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Blue Love Story – Episode 38

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Episode 38 : OUR BLUE LOVE STORY ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .

JAJA’s Point Of View




As I got out from the room, I burst in tears. My heart is in pain and it feels like someone is squeezing it from inside. I thought I had prepared for it, the scene that Ben couldn’t remember me. But I was disappointed and hurt.


Momsh hug me, trying to sooth me. “He’ll remember you. Do not lose hope. He’s alive and there’s a chance that he’s gonna regain his memory again. Just wait, darling. Don’t break down like this.”


“Momsh, I thought I can accept it. But no! It’s hurt like hell. He remembered everyone but he forgot me. It’s so unfair! He remembered Olga and he forgot me. I thought I can get through it easily but God! It’s hard!”


“Hush now, darling. Where’s the Jaja who was ready to make Ben remember her in case he forgot about her? Where’s the brave Jaja who can face every problem and do not breaks down?”



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I cry the pain I am feeling right now. Being forgotten by your lover hurts like f*cking hell even they are assuring to me that a patient who suffers from retrograde amnesia will soon regain his previous memory.


“If you want to be remembered by Ben, help him remember you. If he couldn’t remember you, then make a new memory for the both of you,” Momsh said. “Besides, Olga is here. Don’t let her take away Ben from you.”


I sighed. Momsh is right. I should help Ben remember me. I shouldn’t be breaking down here outside while Olga is taking the opportunity to get Ben’s trust again. I stand up and fixed myself. “I’ll make him remember me.”


I opened the door and come in. Olga is trying to touch Ben’s face but Ben is moving back. Good thing that he didn’t forgot Olga’s sin.


“Stay away from him,” I command. Both Olga and Ben look at me.


“Let’s go outside. They need to talk privately,” Dad said and lead the others to get out.


Dad, Aunti Fely, Ginny, and Vina joined Momsh outside the room. It was only the three of us who was left inside.


“You stay away from him. He had forgotten you because you’re not important to him,” Olga said.


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“Nah-uh! My dear, psychology says if a person forget about someone after the surgery was because that forgotten someone was the last thing who was thought by a person before losing his conscious. Now, let me explain it. He forgot about me because I am the last person in his mind until he passed out.”


Olga laughed. “Too desperate. Why don’t you just accept the fact that you’re easy to forget.”


I also laughed. “Well, it’s okay for me to be forgotten by him. You’re the one who’s desperate here. You’re hoping that Ben could forget your mistakes and start anew with him and make him fool again. Good thing he still remember the Olga who cheats.”


“Olga, will you please get out?!” Ben shouted. Olga couldn’t reject him because he looks angry now. “Who are you, lady?” Ben asked when Olga got out.


I look at Ben. He’s looking at me, amusingly. Until now he don’t know who I am because I walked out when he ask me who am I.


“Heart, I am Jaja. Your girlfriend. It’s okay if you forgot about me, I’ll make you


remember me.”


“My girlfriend?”




“How did we meet?” Now he ask about us.



I smiled and sit on the stool beside his bed. “We meet on the club. I was auctioned and you competed to a bidding with your stepbrother, Frederick. You had bought me for $150,000.”


His eyes widen. “I let go that kind of amount of money?”


“Yes. I asked you about it also because I was curious that you had bought me. You told me that I am one of a kind. I am the only one who had awaken your great desire. You don’t want to let me be on other’s arm that’s why you had fight for me. And that is the start of our blue love story.”


He arched his one brow. “Blue love story? Why it had become blue?”


I smiled again and reminisced our previous moments. “Mm-hmm. You’ve recklessly spent your money for buying me, and that was called bluing. Then I became your sex slave and our story started in an erotic situation until we developed our feelings, that was blue.”


“Se.x slave. Really? What was our endearment then?” He looks amused. “You call me sweetie, I call you heart.”


“Sweetheart. Nice endearment,” he said while thinking.


My heart beats fast. He had said it before, the ‘nice endearment’.


“You looks surprised. Did I say something that makes you surprise?” he asked


when he notice my reaction.




“So, tell me more about our blue love story. I want to know everything I don’t






I WAS ABOUT to go out from the girls comfort room of the hospital when Vina and Ginny entered. Ginny closed the door and locked it.


My heart beats fast with the thought that they’re going to kill me here. I know they


have a great grudge towards me.


“We need to talk,” Vina said.


I step back when they walk near me. Only the three of us is here. They stopped when they saw me stepped back.


“We came here because we want to say sorry for everything we have done and said to you. We admit that we hated you before but everyone changes,” Vina said. “Why are you saying this to me?” I asked but I am still alert.


“If it wasn’t because of you, my brother should be dead now. We thank you for saving my brother,” Ginny said.



“We are sincere to everything we say. I know it’s awkward, we hate you but we thank you. Just go with the flow, Jaja. We still hate you. There’s only one thing that we both wanted to do. To see Ben recover and regain his memory and be alright.” I nod. “Okay. How about Olga?”


“We don’t like her either. She’s a leech who wants to solo brother’s attention. I don’t


like you and Olga. But if brother wanted to marry you, I have nothing to do against


it. I’ll just accept it,” Ginny said.


I smiled. “Okay.”


“This agreement would just be between the three of us.”


“Just the three of us.” We shake hands like we are businesswomen who had agreed


to a proposal.




“WHAT’S WITH this screwpine layer cake?” Ben asked when I had brought him the cake I made.


“It was the first food that you have requested for me to cook for you.”


“Really? How about this fried pork? I don’t eat pork.”


I look at him, unbelievably. “You don’t eat pork?”


“Yes. I thought you are my girlfriend, why you don’t know that I don’t eat pork?” His eyes furrowed.


“You don’t eat pork yet it became your favorite. You even want to eat lots of it while I feed you this.” I dip the pork on the gravy and extend it to his mouth. “Try to taste it. It’s delicious.”


He looks at my hand for a moment and eat the pork along my fingers. God! He have an amnesia yet he still do the things he likes to do, like sucking my fingers. “Hmm… Indeed, delicious. I like to eat all of it but you feed me.”


I rolled my eyes. Ben is still Ben. Even he have amnesia, he is still Ben. What am I expecting? He is still the naughty Ben that I love. .


:::::::::::: to be continued ::::::::::::






>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<


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