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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 23

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



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hє’ѕ α gαч







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I got up from bed and walked out from my room. I moved to Daxton’s door that says left ajar and took a peek inside. His room was almost clear of the ‘Colton’ stuffs. In few more days, the room would be free.


I headed downstairs and saw Daxton standing at the front door. He was talking to some police officers. I stopped on my track and listened to them.


“… apologize for his misbehaviour on your woman” one of the officers apologized


“how is he now?” Daxton asked

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“he’s awake” the officer replied “next time, you don’t beat someone that way.. You almost killed him”



Daxton sighed “I was just too provoked”


“But your woman shouldn’t be meeting with men alone.. She’s one hell of an attractive woman”


Daxton shot him a glare “she went to talk business”


“you should’ve accompanied her or sent someone”


Daxton looked away in exasperation “it’s a good thing he’s alive.. I need to prepare for work”


“alright.. Have a good day”


Daxton nodded and slammed the door shut. He turned and saw me standing on the stairs.


“Good morning” I greeted


He murmured a reply and walked into the kitchen. I returned to my room to prepare for work. Daxton should do the cooking alone.


After brushing my teeth and taking my bath, I dressed up and walked out with my bag. Daxton was just entering into his room when I walked out, I heard his door slam shut. I ascended the stairs and went to the dining room. Breakfast had already been served.


I pulled out a chair and sat down. Fajitas for breakfast.




I consumed my food and waited for Daxton in the living room. He walked out minutes later and we headed outsides. He still wasn’t talking to me.


I locked the door and followed him to his car. We got inside and Daxton took the wheel. He turned on the ignition and the car crushed into the road.


The ride was long and boring. Daxton’s lifestyle had been activated again.


I heaved a sigh and said “I’m sorry for yesterday”



I didn’t really know my offence. Maybe the way I talked while we were having coffee or letting James kiss me like he had put it.


Daxton didn’t even spare me a glance. He just continued driving without saying anything.


“Dax—-” I interrupted myself and started going through my phone as a form of


distraction. We got to the office and I got down first. I went inside without waiting for Daxton and entered the elevator first. When I got to the 6th floor, I walked to my office and pushed the door open.


I almost cried when I recalled that I had to stay in Daxton’s office. I thought that I could stay away from him.


I sighed and plodded to his office. He was sitting behind his desk when I walked in. I moved to my desk and sat down.


I suddenly started missing Dexter again. No matter how angry he might be, he would never ignore me if we’re together.


I sighed and called him on the phone. It still wasn’t going through. I had tried calling him severally yesterday but it wasn’t going through. I tossed my phone on the table and watched Daxton.


I wouldn’t give him coffee unless he asks for it. And he had to do that– politely. Daxton went about with his work and I just watched him. Forgetting I had works to do.


When Daxton finally glanced at me, his expression was no longer dark and his jaws weren’t tightened.


“You need a bell to be rung in your head to remind you of coffee?”


I scoffed and walked out with my phone. I went outside and walked about until I found solace under a big tree, beside the gate. I sat down on the bench and continued calling Dexter.


If only he would listen to me.










“… crazy woman”


I jerked awake and saw Daxton standing in front of me. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my palms.


How did I manage to fall asleep under the tree?


“You didn’t run away if you’re still in the premises. You should be on the streets shouting ‘I’m running away from Daxton’ ”


“I wasn’t running away.. I wanted to take a break”


“you haven’t even worked anything and you need a break”


“it’s just too early for…” I looked at my watch and shouted “oh my God! You had an appointment 40 minutes ago”


“I had to figure it out myself”


“I’m sorry”


“I knew you would be” Daxton kept his hands akimbo “and the records?”


“I haven’t compiled them yet”


Daxton scoffed “and you needed a break?”


“I really need one now.. A break from everything that has been happening”


“you’ll get one” Daxton stated and walked off.


What did he mean by I’d get one?


I hurried inside and found all the works on my desk completely cleared. Had Daxton been working on them while I was sleeping?


A huge grin broke from my lips and I started dancing an imaginary song in my head.


Daxton walked in and I stopped.


“did you do my works?” I asked him



He walked to his seat and sat down before replying “did I have a choice?”


I almost smiled “you aren’t always a—”


I interrupted myself. I dared not call him a jerk in his presence.


“a what?” Daxton demanded


“A….” I was groping for the right word when Henry walked in “Good morning” I


greeted him


“Good morning Chloe” he smiled and said to Daxton “it’s ready”


“alright” Daxton looked at me “that would be tomorrow”


Henry nodded and turned to me “have you tried calling Dexter?”


“I have but it’s not going through” I replied


“keep trying then.. I’ve sent someone to locate him at LA”


I just nodded and he walked out.


“so what were you saying?” Daxton pressed on “I’ve forgotten” I snarled and sat down


“you were saying something like me not always being a what?”


I shook my head “I’ve forgotten” I insisted


Daxton glared at me


“you should complete it if it’s so important to you” I tightened my jaws and Daxton






















Daxton walked into the kitchen while I was preparing dinner. He sat on the breakfast table and watched me.


“mom wants you to spend the weekend with her” he informed


I heaved a sigh then turned to look at him “Isn’t it weird living like a couple why we aren’t and getting your parents believe we’re getting married?”


“what’s really weird is that you’re still wearing that ring” Daxton pointed out “I thought you would take it off immediately we left my parent’s house and toss it into the fire”


I chuckled “that’s typical of me but no..


I love the ring and it doesn’t really mean anything” I glanced at Daxton and our eyes met


“it doesn’t” he said, peering into my eyes


I smiled and looked away


“I have a little surprise for you”.


I paused and looked at him “Heaven knows I hate surprises”


Daxton chuckled and brought out a paper from him pocket “you needed a break so I got you one”


I abandoned the food I was cooking and moved closer to him “what’s that?”


“a ticket to Bears Creek”



“you’re sending me home?”


“just a three days vaca with your parents.. That’s enough for a break” Daxton replied “maybe if you won’t be seeing me, all your problems would be solved”


I squealed and jumped on Daxton in excitement, giving him a big, bear hug. “Chloe I can’t breathe” he struggled under his breath


I quickly released him “I’m sorry”


“it’s alright” he managed a small smile “Henry will take you to the airport tomorrow morning”


I was so excited that I didn’t notice when my food started burning.


“what’s the smell of that?” I sniffed


Daxton sniffed too and frowned “roasted pot”


“oh my God!” I ran to the stove and poured a full cup of water into the pot “I have to start all over again”


“it would be better you start already” Daxton said and walked out














Daxton and I sat down for dinner later in the night. I was really excited that I served Daxton a bigger potion.


“Daxton?!” I called softly and he merely muttered a reply “James mentioned something earlier.. About a master piece you’re working on”


Daxton paused and looked at me “What did he say about it?”



“he said SBH doesn’t have enough fund to complete the piece” I didn’t want to mention about his stupid offer for partnership


“initially we didn’t, but we’ve found a way. There’s enough fund now and the piece will be completed in a week time”


I nodded and faced my food


“what else did he say?” Daxton asked


I looked up at him “nothing”


He arched a brow “have you met that guy before?”


“That night at your dad’s welcome home party” I replied “but he introduced himself as James Farmer and suddenly showed up yesterday as Louis Parker”


“He didn’t just want to talk about business did he?”


“he wants to partner with SBH” I replied “he said his company, ZHANG, is also working on a similar piece”


“If he wanted to talk business then he should’ve talked to me and not you”


I didn’t say anything


“unless he wanted more than business”


I looked up at Daxton.. He was playing smart to find out everything I discussed with James.


“I don’t think so” I replied


Daxton scoffed and continued with his food. He didn’t believe me but he didn’t want to push further.


After dinner, I cleared the table and did the dishes while Daxton went up to his room. When I was done, I grabbed a carton of yogurt from the fridge and walked



into the living room. I turned on the television and tried concentrating on the movie but I couldn’t.


Dexter came into my head again. I still couldn’t believe he wasn’t calling not texting and he wasn’t even taking my calls.


I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t notice when Daxton walked in and sat on a sofa opposite mine.


“Chloe?!” he moved closer and waved a hand across my face “earth to Chloe!”


I snapped to reality “Sorry! I totally spaced out”


“I know” Daxton scoffed and faced the television


We watched the movie until midnight and ended up sleeping in the living room.


I woke up first the next morning and started preparing for work. I went up to my


room and brushed my teeth then came down to cook. Daxton was already awake


and sitting on the sofa.


“Good morning” I greeted


Daxton scratched his hair like he was trying to remember something “What are you doing now?” he asked me


“cooking” I hadn’t even started cooking


“Henry would be here soon”


I had totally forgotten about my flight.


“When is the flight?”


“9:30 am” he replied “and if you miss it.. You’re not going home again”


I laughed and walked into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Daxton got ready for work and left after eating his breakfast. I was left alone to prepare for my vacation home. I went upstairs and stopped at Daxton’s door.


Now that he wasn’t around, I was tempted to go in. I held the door handle and pushed the door open.



I put in my head first then walked in fully. Daxton’s room had a new shape. There was no ‘Colton stuff left. And it was a surprise he let me have all of them. I walked around his room, checking out everything he had, in case of anything I forgot to move.


There was a digital clock on the drawer and I raised it up to check for any ‘C’ shape whatever when the door opened and Daxton walked in.


“I thought you were gone?” the digital clock almost fell from my hands


Daxton shut the door “yeah I was.. Then I remembered that I didn’t lock my door against household thieves”


I replaced the digital clock on the drawer “I guess the household thief didn’t visit today cause I didn’t notice anything strange”.


Daxton’s lips curved in a smirk “I guess you weren’t vigilant enough”


“maybe” I shrugged and started for the door


“my mom wants to see you” Daxton prompted


“that would be when I return from Bears Creak” I replied




I walked out of his room and rushed into my room. Daxton was really changed. The Daxton I knew when I first moved into Salado would had chopped off my head when he found me in his room.


I arranged the few things I would be needing in a small bag and zipped it up. When I was done packing, I walked into the bathroom and took a warm bathe. At 8:56 am, Henry was already there to take to the airport.


“… we arranged a driver over there to take you to your parents’ new house” Henry told me while we drove to the airport


“Daxton has done a lot already.. I wasn’t expecting such” I said truthfully



Daxton was showing a different person from the way he looked. He acted like I he didn’t care about anybody but he actually did care.


First he saved me from whoever kidnapped me that night at the party, he saved me from near rape.


Then he gave my parents money and start up a business for my mom and even got them a house.


I wasn’t sure but my naughty mind kept on telling me one thing and I decided to ask Henry.


“Henry?!” I called softly and he looked at me “do you you think Daxton likes me?”


Henry chuckled “why do you ask? Cause he’s suddenly being kind?”


I nodded


“Honestly Chloe, I don’t think so”


“you don’t?”


“Daxton might be nice now and friendly but no matter how much I want you two for each other, I don’t think Daxton feels anything”


Why was I suddenly disappointed to hear that? It wasn’t like I wanted him to love me anyway.


“Last night he called me to know how he’s going to get Dexter to come back.. Daxton just wants you to be happy. It’s more of gratitude than love, and since I realized that, I decided to let your hearts take its course. I can’t force you two to love each other. Knowing you love his twin and he wants you for his twin too”


Daxton just wants me to be happy?


More of gratitude than love..


I wasn’t understanding the relationship.


“How about you Chloe…” Henry’s voice zoned me out of my thoughts “do you think you love Daxton?”



I laughed “you know it’s Dexter and I don’t think it’s going to change unless he was doesn’t come back in a month time”


“so you and Daxton are just trying to help each other”


“maybe” I said that more to myself than to Henry


We arrived at the airport and Henry helped me with every processes. It was my first time in a plane and I wasn’t even sure I could go alone.


“your flight will take off in ten minutes so you have to get going” Henry told me


“alright.. Thank you”


“It’s just three days right?”


nodded “Alright” “Goodbye Henry”

Henry smiled and waved at me


This shouldn’t be difficult.


It’s just a flight..


I tried convincing myself


“Henry?!” I prompted “do extend my greetings to Daxton.. He may as well extend my vacation”


Henry chuckled “or you may as well not return”


I smiled “I have to go now.. I wouldn’t want to miss my fight”


“Travel safe”





“I’ll call you if there’s any news about Dexter”




I felt chills down my spine when Henry mentioned his name. Dexter was really having a great effect on me and if I don’t forget him now, I might never do that again.


I wiped off the tear that tried trickling down my cheek. It wasn’t right to cry for a man. Not for a man that deliberately left. What if he didn’t?


I could still barely believe that Dexter could just leave.


What if he didn’t just leave?


But what if he left?


The earlier I put him behind the better for me. I wasn’t really anything to him anyway.


Unless I couldn’t move on.


What if I can’t even forget him?


What if he already found someone new?


But what if he’s still thinking about me but Daxton is the only reason why he has to stay away even if that isn’t what he wants? Oh Chloe! I just pity my life.


How could my first love be so painful?







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