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Blue Love Story – Episode 29

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Episode 29 : ACTING LIKE GINNY ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .

JAJA’s Point Of View




“You are really my granddaughter!” exclaimed by Mrs. Colleen.


All of us in the room look at her, shocked and confused.


“Mum, yes she look like Jane and she also don’t eat chicken but we need to make sure that she is really Jane’s daughter,” said by the man who was surprised when I enter.


“She is my granddaughter, I know it, I can feel it,” Mrs. Colleen said, determined. “By the way, this is Attorney Gux and this is my youngest son, Jojo.” We shake hands.


I look at Mrs. Colleen. “But Mrs. Colleen, you have no daughter. How can I be your granddaughter?”

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Mrs. Colleen smiled and look at Jojo who was quiet. She took her wallet and took


a picture in it. She showed it to me. It was Mum’s picture, the younger Mum.


“Do you know who’s on the picture?”


I nod as I stare at Mum. “It’s Mum.”


I haven’t saved any family photo to keep. Not even a single one. I can only see them through my memory.


“We have kept the truth for almost a century. I have one daughter, she’s Jane. I denied her because she chose her lover than her profession. We treated her a black sheep of the family that’s why we denied her. She’s the princess of family but she chose her poor lover than the better life. I know it’s lame but to protect Colleen’s rising image before, we have done it. After that, we haven’t received any informations about her since then. Until you show up.”


I sighed. Ben hold my hand to ease the sadness I feel. They denied Mum because she chose my poor Dad. But what else can I do? They are only human, they make mistakes.


“Where’s Jane? Where’s your Mum? I want to meet your family and ask for forgiveness,” Mrs. Colleen said.

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I smiled, sadly. “They’re gone.”


Silence filled the whole room. Surprise is visible on their face. “How?” Sadness. Pain. Guilt. I can sense those in her voice. “We met an accident. I’m the only one who survived.”


“Oh my God! My Jane! My Jane is gone?!” Mrs. Colleen almost fainted out. She’s crying in pain inside her. I know the feeling, I’ve been there. The pain inside almost killed me too but I still survived.


Jojo give his Mum a water and sooth her. I look up to restrain my tears. “Move on with your Grandmother, sweetie. You both need each other.”


We’ve waited for Mrs. Colleen to calm down after the painful revelation about her lost daughter.


“We need to undergo to the DNA test to make sure that you are really Jane’s daughter. Don’t be offended but this is the only way to confirm everything,” Jojo said. Mrs. Colleen couldn’t talk, she’s still sobbing. I nod. “Okay. I’m willing to do it.”




BEN THROW his self on the bed. He looks tired.


“Are you okay, heart?” I sit beside him and ma*ssaged his back. I noticed that he’s not paying attention to what I am saying a while ago. “Just a bit tired, sweetie,” he answered.


“You should get a rest, heart. I’ll prepare the dinner.”


Ben didn’t answered. I look at him, his eyes were closed. He fell asleep that easily.


He must be really tired.


I come out the room and went to the kitchen. I prepared the ingredients that I need. After the short conversation on the restaurant with Mrs. Colleen and Jojo, we went straight to the hospital to do the DNA test. The doctor who did the test said the result will be receive by us after 3-5 days. After we parted, Mrs. Colleen gave their address and her calling number. We haven’t confirmed the test yet but she’s treating me as her real granddaughter.


“You leaved me in the room, sweetie,” Ben said. He hug me from behind, he placed his chin on my shoulder.


“You’re asleep, heart.” I covered the pot and turned to face Ben. I wrap my arm behind his nape.


“Of course not. I just close my eyes but I didn’t sleep.”


I shrugged. “Don’t mind it. I cooked your favorite food, the spicy beef.”


“My favorite doesn’t need to be cook. God already cooked it for me to eat easily.”


I giggled and pinch his hip. “Naughty.”


“You know what, I just realized that I haven’t taken back my rules.”


I laughed. “Yes. You had broken your own rule.”


He kissed me on my lips. “Well, I would love to be a rule breaker if it was for you. Even if it is my own strict rule.”


“Are you now going to remove the rules, Master Benjamin?”


He laughed. “Of course. You are not my slave anymore. I am now your slave of


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He placed his face between my neck and shoulder. “Hmmm. Where did you put the medicine? My head is aching severely.”


“Wait. I’ll go get it.” I quickly get the medicine kit and return to the kitchen just to be surprised. Ben’s head is on the table. “Hey, heart, what’s happening to you?” “I’m feeling sick, sweetie. My head is really in pain.” “I’m going to take you on the hospital.”


“No,” he said as he shake his head. “I’ll be alright. Just a medicine and kiss from you is enough.”


I smiled. “Are you really in pain?”


He laugh and pull me to sit on his lap. He kissed me torridly but I stop. He’s biting my lips just like he bite it on our first night. “Let’s eat.”




“WHAT HAPPENED to you?” I asked when I saw Ben’s secretary, crying.


“Jaja, Sir Benjamin is acting strange lately. I don’t know what’s happening to him.” “What do you mean?” I stopped working on their company after the party and I am busy having a bonding with Mrs. Colleen as we wait for the result. It’s been three days since we did the DNA test. I came here in the JewelCore company because Ben’s secretary called me.


“Sir Benjamin became worse, Jaja. Before, he is just yelling at me but now he’s changed. He even did this to me.” She showed me the mark on her neck, she was strangled.


Shocked. “Oh my God! I’m sorry!”


“I-it’s okay. I know Sir Benjamin is up to something and he needs help. I will let


this pa*ss because I know Sir Benjamin very well.”


“Did he hurt someone else in this company?”


“None. And I hope I would be the last. I know Sir Benjamin have a problem.”


“Is he inside?”




“Jaja, be careful.”


I smiled and nod. I entered the office. Surprised. Ben looks miserable.


“Heart, what’s happening to you? Are you okay?” I asked as I fix his hair and his suit.


“What are you doing here, sweetie?” His face had lighten up when he saw me. “I’m visiting you. What happened to you? You hurt your secretary.”


“I haven’t controlled my anger. She forgot to inform me that I have a meeting with one of the great client.”


I sighed. “People do make mistakes, heart.”




I step back as he shout at me. This is the first time he shout at me. I gulped. He was just calm a while ago and then he became a freak.


He was stunned as he look at me. “Oh, God. I’m sorry, sweetie. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry.”


“You…you’re acting like Ginny, Ben.”




:::::::::::: to be continued :::::::::::::::




Oh My God! Does Ben have a split identity also?!”






>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<


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