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The Neighbourhood Saga – Episode 9

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )


****************************************************************** ******************************


We made love until late night then we retired to bed. The following day I had a summit in the city hence I needed to get some rest.


On my way to the summit, I passed by the garage to check on Joy’s car; it had been repaired but was not repainted yet. The summit took six hours, it was a tiresome day. I was so exhausted to drive myself home safely so I hired a designated driver.


When I got home, Joy was not in the house; her phone was off. I decided to lie on the seat as I waited for Joy to come home. I later dozed off only to wake up on the seat in the morning and find myself all alone in the house; Joy was not home yet.


I got off the seat and went to the shower and took a cold shower then wore my exercising outfit and decided to go for my morning runs.

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While in the woods running, I tripped over a root and fell with a thunder injuring my right knee; I could barely stand up.



I sat there holding the knee as I groaned in pain. I got my phone and decided to call Chrisham since she was the only neighbour I was fond off. Luckily enough, she was in the house idle.


“Hello dear, to what do I owe this surprise call?” She answered the call.


“I need your help Chrisham.” I replied.


“Wow! Who could ever say that you would call me for help? What may I do for you dear?” She asked sounding sarcastic.


“I think I have broken my leg, I need you to drive me to the hospital please.” I said.


“Oh my goodness! I am really sorry. Where are you?” She asked now sounding concerned.


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“I am in woods along Mekhi Street.” I replied.


“I am coming right away.” She said and hanged up the call.


Seven minutes later, Chrisham arrived where I was. She helped me get up and walk to the highway since the car could not make it to the woods.


“Is it hurting?” She asked feeling pity.


“Yes it does.” I replied.


“I have some deep heat in my first aid kit, it will help.” She said as she handed over the first aid kit to me.


True to her words, the deep heat helped minimize the pain but still the leg could barely move. We got to the hospital and I was taken in on a wheelchair.


“I will be in the waiting bay dear.” Chrisham said as the nurse pushed the wheelchair towards the reception.



The doctor took an X-ray and asked me to wait for the results in her office. Few minutes later, she came in holding the X-ray results.


“Good news and bad news.” She said as she walked in.


“Good news first.” I replied.


“Good news is that you have no any broken bones and the bad news is that your kneecap is dislocated; it will be painful to put it back, really painful.” She said.


“I guess I don’t have a choice, do I?” I asked.


“Yes, there is no any other option here Mr. Haman.” She replied smiling.


“Let us do this then.” I said with a weak shaky voice.


“We shall have to go to the lab.” She said as she held my hand to help me seat on the wheelchair.


I was taken to the lab and had my kneecap returned to it’s position; I almost screamed due to pain. The doctor then gave me some painkillers and I was ready to go home.


“The muscles will take about a week to completely heal, do not overwork the leg.” She said as she walked out to get a nurse.


The nurse escorted me to the waiting bay where Chrisham took over and helped me get to the car.


“How is it now?” She asked.


“Better than before but still hurts.” I replied.


Chrisham drove me home and helped me get to the house. The feeling of her holding me was amazing, she had tender arms.


“Is there anything you need before I leave?” She asked.



“Yeah, some coffee please if you don’t mind.” I replied.


She went to the kitchen and made me some coffee and toast. She then washed the dirty dishes in the kitchen and vacuumed the floor.


“Anything else Ham?” She asked.


“A kiss maybe.” I replied jokingly then winked.


To my surprise, Chrisham came over to where I was seated and kissed my lips. I could not believe my eyes seeing the most beautiful lady in the neighborhood kissing my lips.


“All you needed to do was to ask.” She said after we kissed.


“And you still deny that you like me?” I asked.


“Come on, who would be so stupid not to like a charmer like you?” She replied smiling naughtily.


“You are lucky I have a sick knee dear.” I said.


“I have to go Ham, Chris will be home any time now and I don’t want him to find me not at home.” She said.


“It’s okay, I can handle myself dear, thanks for everything.” I replied.


“Talking of which, where is Joy?” She asked……





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Continues in the next Episode.

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