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Just A Kiss – Episode 4

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By authoress Anna


Episode 4..






Amaya’s pov


His eyes widened and I smiled…


“Huh?” He mumbled


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“Okay.. you want to push it backwards?” I asked and he shook his head frantically.. I bit my lips to hide my laughter


Miss what are you saying?


Kyle what did she say?


Does she want to end the relationship?



Answer us.. please.


“Oppa.. answer them” I said nudging him with my elbow


“What?” He asked and I pointed my eyebrows to the direction of the press. He frowned and dragged me inside, then shut the doors. “Why are you so stubborn?” He asked pacing around


“We haven’t talked about my salary yet” I said sitting on the ground staring at his back

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“You can’t be my PA if you’re this stubborn..” he said with his hands on his waist, still with his back to me.


“Stop talking too much, how much are you paying?” I asked placing my elbows on my legs


He sighed and palmed his face


“Fine, 30… ” He stopped when he turned to face me “Why are you sitting on the floor?” He asked


“I’m tired of standing.. you were saying?” I asked “30,000”he said lazily


“30 what? No way! That’s not even up to my salary at pause for pizza” I said pointing towards the door with my finger


“Huh? Don’t be ridiculous, who would pay you thirty thousand for delivering pizza? 500 bucks would even be more than enough” he scoffed


“Whatever.. but there’s no way I’m going out there if you’re going to pay me that amount” I stated, it’s times ten of my salary at pause for pizza, but there’s no way I’m admitting that, and besides he’s rich.. it’s not bad if I gain more from him right? “Are you blackmailing me?” He asked narrowing his eyes at me,


“Whitemail, pinkmail, yellowmail.. Amayamail call it whatever you want to call it. I’m not accepting that little amount” I retorted


“What kind of trouble is this.. fine how much do you want?” He asked tiredly “50,000…”


“50 what?!” He asked cutting me off


“Yep.. for a month though” I said shaking my legs


“There’s no way I’m paying you 50, 000 won monthly for just being stubborn and Crazy” he stated and I shrugged


“Have it your way then” I said and stood up, whilst he watched me cautiously. “When did you say was the wedding again?” I asked tapping my chin


“Oh.. next weekend” I said with a smile and headed for the door “You won’t dare” he said calmly



“Watch me” I said giving him a mischievous smirk.. I turned the knob and he held my hand


“Fine!.. I’ll pay you 50, 000.. now can we just get over this?” He asked gesturing to the door


I smiled and reached up to Pat his head


“Good boy” I said and he frowned


“Rule 2, do not touch my hair without permission.. ever” he said and I nodded “Yes sir” I said and opened the door ..


,…. …….


Kyle’s POV


We both walked out and cameras started clicking again.


They started another round of their stupid questions..


“Okay, you have to talk now” I said quietly..


No response.


“Amaya” I whispered, no response, I turned to look at her and found her smiling and waving sheepishly at the cameras, my God! Did I offend somebody. I nudged her with my elbow and she turned to glare at me


“Start talking” I whispered and she rolled her eyes.. Christ, I have suffered in the hands of this woman


“Okay.. okay, stop whatever it is you all are doing, the truth is I don’t have anything with Kyle, I’m just his PA and he’s my boss, as..”


If he’s your boss then why did you kiss him? Or are you working with benefits?” One of the reporters asked and I turned to look at her


“That was what I was going to explain before you foolishly cut me off” she stated and I smiled secretly, yes, deal with them Amaya!


“Now does anyone of you stalkers, have any more questions to ask before I go into my explanation?” She asked and no body answered


“Good.. now as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted” she trailed off and glared at the man who interrupted her the first time, he looked away and I smiled “The kiss was an accident.. I was dared to hug Kyle here, I did and threatened him to hug me back, which he did, I believe you all saw what happened next, his guards tried to pull me off and my head bumped into his, causing our lips to touch… It didn’t even last for more than two seconds, and you call it a kiss? Anyways like I said earlier .. I’m his new PA, if there are no more questions, I would like you all to leave, we have some schedules to fix” she said dismissively.. they exchanged glances and started walking out .


I smiled and turned to face Amaya.


“Good girl” I said patting her head.


She rolled her eyes and walked into the house.




“Where are you going?” I asked as she picked her bag from the couch “Home” she stated


“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked crossing my hands on my chest.. She thought for a while and looked at her dress, she opened her bag and closed it back


“No” she replied


“Aren’t you supposed to be fixing schedules?” I asked


“Oh.. that, I just used that as an excuse.. ” she said tucking her hair behind her ears “Well, that’s what you should be doing.. as my PA, you’re supposed to have all my schedules sorted out for tommorow.. that’s your pen and clipboard, sit.. so I’ll fill you in” I said sitting on the couch.


She sighed and picked the pen and clipboard from The table.


She sat on the other couch and crossed her legs..


“I’ll call Diego to text you the details of my meetings for the week and maybe for the month, but first.. I’ll just list some things, I can remember” I said and she nodded..


*About an hour later*


“Are you done?” I asked with my gaze fixed on my laptop..


No response,


“How long will it take ..” I stopped when I turned to see her sprawled on the couch, sleeping soundly.. her mouth was partly opened, the clipboard was on her chest and the pen dangled in her hand.


“How long has she been sleeping?” I asked quietly.. I moved over to the couch and leaned down to take the pen and clipboard from her hands..


“At least she wrote something” I mumbled and watched her closely, her lips are pink and full.. they moved as though she was chewing something, then parted slightly. She snored and I moved back..


I sat back on my seat and watched her, should I take her to the guest room? No.. I can’t let her sleep in any of my rooms, besides I can’t carry her.. who knows how many pounds she weighs, I have a show and I cannot risk breaking my hands because of this.. this.. Amaya, stubborn PA.


Although I have to admit, she’s… Cute? And looks kinda innocent.. but I know better.


My phone started ringing, caller ID Mom.. I sighed and answered.



“Mom…” I drawed walking out of the living room “Son…” She said mimicking me


“How are you?” I asked walking into the pool area “I’m not fine,” she said


“Why?” I asked rubbing my temples


“Why would I be when you refuse to get married.. I’m not getting any younger Kyle, I need a grandchild” she stated and I sighed


“Ama.. I already told you, I’ll get married, when I’m ready.. for now I haven’t seen the woman I want yet” I replied


“What about that girl, I heard she’s your PA, can’t you start something with her?” She asked


“Who? Amaya?!” I whisper yelled


“Is that her name, wow.. it’s really nice..” she trailed off


“There’s no way I’m going to have anything romantic with that woman?” I stated “Why is she not beautiful?” She asked


“She’s stubborn and Crazy.. trust me you don’t want that woman as your daughter in law”I said


“As long as she’s a human being, I’ll accept her.” She stated


“Oh my goodness.. I’m not even getting married, especially not to Amaya” I said frowning.


“Kyle tell me the truth are you gay?” She asked after some minutes of silence “What? No way.. I’m not gay” I replied


“Then why can’t you have a girlfriend?, Or a female friend?” She asked and I could hear the sadness in her voice


“I have a female friend” I pointed out


“Who?” She asked


“Elsa” I said with a smile.. she groaned and I can tell she’s rolling her eyes


“Elsa is your sister Kyle.. and a complete opposite of you,” she stated


“Whatever, I have to go.. bye” I said


“Hmm, okay.. bye” she said and hanged up..


I sighed and shoved my hands into my pockets. I understand how she feels, but I


don’t know.. I’ve tried having a relationship, it’s not like I don’t want one.. it’s just, I


don’t think I’m ready yet.




I walked out of the pool area and moved to the living room, “Excuse me sir” a maid said walking towards me “Yes?” I asked



“Miss asked me to tell you she left already, as she’s very tired.. ” she trailed off “Okay” I mumbled and rushed up the stairs. *




Next day


Amaya’s pov





I groaned at the sound of my ring tone.. I reached for the side table with my eyes


still closed and answered the call


“Hello… ” I mumbled sleepily


“Where the heck are you?” A voice said through the phone


“Hey.. you can’t just call someone in the morning and bark through the speakers, if you don’t have anything to say.. hang up and let me continue my sleep peacefully” I muttered scratching my neck


“Huh? Amaya do you know who is talking?” He asked quietly, that voice.. oh my God


“Kyle?” I asked sitting up with eyes wide open


“Finally, I want to see you here in the next five minutes, if you’re one minute late, 1,000 would be deducted from your salary” he said and hanged up. “Huh? By this time?” I asked staring at my alarm which read 6:15am.


Ugh! This is so annoying, how am I supposed to get there in five minutes.. I slipped out of my bed and walked out with my phone.


I stepped out of the house and shivered as the cold breeze blew against my skin. I don’t even have money with me, I frowned and started running towards the direction of his house.




Kyle’s POV


I glared at my watch and picked my water can and towel, if I walk through this gate and she’s not here yet, I’ll deduct her salary.


I stepped out of the house and she dashed in like a mad woman, I bit my lips to stop myself from laughing when I noticed she was still in her pajamas, her hair was ruffled on her head and her cheeks were stained with drool.. Jesus, where did this girl come from?


“.. h.. hi.” She said breathing heavily.


I threw my can and towel to her and she looked at me with a smile plastered on her face


“How did you know I was thirsty” she asked trying to open the can


“It’s not for you obviously, I’m going for a run.. I need you to hold this for me” I said


“Huh? You called me because you wanted me to hold your towel and water can while you run?” She asked with her eyes wide


“I believe I just said that” I said and she scoffed “No way..” she said and I rolled my eyes


“You don’t have a choice” I said and ran out of the house, I turned and saw her running after me.. I smiled and increased my pace. “O..o pppa” she called breathing heavily..


“Please, can we just rest for some minutes?” She asked trying to catch up with me “No..” I stated


“Please… I can’t feel my legs, I think I’m going to pass out soon” she said “As long as you get back up.. then it’s not my business” I replied..


She stopped talking and I turned to see her resting under a tree, I stopped and ran back to the spot.


I grabbed my can from her and opened it, I tried taking a sip but nothing came out, “Amaya… What happened to the water in the can?” I asked looking at her . She sat on the floor and moved her hair backwards


“Oh.. I got thirsty on the way and I took a sip” she replied


You took a sip?” I asked and she nodded.. I glanced at the can, then back at her “A sip that emptied the can?” I asked angrily


“It’s not my fault, you should have brought two.. ” she mumbled cleaning her face with my towel, including the drool


“Is.. is that my… Towel” I asked unbelievably


“Yes.. I’m sweating a lot and it’s making me uncomfortable” she stated and stretched it out to me


“I think you’re sweating too.. here, Clean your face” she said and I felt like throwing up.


“You.. you . Oh my goodness! What was I thinking when I hired you?” I groaned “You were actually begging me to talk with..”


“I know already!” I snapped cutting her off. She pouted and looked away.. I frowned and continued running..


After a while I turned, but didn’t see her .. I just hope she didn’t fall asleep there, suddenly a cab passed by and her head popped out of the window


“Oppa… I can not kill myself, I’ll see you at home. I don’t have money to pay him, so you better run fast!, I’ll try to make breakfast for you!” She yelled


“Huh?” I mumbled..




I ran into the house and headed straight for the kitchen, smoke was already coming out of the closed door, I pushed the doors open, only to see maids running about .. I coughed and looked around then spotted Amaya standing beside the gas with her hair and face, totally covered in what looked like charcoal.. she was standing in front of a frypan, which had black particles in it.


“Oh my God, Amaya what did you do?’ I yelled angrily walking into the kitchen, she tried talking but instead coughed out smoke.





To be continued






Just A Kiss

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