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The Bad Boys’ Girl – Episode 23

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Episode 23



❌Kyle’s POV❌



Once class ended, I was on my way to follow Violet but I was stopped by Dara who wanted to talk.



“Pumpkin, we can’t do that here. ” I muttered where she slid her hands into my pants.



“But where? ” She pouted.


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“Let’s meet in the locker room during lunchtime. Is that okay? ”



“Yeah sure. I’ll wait for you.” She said to me smiling as she walked away.



With her gone, I turned to find Violet who would possibly be beside her locker.



I was right and she was there but not in the way I expected. She was soaked to the bones and had water all around her and even from where I stood, I could see that her locker was also flooded..



She was standing in front of her locker staring at something as though in shock.



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Thinking nothing of it, I approached her and knocked on the locker beside her jolting her back to reality.


“Violet, what happened? ” I asked as she crumpled the paper in her hand.



“Um it’s nothing. Nothing at all. ” She said hurriedly as she slung her bag on her shoulder.



“Nothing? The hallway is flooded. You’re soaked to the bones and you’re telling me it’s nothing? Besides what was in the paper you were reading? ”



“Like I said Kyle it’s nothing.”



“But…. ” I tried objecting but she was already halfway across the hallway.



I sighed as I looked at the mess around me and in Violet’s locker.



I wonder what caused this.






Violet’s POV



“Like I said Kyle it’s nothing.”


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“But…. ” He tried saying but I was already halfway across the hallway.



Until I found out what and whoever sent this letter, it would do me good to just stay away from Kyle. I’m just confused as to who it could be. Who would want me to stay away from Kyle so badly?



Perhaps it was one of his numerous f*ck buddy who wants him back… Either way, it would be best to stay away from Kyle from the time being not only because of the stupid message but also because of me… My stupid heart has already taken a liking to the player and knowing my record with boys



most especially Aaron, avoiding Kyle would do me a lot of good. I’ve become too used to seeing him and that isn’t too good.



So I guess I’ll be avoiding the player…for now at least.






“Detention… Argh! When did I get to this stage? ” I muttered while stepping into the detention class.



“Take your seat over there Miss Hill. Maybe this will teach you not to rant in my class.” The teacher said, her eyes in tiny slits.



I rolled my eyes, murmuring a “Whatever!” as I took my seat.



I’d barely been there for two minutes when Kyle appeared at the doorway holding his detention slip.



He handed it to the teacher who looked it over, gave him a “Really?” look to which he nodded before she directed him to his seat which was coincidentally beside me.



Ignoring his presence, I took my attention back to watching the seconds go by waiting for the time when detention would finally be over.



“Violet. Violet. Violet. Violet…” I heard awhile later.



“Oh for the love of God Kyle, what is it? ” I heard quietly through clenched teeth.



“Glad to see you’re not ignoring me. ” He said smirking.


“Is that all you had to say? ”



“You know you look hot when you’re angry. ” He said all of a sudden causing me to look away in an attempt to hide my flushed expression.



“You’re blushing you know.” Kyle whispered into my ears a few seconds later. “I must be that good if I made the feisty Violet Hill blush. ”



“Haha! Lucky you! ”



“Yeah I guess I am lucky.” He replied with a wink.



Detention was over soon enough and I was out of the class before you could say “Jack!”. The reason why was quite simple… Kyle.



“Violet hold on.” Kyle called following me closely behind.



“Wait up!” He yelled standing in my front.



“What is it you want Kyle? ”



“For you to stop running. Why are you trying to avoid me again? We both know that can’t work.”



“And why is that? ”



“Because you like me. ”



“Ha! In your dreams sucker. ”



“It’s true or do you want to lie that you’ve never dreamt of kissing me or making out with me before. ”



“What? No of course not! ” I yelled as my cheeks reddened.



“Aww I knew it. You totally have a crush on me. ”



“I do not. ”



“Do too. ”



“Do not.”



“Do too.”



“Do not. ”



“Do too. ”















“Argh! You know what? Forget it. I do not have a crush on you and that is final. ”



“I can tell you’re lying you know. ”



“Oh really? How can you do that if I may ask? ”


“You arch your eyebrows when you’re lying. ”



“I do not. ” I retorted only to notice that he was right.



He burst into laughter while singing “Violet has a crush on me. Violet has a crush on me. ”



Him singing aroused so many emotions in me and brought back a memory of a similar occurrence and in one split second, I turned around, grabbed his collar and planted my lips on his.






I couldn’t even tell where this chapter was going when I started writing.


Hope I tried sha.



Ooh la la!


It seems like our Violet has fallen for Kyle Tanner. The question is has he fallen for her?



The next episode will tell so watch out for it. The story is gradually coming to an end so any guesses on who the unknown is? Will Kyle end up sleeping with Violet? What about Dylan? Does he have feelings for Violet?



Like I said, watch out for the next episode. It’s probably going to be long plus a lot of things are going to happen. That’s all I’ll say .



In the meantime, there’ll be no update tomorrow. I’m saying because I’ll not be coming online on Facebook at all throughout tomorrow. I’m taking a break so no one should look forward to an update tomorrow.




Wednesday’s episode will be very long and juicy so like I said watch out.








The Bad Boy’s Girl


[ Playboy In Love ]




Written By Tyna

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