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My First True Love – Episode 5

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My first true love


Chapter 5


“You what?!?” Marisa yelled


I hid behind a pillow when I saw her face.


“I can explain” she stopped yelling and nodded motioning me to continue. “Ok, I know that it might sound weird, but I really like Jack”


“But how?!? I mean, we were just talking in the morning and you said you didn’t like him”


“I know, but something happened, it’s like love at first sight, but this is really not love….at least not yet, I’m confused Marisa, what’s going to happen now?”


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She sat next to me, giving me a very serious look. “Jane…what about Alexander, don’t you love him?”


“At this point, I don’t really know anymore…he left me Marisa, I just can’t wait for him forever” she looked sympathetic giving me a small smile.


“Jane, I don’t mind if you go out with him, just don’t forget to tell Wendy…she might get angry if you show up tomorrow kissing Jack or something” I laughed and nodded.



“Yeah, I know” We talked about my date with Jack after, she smiled when I told her that Jack and I kissed.


But it’s true about what I said to her, I have to forget Alexander, after all he was the one that left me without saying anything. My first true love left me and now that I have Jack, I wonder if I’ll be able to have a good relationship with him. But what if Alexander comes back?


Would I forgive him or would I just move on and pretend that nothing happened?..




The next day, we got ready for school.

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“So are you going to wear something sexy for your boyfriend?” Marisa asked coming from the bathroom wearing a simple dress and flats.


“I…I don’t know. It’s just school though” she gave me a disappointed look. “Honey, you have to look sexy for your boyfriend no matter where you are” she said.


“But, what should I wear?” I was only wearing jeans and a simple purple t-shirt, nothing special really.


“Well, that’s why you have me here…we are going to make you beautiful” she said smiling. She opened her bag, revealing lots of make-up.


“Come on, we don’t have all day” she said motioning me to come and sit on the bed.


She started doing my hair, and then she applied make-up on me. “Wow, you look


beautiful now” she said looking at me. I turned around to see myself in the mirror,


I was shocked when I saw myself, I don’t usually wear make-up so it’s hard for me


to envision myself looking pretty.


“I look different” I whispered.


“Yup, you do, but you look much better now, let’s go eat breakfast” I nodded looking at the mirror one last time.








When we got to school, everyone was just staring at me; some girls were even glaring at me.


“Marisa, why is everyone staring at me?” I whispered.


“Jane!” I heard someone calling my name.


I turned around and saw Jack coming towards me with a huge smile plastered on his face.


I smiled timidly at him.


“Hi” he said.




“Hi Jack, I’m gonna go inside to look for Wendy…..take care of Jane, and


congratulations” she said waving at us.


“You told her?” I turned to see Jack and nodded. “I’m guessing she took that as a good thing” “Yeah, but I still need to tell Wendy”


He smiled and put an arm over my shoulder. “We’ll tell her together then” he said guiding us inside.


I stopped immediately. “No, I’ll tell her, who knows how she is going to take it”




I smiled and went inside the school.


“So…I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie tonight…..It’s this scary


movie that I want to see…”


I smiled, he looked so cute when he talks. “What movie is it?”


“Paranormal Activity 2”


“Oh…that new scary movie”


“Yeah…so do you want to come?”


“Of course” He looked relieved and smiled.


“Cool, I’ll pick you up at 7?”


“Sure” We then went to the English class, one of my favorite subjects.


“Class, we are going to do a report on any magical creature you can think of, this is the time for you guys to be creative, now any questions?” A petit girl raised her hand. “Yes Amanda?”


“Can we talk about anything….I mean, like vampires and fairies?” she asked. I


froze when she said vampire, it reminded me of Alexander.


“Hey are you ok?” Jack whispered.


“Yeah, I’m fine”


I looked up and saw one of the football players raising his hand. “Yes Matt?” “Can we work with someone else in this project?” he asked eyeing his girlfriend that just giggled next to him.


“No, I want you guys to write your own report” Ms. Watson said.


“Too bad, I wanted us to work together” Jack said, I laughed and shock my head.


I remain silent during the class, once in a while Jack would do something cheesy to make me smile, but I couldn’t hide the sadness that was going through me at that moment.



But I kept telling myself that it was time to move on, it was the only way to survive.


When the class ended, we went to history, then math.


“Class settle down please, today we are going to have a quiz, so put everything aside except for a pencil.” He said while passing down the quizzes.


After I finished taking the quiz, I looked up at Jack and so him struggling.


“Jack, do you need help?” I whispered very low so that he was the only one to hear me.


“No, it’s fine”


I nodded and put my head down for a while.


The bell rang and everyone got out of the room. “Let’s go to lunch” Jack said grabbing my hand.


“Jane!” I turned around and saw Wendy and Marisa having lunch in one of the tables.


“Jack, I need to talk to Wendy for a minute can you go and sit next to Marisa for a




“Sure” he said.


“Wendy can I talk to you for a minute?” she nodded.


We went outside the cafeteria. “Wendy there is something that I need to tell you”


“What is it?”


“I’m….I’m going out with Jack”


“YOU WHAT?!?” she screamed.


“Wendy, please calmed down”


“How can I calm down, you said you didn’t like him”


“I know, but something happened and now I do, it’s hard to explain”


“Jane, I thought we were friends”


“We are”


“Not anymore” she turned around and walked towards the bathroom. “Wendy!”


I felt devastated, she was a nice girl and I feel like if I betray her. “Jane!” I turned around and Jack was running towards me.


“Jane, we heard Wendy screamed, are you both okay?”


“No” I sobbed.


He had a sad expressing on his face. “Everything is going to be okay Jane” he said


hugging me.


“I hope so”


“Come on, the bell is going to ring at any moment, we have to go to class”


I nodded and we headed down to Art.


After school ended Jack took me home. “Are you sure you still want to go to the movies tonight, we can go another time?”


“No, it’s fine, pick me up at 7” I said. He nodded and smiled.


I opened the door and got out walking towards my home. I turned around and he was already driving away…





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