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His New Secretary – Episode 11

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Episode 11





Ella’s POV.


I hastily made his coffee taking it to his office before taking permission of a day off.


I pressed the elevator to his floor and in no time I was there , walking to his office I bumped into him or rather he bumped into me making the coffee split on both of us


Get your filthy self out of my way ” he yelled angrily and fling me on the floor passing by me .


Jeez! What’s with him and this anger this early morning? I guess he woke up on the

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wrong side of the bed


He didn’t even bother to complain about the coffee on his body .


I picked myself from the floor and walk back to my office when I saw a man coming out of his office.


Good morning” he greeted, he might actually know what’s wrong with the boss as he left in anger leaving him in his office .


Good morning sir, I guess you know why the boss is angry ” I asked


Well yes but I think it’s personal” he replied and entered the elevator while I sighed. Why am I even worried over him ?


I ought to be happy anyways.


Reed’s POV

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I entered into that old hag’s house without Caring to knock . I was pissed I mean beyond pissed, what nonsense! I don’t get why my dad is this wicked and sometimes I doubt if he’s my real father …



Well hello to you son ” he said as I came into view while I glared at him before grabbing his collar. I will kill him here and nobody can say anything about it ..


What did you want from me Emmett” I said disrespectfully holding him tight by the collar which left him coughing..


Let go of me son are you insane ?” He said


You are the one insane so called father , first you killed my mum and married that bitch, you you led me into the street at a tender age even when you were wealthy and now I just discovered you sent away the people that matters to me more , where the hell did you send them to ? ” I shouted and shaked him . I don’t care if he’s my father , u mean he’s just a commonflag .


Son we can talk and resolve this issue just please don’t kill me ” he beg .


Don’t son me! And so you can actually plead? Incredible I need to know where you sent Harley and her mother to else you know what you turned me to ” I replied through gritted teeth


“I’m really sorry about what I did to you in the past (coughs) , and I’m changed I promise to help you go in search of them please forgive me ”


And you think it’s that easy” I said and began laughing humorously.


I know it’s not” he replied


Thank goodness you know that, I don’t want you to fu.cking help me search for them but I want you to tell me where they are this instant ”


Okay I sent them to America” said while I left him to fall in the floor . America is very far from South Korea here , how do I look for them now? Heck! Harley might have grown up so even if I see her I won’t be able to recognize her except I see Aunty Nora..


Maybe I should phone someone over there to search for them or so ..


” How can you be this heartless dad ? Have I ever wronged you in any way?


I will go find them but if I don’t see them in two days , consider your life gone and trust me ” I said and walked out of the door but stopped when…


You can never find them son unless I search for them myself, like I said . I don’t have any reason to treat you the way I did and I’m sorry, I will do anything to earn your forgiveness son please forgive me ”


All this he just said doesn’t matter to me but only one thing


Why can’t I find them ? ” I asked turning back to face him . This is tougher than I thought.


Because they changed their names and everything that will give you clue it’s them” he said


But Harley will still remember me even if she was eight years then because of the bond we share ” I reasoned


I’m sorry son but she can’t, her memory was wiped ” he said .. He did all this and want me to forgive him that easily? Never will that happen.


Then how do you intend on finding them for me cause I’m giving you just 2days and I don’t care how you gonna do it ” I spat angrily


I know where they live” he explained


Better do something else , your wife and you will be a gonna and you can never escape from me ” I added and stormed out of his godforsaken mansion.


I entered my car and drove to a bar, I need to cool off my head and only alcohol


can do ……


Unknown POV


It’s been three days since I arrived in this town but haven’t been able to find Nora


and my daughter. It’s really tiring.


What else do I do?


I was lost in thought when my phone beeped.



Hello boss



Yes, any news about them?



Well, not yet boss



Then why the hell did you call me



I think I saw someone like your daughter yesterday



What did you mean ?



I saw her coming out of a company i guess



Are you sure it’s my daughter?



I’m not sure sir but will keep a close watch on her



Okay that’s good, i expect to hear a better news tomorrow okay



Yes boss .


He said and hung up. Was it really my daughter he saw ? Yeah he knows them and have secretly taking her picture for me when they were still in America. I brought it out and kissed it together with Nora’s.


” Don’t worry , I will find you soon ”


Ella’s POV


I left the office very early today , Mr Reed didn’t return till I left .


I need to go visit mum and stay with her till her surgery is done .


I can’t find Mr boss but maybe I will text him tomorrow.


I looked for a cab but was no where seen . God I have to keep walking till I find one ..



Something caught my attention my attention on the way . Am I dreaming? I saw a drunken boss , jeez!

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People were taking video of him instead of helping him . Maybe because he’s a celebrity and I Know i might see this on the news tonight .. I quickly went there and began pulling him up ..


Oh Harley you are back to stay right? ” He said laughing. I mean who’s Harley huh? And why is he calling her name ?


I’m not Harley boss, this is Ella let me take you home ” I said but he held me tight


No, I want to be with you Harley promise you won’t leave me again please” he said pouting.

I have to play along and take him away from here


I won’t leave you now let’s go home ” I said while he nodded.


Thank you Harley, I love you” he said .


To say I was dying of jealousy right now is an understatement.


I’m freaking jealous and who’s this Harley girl huh?


Maybe his girlfriend .


I dragged him along with me looking for where his car was parked to take him home .


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