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Quarantine Diaries – Episode 14

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Episode 14




It was time for Mad. Akorkor to obey and go to the palace for the summons. She wasn’t told why she was summoned anyway, she was taken by surprise when the matter was raises at the palace.


She was asked to tell her own side of the story.


She narrated just as Mr. Kim did. But she gave a little explanation to why she refused giving the child to Mr. Kim the second time he came.


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She said, Mr. Kim during his active service days never bothered to check up on them and to know what his son fed on. She toiled to cater for her son and if Mr. Kim couldn’t pay the amount he was charged to pay when the boy was young, what shows he could pay a bigger about when the boy was fully grown?


That’s why she decided not to give the child to Mr. Kim.




After deliberations, the house decided to fine Mr. Kim for not taking responsibility during his active service days. And also fine Mad. Akorkor for not regarding the chieftaincy to report such an issue but take the sole decision to refuse giving the child to the father. In the sense that, it was the same palace that made him take responsibility before he left for service,so she should have equally informed them rather than taking that sole decision.




Mr. Kim then brought the current problem at hand to the floor of the house.


He said, I have accepted my faults and I’ll pay the fine, but due to what Mad. Akorkor did, I never knew my son to introduce him to his siblings, as I speak my son has had an affair with my daughter unknowingly. Is that one too my making?




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The house was silent for a moment.


The senior elder the said, then the usual ritual must be performed with immediate effect before 6 weeks.




Mr. Kim then said, that’s all he knows so far about their relationship, he is yet to meet both parties and ask them how they met and how long they have been together.




The house then ordered Mad. Akorkor to quickly tell the story to her son and introduce the son to his father. The both parties should meet the children and interrogate them to know more about their relationship.




Mad. Akorkor was shocked to hear that her son was involved in such act. She argued strongly that it is not his son they were talking about, cos his son is a responsible married man.


But she had to verify.


Two days later, Mad. Akorkor called her son to come urgently.




Louis did went as her mum instructed.




Mad. Akorkor: Louis, I want u to tell me everything u know about what I’m about to ask u. I’m your mother, u have not hidden anything from me before and I believe u. Do not out me to shame.




Louis: Mum, what is it?




Mad. Akorkor: What is happening in your home?




Louis: nothing mum, we are fine. Do u want to pay us a visit?




Mad. Akorkor: Louis, I’m begging u in the name if God, tell me what is happening in your matrimonial home.




Louis: Mum, everything in my home is fine, have u had one of your scary dreams again?




Mad. Akorkor : Louis I’m asking you for the last time before I loose my temper, what is happening between you and your wife? What have u done to her?? !!!! (she screamed)




Louis : Did she call u mum?





Mad. Akorkor: Louis….!!!




Louis: okay okay mum, I can explain ♂.




Mad. Akorkor: I’m all ears.




Louis: I met her in the University, we were both sports persons. We became close when we once went for games at Cape Coast. I was an athlete so was she. We then became close on campus as well. We later started dating before I had the scholarship to study abroad. She was pregnant before I left, but I wasn’t in the known. She actually worked the scholarship for me, when I got there there was an extension so my stay had to be prolonged. When I was robbed, I lost her contact, so we barely heard from each other for the past 2 years. I saw her wedding pictures one day on a friend’s instagram page. The one who posted the pictures is a decoration specialist, she did the wedding decorations for them so I enquire led from her and she was able to get me her number. That was how we became close again. By then she was married and I was equally preparing to marry Mina.


The first day we met was at a beach where we reminded ourselves of the past.


We met again at a birthday party she invited me to, that night we both got tipsy so, in the car on my way to drop her, she grabbed me on the wheel, I had no option than to stop and the unexpected happened.


I felt guilty the following day and told her we shouldn’t do that again. Then she threatened to tell Mina I have a child outside the marriage which I denied severally before marriage. That was how come I couldn’t remember sister ger any time she needed me. I later became addicted and one day her husband tracked us together with Mina to the hotel where we logded and they caught us kissing. That’s how this whole mess started.


I’m sorry mum. How did u know?




Mad. Akorkor: (In tears) Louis u have killed me, u have finished me. My enemies have gotten me finally. Aaaah (she screamed with her hands on her head)


Louis: Mum I’m sorry, I’m sorry.




Mad. Akorkor: Are u saying sorry, do u know what u have caused to yourself? do u know what you have caused me? Do u know the mess you have caused?




Louis: Mum, she has been calm for a while now, just help tell her I have child outside the marriage. Let’s find a way to make her understand. Pls.




Mad. Akorkor: ”Akodaa na wode3, wohu kootor aniaa wose abaa” an Akan adage that literally means u are a kid, when u see the crab’s eyes u call them canes.




Louis: Mum, is there anything u are not telling me, u are over reacting.




Mad. Akorkor: Louis u have committed a taboo and it’s an abominable act in our family. U have been having an affair with your own sister all this years Louis!!!




Louis : What are you talking about? U have a daughter u never told me?




Mad. Akorkor: (In tears) No my son, that’s your father’s daughter ooo. I’m sorry I didn’t show u your real father all this while .


I was summoned to the palace and it was said there by your father.




Louis: Who is my father, who is my sister? Mum what are u talking about. I thought u said my dad is a soldier who never returned from peace keeping, how come I have a father today who’s daughter have had an affair with today???


U mean Bella is my sister? Oh my God, I’m doomed.





Louis walks out and drives off.

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