to any of the brothers that were causing me so much pain.


That morning, I couldn’t get up from bed. Noon came and I was almost passing out.


Weak from crying and hunger. My head was hurting and I was having a migraine coupled with the cold I caught from leaving my window open all through the night.


“Chloe I’m breaking this door open” Daxton threatened


I hissed and faced the wall. I didn’t even care, I just wanted to get away.


“Chloe you can’t do this to yourself. Just open up and eat even if you don’t want to talk to me, that’s fine but don’t punish stomach.. It’s innocent”


I smiled faintly. Daxton was fond of using my very own words against me.


“Chloe please.. Don’t let me damage the door”


I pulled the sheets tighter as I shivered under it. Even if I tried to talk, my voice wasn’t loud enough.


“Chloe you’re hurting me please”


I ignored him until I finally dozed off again.


When I woke up, I slept again and again and cried my eyes out until the next day. I only got up to use the bathroom and once, I had fallen in the bathroom and didn’t get up for hours.


I was lying on my bed, still covering the sheets when Daxton tried the door knob and the door opened.


“How did you?” I was too weak to exclaim


“I forgot I had a spare to every room and let you suffer yourself this way” he muttered under his breath and took long heavy strides to me bed “Chloe?! You look terrible”


“I know” that only came out in a whisper


Daxton ruffled his hair and sat on the bed “why are you doing this to yourself?”


I sniffed and fresh tears rolled down my cheeks.


“Oh! Chloe!” he pulled me into his arms “why are you doing this to yourself?”


I just shook my head in tears and said nothing.


“Did you have a fight with Dexter?”


“No.. I’m okay”


“you’re not okay.. You’re a mess of the real Chloe” Daxton yelled “you have to shower now then come downstairs.. I cooked”




“No.. You’ll eat first”


Before I could protest, Daxton hurled me into his arms and carried me downstairs.


He helped me sit down in the dining room then served me.


“Now eat”


“Daxton you really didn’t have to worry”


“but I already did and you have to eat and get better. I’ll call a doctor”


“Daxton no.. I’m not sick”



“you’ve locked up yourself without food nor water and crying for almost two days.. You could get sick”


“but I’m not”


“Chloe don’t argue with me.. The doctor will decide that”


I gave up the argument and started eating.


“Are you full?” Daxton asked me when I finished eating “I can get you more”


“I’m fine”


“Okay.. You’ll have to shower while we wait for the doctor, I already called her”


“I asked you not too”


“but I already did.. Now it’s time to shower” Daxton hurled me into arms again


“put me down.. I can walk” I yelled but Daxton ignored me and carried me up to my room.


“you should also help me shower” I snarled when he dropped me on my bathroom door


Daxton chuckled “I’ll just wait outside” he said and walked out. I was getting stronger— thanks to the food.


I entered my bathroom and showered then got dressed and waited on my bed for the doctor. When the doctor came, he checked me and prescribed some drugs for me then left.


“I’ll get the drugs from the pharmacist when I’m coming back” Daxton said


“where are you going?” I asked him


“To see someone but I’ll be back before you even know it”



“you didn’t go to work”


“I couldn’t leave you all by yourself in the state you were earlier”


Daxton replied “see you soon” then he walked out.


I later found out that he met with Dexter that evening for a talk.


Dexter was already waiting by his car when Daxton arrived.


“I thought you wouldn’t come” Dexter said coolly


“I had to take care of Chloe before coming” Daxton replied


“what’s wrong with her?”


“Nothing.. She’s okay now”


Dexter scoffed and looked at his brother “What do you want from Chloe?”


“I don’t get you”


“you get me really fine Daxton.. Why haven’t you called off the relationship?” “Cause we haven’t” Daxton shrugged


“Daxton you know how much I love Chloe.. Why are you doing this?”


Daxton swallowed hard and I could bet he felt guilty. “I’m not doing anything Dexter.. Chloe isn’t your girlfriend”


“she would’ve been now if she hadn’t started up that stupid fake relationship with you”


“Dexter I appreciate you tried saving my reputation then but why are you saying this now?”


“you want Chloe don’t you?”


Daxton didn’t say anything


“And you know I love the same woman.. Even the sun knows she loves me too”


Daxton looked at the sun set and the clouds started appearing.


“It doesn’t matter” he said


“Daxton let Chloe go.. You and I will end up making her suffer, just let her go”


Daxton swallowed hard “Dexter I can’t. She doesn’t belong to anyone, she has the right to choose who she wants”


“Daxton we’re brothers, twins, we shouldn’t be fighting over a woman I loved first”


“she has always been with me from the start even if it wasn’t real. You should’ve known there’s every possibility that there was going to be a chemistry” Daxton yelled


“When you first approached Chloe, you only desired her, you didn’t really love her then. You just ended up falling in love with her at the end. You never loved Chloe from the start”


“you never loved her either”


“I never knew I did but I had a thing for her that I couldn’t deny and I’m not going to deny it now” Daxton stated


Dexter scoffed “then none of us is going to have her cause I’ll fight you Daxton”


Daxton shrugged “I promise to let Chloe go if she wants me to.. You don’t have to fight”


“You know Chloe feels so much pity for you and she wouldn’t want you getting hurt. What she feels for is pity and not love”


“Whatever it is Dexter.. I did you no wrong if I love Chloe. She’s not yours”



Dexter swallowed hard “alright.. I also promise to let her go if she wants me to”


“I wouldn’t want Chloe to suffer deciding on something stupid Dexter.. Just return to LA and find someone else”


Dexter scoffed “I love only one woman and that’s Chloe.. I loved her first and she loves me too”


My very own words started echoing in the clouds behind them as the sun set.


“Did you hear that?” Dexter tilted his head “you see why you have to let go?”


Daxton lifted his broad shoulders “that’s why I have to fight and not let go.. You’re not letting go and I’m not letting go either” He pointed out and walked off. .





















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