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Love Of My Life – Episode 10

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Episode 10



Finally I have a modest job” ella thought. Ella was once Anita roommate in campus.she wasn’t really close to Anita because Anita was always busy it either she was in school or at the place she was learning work. Ella wasn’t the type that concentrate in her 2nd year she drop out.she had poor marks,she don’t have someone who will sponsor her education.her mother needed #2million for kidney transplant. So she went into prostitution. She had done a lot of abortions and lost count of them.when Annie called her and asked if she will like to work in her plaza. She was happy. At least she will get paid every month and leave that occupation that cost her pride.


“Ella,I need to see my husband.I might not come back today.please take care of the plaza if there is anything you don’t understand don’t fail to give me a call.anie instructed.


” okay madam.”ella said and watched Anita leave the plaza.


Richard had texted anie to come see him in a place. She haven’t been to that area before.she sighted his car and saw him pressing his phone


“Hi darling….”Richard said as he pecked her


evening,what are we doing here? “Annie asked as she look around

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calm down.let go in first” Richard said as he entered a building


She look up and saw “EBUN DARK COUNSELING HOME” written on the building.


“Counseling home? What are we doing here? She thought.




” Evening Mrs Ebun”


“Evening, Mr that your wife” Mrs ebun asked


“Yes” Richard replied


“Am Mrs Anita” Annie introduced herself

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“Nice to meet you. Am Ebun Dark your Therapist” the woman replied


“My what? Therapist? Annie looked at Richard shock.



” Babe do you think I need counselling am I going crazy ” Annie asked him



“No.I didn’t say you are going crazy. Ever since that incident you haven’t been i thought you would like to talk to someone.” Richard said calmy


“What?Richy you know I don’t like third party in our matters” anie informed him.


“With the way you are acting I presume we will need to welcome a third party” Richard said trying to control his temper


“Wow, applaudise…..Annie said as she clap her hands.


Anytime I tried to bring out the say it fine,but it isn’t fine.if it was alright you wont have kept the torn cloth” Richard flared up


“How did he know she haven’t throw the cloth” she thought


“Richard let go” anie said as she get up from her seat


“No we are going nowhere.let settle this once and for all.” Richard fired

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“Calm down Mr Richard.if your wife insist that you both settle this at home then do as she said. If she agree to come for counselling then you both can come back and see me. Mrs ebun told them calmly


Richard and Anita left the office and drove in their separate car back home.




angel am sorry.I didn’t mean to yell at you” Richard knelt down and apologies to her as they got home.


“It okay…” Annie was interrupted


“It not okay” Richard said


“I had the intention to burn the cloth that why I kept it” anie explained


“Okay I believe what is your reason for your past behavior. You have been avoiding me lately? Richard said looking pathetic


“I just don’t want you to think I was okay with what you I just put on the attitude” Annie confessed


babe please don’t do it next almost killed wasn’t easy. Am sorry I was just jealous. Am truly sorry” Richard muttered



“Have forgiven you” anie said as as she kissed him








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