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Thank You Next – Episode 17

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Throwback Continues





There she was sitting on his lap, chewing his lips like candy.


“My own fu.cking best friend and fu.cking crush?!” I thundered but she just stayed still and rolled her eyes.


“Really? You have a crush on me?” He asked.


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“Well– Not anymore!” I snapped.


“Why are you even mad?” He asked, flinging his arms apart.


“I come to your house, expecting to see you on your bed with your phone decently so we could watch a fu.cking movie and I meet you here fu.cking kissing my fu.cking best friend?!” I yelled.


“Woah Woah Woah… Watch the language.” He said.


“And by the way, you’re not my girlfriend or my mom okay?” He yelled, clearly irritated.


Then I did the most absurd thing.


I started screaming at the top of my lungs then he rushed to grab me, covering my mouth with his heavy palms.


“What the is wrong with you it?!” He scolded.


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“Now you watch your language.” I said coldly, folding my arms.


“Really?!” He yelled glaring at Thelma.


“What? You didn’t know she’s this crazy?! And to think you’re her childhood friend.” She scoffed, slumping back on the bed.


“Nicole, I’m sorry but you have to leave.” He said as calm as he could.


“What?!– Shawn– Really?–” I stuttered.

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“Bye.” He walked to the door, gently gliding it open.


I put my head up high and cat walked my way out of the room.



Back To Reality





_Should I try again? Or should I just… Urrghh. I’ll call Thelma_


“Hey Max. What’s up.” She said with her sweet voice on the other line.


“Thelma I need your help.”


“Sure with what?”


“Okay this is the plan…”


{{ Five days later }}






“Hey girl. Happy birthday!” She squealed, hugging me so tight while handing me a gift bag.


“Aww you remembered.” I smiled shyly.


“Yea come on there’s something I have to show you.” She dragged me all the way to her car.


“Where are we going?” I said buckling my seatbelt.


“It’s a surprise! Wait for it.” She grinned.


And I suspected there was something much better behind that grin and I just couldn’t wait to see what it was.


We got to a beautiful garden and she kept leading me deeper into the area.


“Hey what’s this?” I giggled.


“Sshhhh!” She shushed me and we continued.


The sight was beautiful, there were flowers everywhere and there was a table setup for a couple. The scent was amazing and the whole place was quiet with the sounds of birds and other insects of nature.


I loved it. But the the table wasn’t empty as I saw a couple seated on it from afar.


“Who are they?” I said almost whispering.


“Just hold on Nicole, let’s get closer.” She said and I obliged.


“Max? Mabel?! What are they doing here?” I snapped.


With that, Max knelt down before Mabel, holding her hands and I gasped.



“You’re so beautiful Mabel. You’re nice and sweet and a very nice person to be with. I could go on and on about the good qualities about you—” He said with the most romantic voice ever.


_This is insane_


“I’m out of here.” I said, marching but Thelma held me back and Max started talking a bit louder than before.


“But you were never meant for me.” He said.


“What?!” Mabel gasped.


“I never should have known you, ever!” He said, letting go of her hands.


“Your job was just to destroy the romance and peace Nicole and I shared.” He said and I was already crying.


“Max? What’s wrong with you?!” Mabel thundered.


Then Max turned to face me, still on his knees.


“Nicole, I’m sorry.” He said and my heart melted instantly.


“I know I’m not the perfect guy and I’ve wronged you a lot but I still can’t find someone like you. You’re so unique, so intriguing, so elegant and fierce at the same time. It’s like your snow white in maleficent and chilli in spaghetti you know.” He smirked and I giggled shyly.


“You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me—” he said and I shut him up with a kiss after I helped him on his knees.


“I love you Nicole.” He said, cupping my face in his palms with teary eyes.


With that Mabel growled, marched in between us, giving Max a slap.


“Ow!” He held his face.


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“Hey bitch! You don’t treat my boyfriend like that!” I dragged her hair and to my surprise, it came off! She was actually wearing a wig the whole time!


Thelma and I couldn’t help but laugh at her horrible haircut which left her growling and cursing her way out of the place with her wig in her hands and her face red like a tomato.


“That was hilarious!” Max said laughing his ass out.


“Really?” I asked.


“Yea!” He affirmed.


“Please be my girlfriend again.” He pleaded.


“Yes yes!” I nodded, giving him a hug while he lifted me up.


“Aww… You guys look so sweet together.” Thelma smiled.


“Well I guess I have to go now.” She said and made to leave.


“Wait. We have a little something for you too.” Max said then Shawn appeared in the scene. Looked like he had been hiding in one of those bushes.


“Shawn?!” She jumped happily, hugging him.


“Thels… I’m not really good at long speeches like my bro here, Max. But you know I love you right?” He smirked and Thelma laughed shyly.


I had never seen her that shy before.


“Please be my babe.” He said.


“Oh shut up and kiss me.” Thelma said, smashing her lips against his.


“Group hug!” She cooed when she was done eating his lips.



The End

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