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Episode 12




I woke up with a heavy banging on my head and pains in my lower abdomen. I tried to raise my head but I couldn’t. Last thing I remembered was that I was walking on the street very early in the morning. I opened my eyes slowly and realised I was on a hospital bed. A nurse was seated beside my bed and there were different machines in the room. The nurse saw that I was awake and ran out of the room. She came back with a doctor some minutes later and he was all smiles.


Doc: Good evening miss. How’re you?


I held my head and shook it.


Doc: Where do you still feel pains?


Me: My stomach is burning and my head. Doctor, how…..


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Doc: Nurse, please call the gentleman that brought her here.


Nurse: Right away doctor.


She left the room and the doctor sat down where she had earlier occupied.


Doctor: Tell me dear, how old are you?


Me: I’m 19


Doctor: What’s your name?


Me: Amanda


Doctor: Hope you don’t mind if I call you Ander?


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I smiled and nodded.


Me: Doctor please tell me, how long have I being here?


Doctor: Exactly three weeks and two days.


Me: What?


it was more of an exclamation than a question.



Doctor: Yes my dear. You were brought in here by a man. He said he had hit you without knowing it. But some tests were carried out and we found out that there was more to it than just an accident. If you don’t mind, please, tell me where you were going that morning.


Tears wedged at the corners of my eyes and I recalled the events of that Sunday.


The events I was sure had changed my life for good.


Doctor: Ander?


Me: I had no destination.


Doctor: Where do you leave?


Me: Ndalu.


Doctor: With your family?


Me: No. They’re not my family. They are mean people. They are wicked. They’re not my family.


He came and sat on the bed and held my hands.


Doctor: Calm down dear. Calm down.


Me: I should calm down? I should calm down? Do you know what they did to me? Do you know? I should calm down? You better not ask me to calm down anymore.


He kept on pleading with me to relax, but the more he did, the more my anger rose. He stood up and left the room while I cried my heart out, cursing mummy joy and Chine for all they’ve done to me.


I had stopped my tears from flowing when a knock came and then the door opened.


A fine young man came into the room. He was smiling.


Ted: Good evening dear.


I shot him a glance and looked away. I was sure he was one of them, those selfish species of men who only found joy in molesting innocent girls.


Ted: My name is Ted. How’re you?


Me: It’s not your business how I’m doing or not. Get out of here.


He was taken aback with my response but in a flash, his smile returned and he sat down.



Ted: Maybe you now know I’m the guy that hit you. I’m sorry about that okay. I understand that you’re angry with me but don’t take it out like this. You’re still recovering and ……


Me: So because I’m recovering I shouldn’t speak to you? Why do you care anyways? Thanks for hitting me


He smiled.


Ted: But even if I hadn’t hit you, you still needed the hospital anyways. I was scared and worried that you won’t open your eyes and forgive me for adding to your pains.


Me: What pains?


He coughed and looked at his hands and I found my diary. He was clutching if like he was the owner. I know I don’t write my daily life events in my diary but it contained all my life; Gospel’s number.


Me: Give me that please.


He quietly handed it to me without arguing and I was grateful.


Ted: So tell me what you would love to eat. Anything and I’d get it for you.


I looked at his face and sighed.


Me: Mr Ted, you were saying something about pains. What pain?


Ted: You’re such a stubborn woman. Actually, the doctor had told me all that had being found out while you were unconscious. But let that not bother you. Once you eat, we’ll call anybody that you know so the person can know your whereabouts.


Me; It’ll pass for now because I’m hungry. Get me rice please.


Ted: Rice then.


He stood up and left the room while I kept myself busy with counting the blinds in the room. It was more of a private ward. That Ted guy looks cool but he’ll surely pay for hitting me. I’ll give him one hell of a time if he doesn’t apologise properly.


I may have drifted off to sleep because I felt a tap on my hand and I opened my eyes. It was Ted. He helped me sit down and I looked at the big polythene on the floor.


Ted: I bought provisions as well.



He began to bring them out and I concluded that it was already more than the apology I needed. He finally designed my side cupboard with the provisions and handed me a plate of rice from KFC.


Ted: Once again,I’m sorry for hitting you.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Me; Its alright. This is enough apology already.


I began attacking my food while he sat down there looking at me like I was an alien who just came to earth. I finished my rice and started murdering the chicken. His gaze was fixed on me and I had to look at him in an unfriendly way before he took his eyes off. I managed to finish my food with him pressing away on his iPhone.


Me: Thank you.


Ted: You’re welcome. I’ll get water from the bathroom so you’ll wash your hands.


He stood up and did as he said and while I washed my hands, I wondered if he was real or just like those two guys who’d attacked me. That thought made me shiver in fright and he looked at me


Ted: Let it go my dear. Just relax okay.


I nodded, not sure of what he wanted me to let go.


He returned to the bathroom and came out after a while. He handed me the phone.


Ted: Call your people while I clear this up.


I took the phone and thanked him before opening my diary to search for Gospel’s number. I dialled his number and he picked at the third ring.


Ted left the room that moment with the take away plate I just used in eating.


Gospel: Hello!


I kept quiet.


Gospel: Please, I’m sure you know its your airtime that is burning up and I’m not gentleman enough to cut the call from this end.


I chuckled. He would apologise gravely for that whenever I see him


Me: Gospel?


Gospel: Of course its Gospel. And you are?



Me: Calm down.


Gospel: I’m not high either.


Me: I wonder where you got your arrogance from.


Gospel: Oops! I’m now arrogant right? What about you who called me and refused to speak up?


I laughed, trying my best to deal with my headache.


Gospel; Listen, I’ve got pressing issues that needs my attention and if you’re trying to pick a joke from ……


Me: Its me, Amanda.


There was silence from his end and I knew I had caught him unawares.


Gospel: You say?


Me: Amanda.


Gospel: Jesus Christ!


And I hung up.





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