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Nelson And The Bed – Episode 16

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Nelson couldn’t take Jane’s screaming voice from the locked dark room. His temperature arose alongside with his sympathetic nervous system. Ernest could even hear the breathing rate, wondering what had become of him. Just as he wallowed in thought, he felt a hand on his shoulder followed by a voice. “Jane is Pakyle and the screaming voice you’re hearing is hers. They are roasting her alive! You need to tell me how I can get out of here!”


“Jane is an alien?” Ernest became surprise. “Sir, there is no way you can get out of here.”


Suddenly, they heard footsteps coming from outside. Ernest lowered his voice but talked audibly. “They are coming here”


“How many do normal come?” Nelson whispered.





“Do they have any weapon like a gun?”


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“No, but something like a gun that delivers electric shock”


“Taser” Nelson recognised what he was talking about and explained to him saying, “Is a handheld weapon that fires two small dart-like electrodes which remain connected to the main unit by conductors. It delivers electric current to disrupt voluntary control of muscles resulting in pain and broad” he paused, listening to the footsteps that drew closer thereby reducing his voice the more. “I can feel you wearing a singlet. Just do as I say if they open the door”


“I’m scared”


Nelson exhaled. Though Ernest’s fear never prevented him from telling him what he had to tell him. The door opened few seconds after he was done. First, a voice said, “Alien man. The first man come out now for Pakyle had been found”


No response.


Secondly, the ray of a torchlight soared into the room to see only Ernest at a corner. Meanwhile, Nelson, who hid just close to the door dived onto the man in a way both kissed the sandy soil. His Taser fell down. Before the second man could pull his own trigger at Nelson, Ernest dived on him too with his singlet around his neck, strangling him to death. Already, Nelson had strangled his own man with his belt, took his Taser and began to run towards the screaming voice.


On the other hand, the fire had disrupted Jane’s cloth but had not gotten to her skin. She could see Nelson through the flame of the fire, running from afar, so she screamed the more. Nelson had to shoot Derod with the Taser. Before everybody could understand what happened to him, Nelson pushed through and circled his belt round his neck. “Nobody should make a move!” he dragged him to the centre as others stepped backward.



Ernest, however, ran to Jane and quench the fire with water before untying her. Their plan worked!


“Pakyle” the father rushed her.


“Now, give me what I want and nobody will be harmed” Nelson ordered.


“What do you want?” A man stepped forward. His face was mean and ready to strike any moment.

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“I want to release my peoples’ souls”


“No way!” the man kept moving forward, just as Nelson also stepped backward towards Jane and co. “You think you can come here and pick anything you want?”


“But the souls are my people” Nelson wondered.


“They are ours now coz they came as a result of our visual power through Pakyle! Therefore they belong to us now!!” the man glared, breathing heavily.


Nelson became speechless. Just then, a voice inside him said, “This is how is like in hell; your soul belongs to the devil if you die with sin.” Goose bumps filled his skin after hearing the strange voice. He startled and began to shed tears to everybody’s amazement. He freed Derod who fell on the ground still trying to regain himself. “Now i believe they are yours. Please, take my life and free the souls.” After making the statement, the voice came again saying, “Jesus died for the same purpose. Or rather one of the purposes” The tears dropped the more thereby escalating more goose bumps on his skin.


“Nelson?” Jane wanted to step forward, but the father stopped her.


The man dragged their leader up from the ground then stepped backward. Derod took over from him as he rubbed his neck to reduce the pain from the belt. “Nice decision brave man. Life for a life. That’s our law here and that’s why Pakyle has to die!” Derod said.


“Let my death, free their lives” Nelson replied.



“If you say so” Derod looked at his men. “Tie him up!” he commended.


Already Nelson had brought out his hands to be tied. “Wait, I need to be sure that the souls are freed first” he requested.


“That’s after we are sure you won’t claim superman again”


“Nelson, no!” Jane shouted as she saw how he was being tied down on the


horizontal wood..






Back to Earth, there was a big shout and surprise on people’s faces when those who were affected by the virus came back to a total life. Only few people like Dr. Philip Hammond understood the reason why. Therefore he smiled from his chair inside his luxurious sitting room.


Meanwhile, Sam and Ben carried Canny with them to the research lab, believing he could fix the Tunalin. Truly the young man had been working on it as if his life depended on it. Sooner did they hear Kate’s voice from behind saying, “What happened?”


“Jeez! Nelson has succeeded!” Sam exclaimed, touching her body. Just then, Charlie and Mrs Helen barged in. They looked around but Nelson was nowhere to be found.


Charlie met Sam. “Where is Nelson?” she asked.


“Where is my son?” Mrs. Helen added. She was careful not to stress her bullet wound.


“Woman, your son is on Krypton, the twelfth planet from the sun and that’s why you’re up and kicking like a baby in the womb.” Sam replied.


“Oh my God!” Charlie held her heart.



“Do not panic, he will be back. I trust him” Sam turned to Canny. “Young man, you have been working on this for more than twenty-four hours. Do you need more eyeglasses added to the one you have?”


“I’m almost through. Just that the conductor to the electron through the wires is not getting the right signal from the magnetic pole” Canny explained as if Sam understood. Of course he didn’t understand, so he said, “If the conductor is not working, you allow the driver to do the work”


Ben shook his head once more for his hilarious statement…


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On Krypton, Derod stood before tied Nelson saying, “The souls have been released. Now is time for you to pay for their lives.”


Nelson took a deep breath. He directed his eyes to Ernest and said, “If you make it out of this place alive, tell my mother I love her. Even Sam and Charlie. Tell them I did it for their own good and the good of all humanity.” Just as he concluded, yellow light blasted out from the firewood below him which made everybody to step back. Knowing what might happen next, Derod didn’t set the fire neither did he shoot Nelson with a Taser. He brought out an arrow with a bow, stretched it to shoot, but immediately the arrow left the bow, Jane ran and took it before it got to Nelson. She fell down.


“Jane!” Nelson shouted.


“I never knew they have arrow and bow” Ernest murmured.


“Pakyle!” the father was helpless.


Jane looked at Nelson from the ground where she bled from the mouth and chest, the wounded area. “Go Nelson, go back to your people. I love you” she said and gave up the ghost.


The region where Nelson hung vibrated like an earthquake. As he was falling inside, Ernest jumped with him into the yellow light….. :






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