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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 4

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Episode 4


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Nadine’s Pov:


“Hey hottie” he cooed and signalled me to come closer and I returned the glass of wine and went to sit on his legs.


He had just a towel around his waist – like he’s been really waiting for me.


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“Hi handsome” I whispered and bit his lower lip, making him earn for more.


He stroke my back shortly and slipped his hand into the back of my shirt.


“You’re as pretty as they say” he enthused and I smiled.


“Wait till I’m done with you” I hushed and pushed him, making him fall flat on the bed


I was still on his legs and I took off my shirt, revealing my s*xy bra.


I lifted his hands to my back and made him unhook the bra himself.


Then I moved away from his legs and took off my bum shot, becoming stark n*ked in front of him.


After which, I loosened the towel from his waist and returned to my position, making sure I was now sitting close to his hard erected d*ck.


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He licked his lips in pleasure.


“Ready for a ride?” I asked with a seductive smile and inserted his d*ck into me.


“Oh…yes…” he moaned as I made him go into me – downwards.


He was so big and I loved the way he made me full.


I adjusted my hole properly into him and slowly, started moving up and down,


giving him a perfect ride.






It was fun – as always – and by the time we were done, he could hardly sit up.


I took my clothes from the floor and after putting them on, I went to meet him on the bed


“I need to go now. Can I get my pay?” I asked calmly with a smile


Well, the smile’s part of what drives them crazy.


He pointed to a briefcase on the table.


“Open it and take as much as you want” he replied and I beamed and left the bed, going to the briefcase.


I opened it and my eyes sparked at the sight of loaded dollars in it.




I smiled and took out 6 heavy wraps.


You wouldn’t believe how much that is.

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I closed the briefcase afterwards and reached for my bag, throwing the 6 bunch of money in it.


“Bye handsome” I winked at him and left.






Jeremy’s Pov:


“Baby come on, dinner’s set” Stephanie said from behind as I stood, facing the window.


“I’m not hungry. I’ll eat later” I said icily without looking at her.


“Come on, Jeremy. You can’t…”


“Stephanie please, for once. Just do as I say” I said a little huskily and heard her leave the room.


I took in a deep breath.


Gosh! That was a little harsh. Maybe, I’ll apologize to her later.


I just wanted to be alone at the moment.


I gazed through the window and couldn’t believe I was back here – to my hometown. I never thought I’d return here so soon after leaving with Stephanie to get married.


Its been 6 years!


Well, my dad was aging and insisted I returned so I could learn certain things about the company.


Well, I couldn’t say I’d really enjoyed the last 6 years of my life.


Stephanie and I had been married for 6 years now, but without a child. It isn’t her fault because I’m the one who couldn’t get her pregnant.


I had an accident 5 years ago which affected my potency and as a result, I’ve been unable to get anyone pregnant.


Well, the doctor said it might go back to normal, but I’m not so sure of that. I feel doomed.


Anyway, right now, my mind is fixed on Nadine.


Where could she be? Its been 6 years and I’ve been so curious about her. I’ve tried searching for her since I returned three days ago, but her family were no longer at the old apartment and I have no clue where they could be.


Oh, Nadine! I really want to see her – just make sure she’s okay and has forgiven me for what happened.


I really wish I get to find her.







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