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Game Of Love – Episode 7

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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 7


Roxanne POV


I drove through my street, I was getting better each passing day. All of a sudden, a car swerved right in front of me and pulled the car to a halt.


I came down from my car and the occupants of the other car came out too.


“Hey, take this car away and let me go” I said..


“Take her” one of them ordered and two guys held me but I didn’t even argue it struggle with them.


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In life, we should accept situation and think not panic and grumble.


I was taken to a sort of warehouse, a guy was standing there like a boss with his back facing me.


“Hello Roxanne” The familiar voice said and it was my driving instructor.


“What exactly do you want from me?” I asked and broke loose from the guy that were holding me down sending a kick and punch to the.each.


“Wow, you are really incredible but as I was saying. I want you to date me” he said and I looked at him.


“That’s good but next time be careful” I said and clicked on a button on my wristwatch secretly.


“What do you mean by that?” He asked.


“Nothing” I replied.


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“So as I was saying, I want you to be my girl for just six days” he said but I kept quiet.


“Speak up!” He yelled but I sat down on the wooden chair there.


“I am thirsty,get me some water” I said.


“What?? Do you know where you are?” He asked.


“Yeah, I am in your hideout and I am being kidnapped but I am thirsty” I said and crossed my legs.


“Gosh, I can’t believe this” he said and got me a glass of water.


“I am quite hungry. Get me some food” I said.



“No, don’t you understand that you are being kidnapped, kidnapped! You can’t order me around!” He yelled.


“Are you done yelling? Now get me some food” I said.


“God!! Are you even human?” He asked and I kept quiet.


“Anyways, there is no food here” he added.


“Then I am leaving, I have to got get my food” I said and checked the time.


“Where’s my phone?” I asked and he handed it over to me.


I had several missed calls a d a message from Clara.


Mr Ranes left after waiting for you


I groaned and slapped him twice making g him gasp.


“How dare you slap me?” He asked and Clara walked in with some guards.


“Keep him somewhere, I need all the information about him” I ordered and walked out.


You wanna know how Clara located me? It was through the button on my wristwatch.


I got into my car and called Mr Ranes.


“Hello Mr Ranes” I said


“Hello miss Roxanne” he said.


“I am sorry for not being able to attend to you today,let’s meet tomorrow can we?” I asked.


“Of course, I know it’s not your habit, something must have came up” he said.



“Yeah, thanks for your understanding” I said and ended the call.


Thank goodness, that guy almost spiilt my perfect record.


I drove home and plopped to a chair.


Jake POV


“What’s your name?” A hefty guy asked.


“Jake Martinez” I replied and he wrote it down.


“Who is your father?” He asked.


“Mr Martinez, the owner of Martinez Corp” I replied and he wrote it down again.


“Now, why are you after boss?” He asked.


“Nothing, I just want to be her friend” I replied.


“Didn’t you hear that friendship is by choice not by force”


“Hey, just let me go. I will give you enough money” I said and he smiled before slappung me.


My cheeks was on fire. How many slaps had I received today only? I should just give up on this.


But wait a min, I have a picture of both I and Roxanne on a bed, I should use that.


A slap interrupted my thoughts.


“Hey, stop slapping me!” I yelled.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“Can’t you answer my question? Why are you after boss?” He asked then his phone rang.


He picked it and said a few words then ended the call. He released me.



“You can go” he said and I breathed out in relief.


“Finally, I am never trying out the hard method. In fact no method works on her.


I went home and thankfully mum was not home cause she would definitely question me a lot about my red cheek.


I took a bath making sure I spent hours in the tub then I went to sleep immediately on an empty stomach.


The next morning


“Why is your cheek this red?” Dave asked.


“It’s still red? Dave, I got slapped countless times yesterday” I replied.


“How did that happen?” He asked.


“I tried kidnapping Roxanne but I turned out to be the one that got kidnapped” I replied and Dave muffled a laughter.


“I think you should give up” Dave said.


“Before I do that, I have one Lear resolution” I said.


“What’s that?” Dave asked and Roxanne walked into class.


“You will know later” I said and looked at Roxanne.


You just watch, Roxanne. I am going to get you to be mine.




Lunch time


Where could Roxanne be? I have searched almost everywhere in the whole school. Do you know what that means? Going through several girls that were drooling over.


If not for this stupid game, would I be looking for her all over?


Finally I saw her walking around with two guards by her side. None of my business anyways.


I approached her with a smile, I know that she will definitely agree to this deal.


“Hi Roxanne” I called but she continued walking.


“Hello, I am talking to you” I said and the guards glared at me, I gulped when I recollected the slap I received yesterday.


“I want to talk to you about a deal” I said and she finally stopped in her tracks.


She only cares about business, deal and money, bitch.


“Let’s go to my car” she said and continued walking.


I walked after her or should I say I ran? Cause her pace was too fast for me to catch up with by walking.


We hopped into the car. “So what deal are you proposing?” She asked.


“Here it is” I said and showed her the picture if I and her together on the bed.


She looked at me and at the picture again. “What’s the deal?” She asked.


“It’s simple, date me for two weeks” I said and she frowned deeply while I smirked awaiting for her reply.






Game of love

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