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Blue Love Story – Episode 7

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Episode 7 : NAUGHTY MASTER ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .

JAJA’s Point Of View





I think he liked the way he eat the pork from my hand. He had finished off the supposed to be my meal but I didn’t complained. In fact, I admit, I liked what we are doing.


“It’s all gone?” he asked when he looked at the plate.


I just nod. I’m also looking at the plate. I’m a bit disappointed because I haven’t enjoyed eating the pork.


“Talk to me. If I said shut up, don’t talk.” He noticed that he’s the only one talking here.


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I stopped myself from smiling.


“What’s funny?” He furrowed his brow.


“Nothing, Master.”


“Rule number eight, do not lie to your Master.”


“Master, can I borrow a pen?” I suddenly asked. He was a bit confused but still pointed the cabinet where the pen is. I returned to my seat. “What are you going to do with the pen?”


“Stab it to you and kill you, Master,” I said. He looks so serious.


His one eyebrow raised up. “Before you stab me, I’m going to stab my shaft into you. I’m going to take to heaven first before you kill me.” He grinned. Wrong move, Jaja!


What a wise teaser.


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My face heated and I know it is color red.


I get the paper he gave me earlier and wrote the additional rules. He leaned forward to look at what I am doing.


“You have a good handwriting,” he complemented.


“Thank you, Master.” I didn’t look at him.


There’s another ring from the door’s bell. He got up and walk towards it. After a short moment he came back holding the same paper bag.


“Let’s eat. Feed me again. I’m enjoying it,” he said. He go to the kitchen and return holding two glass full of orange juice. He sit on the couch, beside me, this time. He placed the juice in the table.


“Eat using your bare hands,” he command. I dipped the fried pork on the gravy and eat it while he’s looking at me. “Feed me too.”


I followed him. I dipped the pork, I really dipped it carefully to not let my fingers dip on it too. I was about to feed him when suddenly he grabbed my hand and put the food into his mouth. There he is again, he included my finger and sucking it.


I hold my breath as I felt his skin touch mine. My skin became sensitive that I’m getting burn by touching him. I simply moved away from him a little bit.


I stared at him. “Master,” I called out. I pointed the right side of my lips, signing


that there’s a gravy on his lips.


“Remove it,” he said.


I was about to grab a tissue when he interrupted me.


“Using your lips. Lick the gravy on my lips,” he added. He grinned. What a naughty Master!


I came near to him. Using my hand, I supported my body to not fall above him.


He’s staring at me while I am coming near to him. Only an inch is between our lips


when I stopped. I stared at him.


“Lick me,” he said in a husky voice.


I let out my tongue and licked the gravy. I am supposed to lick it, nothing more nothing less, but Master Benjamin grabbed my head and kissed me, deeply.


He deepened the kiss. I felt his tongue knocking my lips, wanting to get inside my mouth. I don’t know what’s happening to me, I opened my mouth and let him play with my tongue.


I don’t know how long we’ve been kissing when he let go my lips. I am breathing heavily because of lacking of air to breathe. “What do you want to watch?” he asked.


The big led television that is attached on the wall switched on. He’s holding the remote. He acts like there’s nothing happened. But for me, I am flabbergasted! I am slowly getting used to his kiss.


I didn’t answered him. I want to want love story but he’s a man, men don’t like to watch drama.


“I said what do you want to watch?” he asked again. “Eat.” He noticed that I am not eating the food.


“A-anything, Master,” I answered. I dipped another pork and ate it. After that, I feed him too.


He became quiet while watching. I can hear the television, it’s action.


“You don’t like it,” he said that made me look up. I look at him questionably. He took a glance at me and returned to the television. “The movie, you don’t like it.”


Just to not be rude, I watch the movie too. But I don’t understand it. I even get dizzy because of the camera and effects there.


The last pork I gave to him is stuck in his lips. He signed me to eat the half of pork while it was on his lips. This man has a lot of things to do.


My lips touch his as I bite the pork. Thankfully, he didn’t insisted to deepened the kiss. The movie was finished as we finished eating too.


“You enjoyed it?” he asked. He’s referring to the movie.


I shook my head. “No, Master.”


“Me too. Here watch this one. Don’t ever blink. Watch it closely,” he said.


I look at the television. There’s a baby girl playing with her doll. She’s laughing and talking to her doll. I watched intently as he had said. And then shoot!

I squealed in fear when a frightening face flashed on the television. I jumped on


my seat too and covered my eyes.


“So cute.”


I heard Master Benjamin’s chuckles. He’s laughing at me. I wanted to cry because of fear but I am in front of him.


He turned the television off and faced me. “Watching television is boring. Entertain me.”


Entertain. Him.


What kind of entertainment he likes?


Like girls in the clubs?


“It’s not the way you’re thinking,” he said as if he had read my mind. “But if you want to do it, much better.”


I shook my head again. I don’t know how to entertain him.


“You can cook?” he asked.


“Yes, Master.”


“You can do dessert?”


I nod again.


“What are the dessert you can do?”


“Screwpine layer cake, cream caramel, steamed raisin cake, trifle, daikon cake,


italian pizza snack, french crepe,” I answered as I think of another dessert I can do.


“I want to taste screwpine layer cake. Cook it. What are the ingredients you need?”


I told him everything the dessert’s ingredients. He ordered the other ingredients


through his phone. While waiting, I decided to go to kitchen and prepare the


ingredients available.






BENJAMIN’s Point Of View




As Jaja go to the kitchen, I go to my room’s balcony to breathe some fresh air. I lighted up my cigarette and leaned on the rail.


She amazed me. I like her expression when she screamed and covered her eyes.


She looks like a kid, easy to command and have a funny expressions.



Just by seeing her make my blood heat up. I really want to take her right there in the living but she’s still in pain. I gave her time to recover. I want her to feel the pleasure too,


I know I’ve been brutal to her in bed but what can I do? That’s me when making out. I’m becoming wild and out of control. Then add the idea that Jaja is seductively innocent. Taking her virginity boosted up my lust.


I took my phone when it rang. I saw Frederick’s name on the caller ID.


“What?” I asked as I accepted the call.


“Did I interrupted your love making, Benjamin? Is she wild? Can she handle your aggressiveness?” his voice is full of sarcasm. “Why’d you call?”


“I just want to say to you that I’m taking back my complaint. Be thankful to your father, he asked me to do it.”


I didn’t speak, I turn off my phone instead. That man is getting on my nerves. He acts like a kid who wants attention. The complaint he’s talking about is he accused me for threatening his life. Why would I threaten him? “Master, the door is ringing.”


I turned back to face her. She’s wearing the apron that she had used earlier. It gives me another level of lust. Another fetish of mine has been developed by an apron. I restrained myself, forceful control.


“Get away from me if you still want to rest. You’re seducing me.”


Her innocent look became confused. She even looked at her body and covered it again using her arms. She ran away from me like a predator is chasing her.


I shook my head. Jaja have this expression, attitude, and actions that amuses me.






:::::::::::::::: to be continued ::::::::::::::::::




>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<


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