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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 29

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I couldn’t sleep a wink that night. I wanted to be awake when Daxton would leave..


Maybe I could convince him to stay.


I tossed and turned on the bed as I watched the clock strike 2 am. I was really sleepy but I couldn’t risk closing my eyes.

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What if he leaves when I’m asleep?


I just didn’t want to start the office alone that week. It wasn’t like I wanted him around or something.


What if he stood to his condition? That I don’t see Dexter for the day. I just couldn’t accept that.


What if Dexter wants us to hang out? What do I tell him?


I jumped out of bed when my eyes started becoming more heavier. I sat up and on the couch and waited eagerly for Daxton. .




The sound of a door creak open jerked me awake. I glanced at the clock 4 am. I had fallen asleep on the couch. I dashed out and saw Daxton ascending the stairs with a box.


I just watched him. I couldn’t even call him. What do say?


He got to the landing and looked up to see me.


A frown curved on his face.


“Good morning” I managed to greet and started down the stairs


“What now?”


“I came to say goodbye”


Daxton arched a brow “you’ve been awake”


I sighed “is it that obvious?”


“you’ve got bags under your eyes.. What have you been doing?”


“the records” I lied. I just couldn’t tell him that I was waiting for him “but I couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t sleep all night but I can’t reconcile the accounts”


“you shouldn’t have stayed up” Daxton hissed “just take it to the office, Paul will help you with it”


“Paul didn’t take the last record.. You did”


Daxton scoffed “surely you don’t think that I’ll stay because of the records”


“Missing another record for one week is going to be more stressful. But if you can sacrifice today and help me with the records for the three days I was away then I can handle the one week you’ll be away”


Daxton let out his breath and peered into my eyes intently “you know the condition don’t you?”


Not seeing Dexter.




“are you agreeing to it?”


I swallowed hard and pulled my robe tighter “Alright.. it’s just for today anyway” I said that more to myself than to him and looked away. Daxton and I just stood there. I had my eyes averted but he was looking at me. Making no move to carry his box back to his room.


“aren’t you taking that—” I pointed at the box “back to your room?”


“I’ll just leave it in my car cause I’ll still be travelling tomorrow”


“what if we don’t finish with the records today?”


Daxton chuckled “we certainly will if we’ll be doing only the records”


I smirked “alright”


“you should go to bed. You’ve got barely two hours to sleep”


“make sure you don’t leave”


Daxton chuckled “we made a deal didn’t we?”


I nodded and went up to my room. I felt fulfilled and it wasn’t long before I dozed


off to sleep.














8:24 am



I got up with a start and stared at the clock. I have slept for too long. I ran out of my room and Daxton’s door was locked from the outside.


My heart skipped a beat. I felt he had left. I ran downstairs and breakfast was already served on the dining table. Daxton had cooked and left a note on the table.



The driver will take you to the office.



I left the paper on the table and rushed outside to see the driver standing beside a car.


“Good morning” I greeted him then asked without waiting for his reply “where’s Daxton?”


“He already left for the office” the driver replied


I breathed out in relief. For a moment, I thought he was gone.


“I’ll drive you to the office” the driver said


“alright.. Give me a minute”



I hurried inside and ran up to my room. After taking my bathe, I got dressed and rushed down. I ate little of my food and walked outside. It was already past nine. The driver drove me to the office and when I got to Daxton’s office, he wasn’t inside. I walked to my desk and saw the records. He had already done the records for me.


His desk was empty like he hadn’t showed up at work. The door pushed open and Daxton walked in. I felt air rush into my lungs like I hadn’t been breathing.


“You came earlier than I imagined” he said and moved to his chair and sat behind his desk


“It’s already past 9”


“I know” Daxton said then asked “why are you still standing?”


“nothing” I sat down nervously and faced the records


“I’m done with that already so you don’t have to stress yourself. You’ll just take record for one week until I return.. I already told Paul to help you”


He’s still leaving.


“I called Dexter” Daxton went on “I realized you wouldn’t be able to stay in the house alone so I asked him to let you move in with him.. Of course he didn’t object”


“You want me to move in with Dexter?”


“just for one week”


“what will people say?”


“you shouldn’t care about what people say Chloe”


“I do care.. Especially your parents” I stated “it’s going to be the trending gist that my fiance went on a vacation and I moved in with his twin brother”


“Can you stay alone?”


“I’ll try” I replied “I’ll have to return late and spend few hours alone before morning”


“If one week isn’t enough for you guys to come up with something then you call me so I can extend my stay until you’re ready” Daxton said


One week definitely wasn’t enough.


“what if it takes us a month?”


“then that would be better— things would’ve changed by then” Daxton replied


We went about with our business and Daxton and I talked only a few times. Later that afternoon, I had lunch with Henry and Pearl at the canteen.


“Daxton is going on a vacation” I told Henry when Pearl went out to take a call


“I know. It’s the first time he’s going on a vacation. Daxton doesn’t ever leave the office for anything” Henry said


“and he’s staying for a week” too long for me to handle the business


“that’s what he needs Chloe… Daxton has been too dedicated to the business and he needs a break– at least for a month”


I chocked on my food and started coughing. Henry proffered me with a glass of


water and I gulped it down.


“Sorry” he said


“I’ve been having this cough lately” I had to come up with that lie cause Henry was giving me that look. Like I coughed because he mentioned Daxton being away for a month.


“It’s a common cough”


I rolled my eyes and looked away.


“you’ll be able to handle things than you think” Henry said and Pearl joined us


“so what’s the gist?” she asked


“nothing much” I just said and continued with my food.


When we were done, Pearl returned to her office while Henry and I walked to Daxton’s office.


Daxton was busy with some papers when we walked in.


“so workaholic” Henry remarked and Daxton chuckled “you really need that break”


“I’ll thinking of going with some works” Daxton looked up and our eyes met. My stomach unconsciously tightened.


“Then it’s no longer a vacation” Henry said


“I can’t survive one week without working.. I’m going to turn to an indolent person” Daxton said


“Chloe can handle everything.. You’ve got lots of work to do there anyway” Henry said


“what would I be doing?” Daxton asked


“counting the sands” Henry replied and Daxton laughed “that’s a week job”


I slowly moved to me desk and sat down. Daxton glanced at me and I looked away.


“or I could count the stars” Daxton said


“that’s going to keep you busy only at night” Henry replied


I took a novel from my table and started reading. At first I couldn’t concentrate in what I was reading but their voices slowly started to fade and I was paying full attention on the novel.



Once I heard Daxton mention my name and looked up. Turned out he was talking to Henry. I sighed and went back to my novel.


I was really busy with it when I heard Daxton said “… I’ll leave soon”


I paused and looked up at him.


“by soon I meant tomorrow” he explained


“I didn’t ask” I said and continued reading


“but you should’ve left today” Henry said. I was no longer paying attention to the novel, just staring at the page.


“Something came up and I had to suspend my travel but I’ll be leaving tomorrow anyway” Daxton replied and I felt his eyes on me. I looked up and he looked away.


“your parents have no idea that you’re going on a vacation” Henry said


“I’ll tell them once I’m in the plane” Daxton replied


Henry looked at me “Pauline is going to take it out on you”


“She’s going to understand.. I’ll tell her it’s my bachelor’s week before the wedding” Daxton said


“she’ll want Chloe to move in with them” Henry said


I hadn’t thought of that.


One week with Pauline would be a nightmare. She wouldn’t even let me go to work.


“they’ll cope.. They have to” Daxton said


Henry returned to his office and Daxton went out to have lunch. He doesn’t ever do anything while others are doing it. I placed my head on my table and dozed off. .













Work was over before I even knew it and for the first time I wasn’t excited about it cause it meant Daxton would be leaving soon. I still couldn’t bring myself to face Pauline and handle the office alone.


Daxton arranged his office files in a bag and walked out. Guess he was serious when he said he would be travelling with some works. I closed for the day and headed outside. Daxton was with Henry so I decided to wait for him in the car. When I walked outside, Dexter was waiting for me by his car. My heart skipped a beat. What do I tell him?


I turned and made to sneak back inside but he saw me and called out my name.




Oh God!


I slowly turned but made no move to go to him. I felt guilty as he walked up to me. “Chloe?!” he was as cheerful as ever


“Hi Dexter?!”


“are you done for the day?”


“I am— and I’m waiting for Daxton”


“Oh” Dexter mouthed “Are you free tonight?”


“No” I snapped “I.. I’ve.. No, there’s actually a.. Just something I have to do tonight”


“It can wait”


“Dexter it can’t. Let’s leave it until tomorrow”



Dexter frowned “you’ve never said no to me”


“this is very important”


“how about I help you with whatever it is you have to do then we go out later”




“Chloe it costs me a lot to prepare this and I really want you to see it”


my heart ripped. Oh Dexter!


I couldn’t even say no to him.


Daxton walked out immediately and stopped to look at us. He and Dexter exchanged a simple greeting then he walked to his car.


“Dexter I have to go”


Dexter grabbed my hand “will you be coming with me tonight?”


I looked above him and Daxton was just watching us from his car. My heart was pounding and I got weak in the knee.


“Dexter I—–










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