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Her Demonic Lover – Episode 15

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Chapter 15











* Bye Jane *


I waved at jane as we both walked out of the restaurant heading home.

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I looked around hoping to see Lucian but he wasn’t here.


I stood for a few minutes hoping he would come but he didn’t.


I’m not used to walking home alone without him.


* Rose *


I heard his muscular voice call softly.


I turned and he was standing there, my lips curved in a wide smile.


He smiled and walked to me.


* Let’s go? *

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He said more like a question so I nodded.


It wasn’t that late so we just walked slowly and quietly.



I looked at him and it seemed like he was deep in thoughts.


I wonder what’s going through his mind now.


I kept staring at him and didn’t see a stone so I bumped into it and almost fell but Lucian held me


* Are you okay? Where does it hurt? *


He asked bending down and checking my feet.


I winced, it was hurting.


The shoe I was putting on was a wedge so and toes were exposed and injured badly.


* Ouch! *




I told you to be careful what were you staring at? * Lucian scolded.


He held my leg and slowly took off the shoes.


He bent his back to me


* Get on *


He said and I smiled.


I climbed his back and he carried me.


I wrapped my hands around him and kept staring at his face from behind.


He’s so handsome and I can’t help myself.


The rest of the walk back home was quiet and lovely.


We got home and Lucian dropped me on my bed.


* Thanks *


I said.


I looked and saw a shopping bag


* What’s this? *


I took it and Checked inside. It’s a dress


* Wow! This is beautiful *


I said checking out the beautiful black dress.


* I saw that while I was walking around so I figured it would look good on you *




Lucian said and I grinned


* Thanks Lucian I love you, I mean the dress I love the dress, I love it * I almost stuttered


* Okay. Get cleaned up and come out for dinner. If your feet hurts call me * He said and I nodded.


He left and closed the door behind him.


I had my shower and changed into my pyjamas.


I leaned by the bathroom door ready to pull an act.


I arranged my hair and started wincing and crying in pains loudly.


The door opened and Lucian rushed in


* Rose? What’s wrong? *


He panicked.


Lucian I can’t move my foot* I lied. He bent and checked it


does it hurt that much? *


He asked and looked at me, I nodded.


He carried me in bridal style and I blushed, I would wince whenever he glances at me.


He carried me to the dinning and we started eating.


* You won’t be going to work tomorrow, I will speak to your manager * He said. Yayy!! I get to spend all day with you.


* There’s no need for that I will feel better by tomorrow * I replied and he looked at me.


* No Rose, you’re resting tomorrow now eat it’s late * I smiled and ate quietly.


I finished eating and he carried me on the counter and I watched him do the dishes.



He finished, wiped his hands with the napkin and came to me.


He gazed deeply into my eyes, I coughed slightly


so what? You’re going to carry me again?* I said and he smirked


like you’re not enjoying it *


He replied.


He moved his hand into the counter and pushed my back.


I fell on him and he carried me holding my butt while


I wrapped my arms around his neck and our face inches part.


His breath all over my face and his eyes gazing into mine.


I couldn’t take my eyes off his, I swallowed nothing down my throat.


My heart was beating so fast and loud and my toes curled.


He dropped me on the bed


* Get some sleep. Goodnight *


He said and walked out.


I bit my lips and placed my hand on my chest.


I laid down and tried to sleep, in minutes I slept off.


I woke up and opened my eyes after a while.



I got up and walked straight into the bathroom to clean up then changed into a simple short gown,


I packed my hair up in a ponytail.


I walked out into the kitchen and Lucian was preparing breakfast looking smokey hot with no shirts on.


* Good morning Lucian *


I smiled.


He turned and smiled sweetly


* Good morning Rose, sure your night was lovely *


He replied placing a plate of hot dogs on the dinning table.


* Sure. Let me help you with that *


I replied and started making coffee.


* How’s your leg now? *


he asked and bent down to it. He brought out a tube cream


I got this from the pharmacy early this morning. I will apply it so you’ll feel better *


he said and I smiled.


We sat and started eating


* We will be home all-day today, what should we do? * I asked biting from my cheese toast


* Anything you want *


* Let’s watch movies, bake together and dance * I responded excitedly.


We finished eating and sat in living room watching a Romantic movie.


It was too intense and I wonder why we are even watching it.


I ate slowly on my popcorn watching the couple get intimate.


* I should change the movie *


I said and tried getting up but Lucian dragged me back.


His hands were wrapped around my waist and when I turned to glance at him, my face met with his.


Eyes full of desire and beats of hearts so loud.


I felt his hand up to my hair, he took off the band and my hair fell freely.


He brought his hand to my face and trailed down my cheek bones softly.


He kissed my forehead for a while and took a glimpse of my lips.


He brought his face closer and kissed me, sucking on my lips.


I opened up and kissed him back, his hands held my face and he kissed deeper.


I felt gulp of emotions running through me and my stomach grew tight.


Electricity ran through my veins and my mouth heated up.


He unlocked slowly and pecked my lips again.



He held his forehead with mine and allowed our nose touched.


We were panting hard and I was lost at what to do.





Her Demonic Lover



OH no! Not this man



He’s a demon



She’s human



Fantasy Romance



By Shantel


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