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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 8

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Chapter Eight
Theme: Chirvalous Jason
Date: 28, January, 2029
Time: 9:36am
Location: National library.
Cara’s Pov:
I walk hastily into the national library. I need to be quick so I could be in time for my afternoon dance class, Henry made me sign into it. He does want me to entertain him on different levels.
“Mrs Williams you’re here, again.” The librarian Mrs Juliet exclaim on seeing me.
“Yes. What can I say, I do love a good book.” I reply with a I’ll of my own.
“You know I didn’t think a wife of Mr Williams would have any interest in coming to the library. Most women prefer to purchase a book online or in a bookshop, and then read it over tea.” She grimace as if it’s really a hateful thing to do.
“Well those ladies just don’t know how to read a good book.” I smile at her.
Mrs Juliet is one of the few women I admire. She’s strong agile. She don’t need a man to tell her what to do or what not to do.
From what I know her husband is late, died in the hands of a extremely rare poisonous bee.
And now Mrs Juliet lives under the care of her uncle(that’s her only male relative). And since luck is by her side her, uncle gave her the permission not to get married again. And I admire her freedom. Her uncle who’s a kind man, gave her the permission to exercise control over properties and to spend her money whenever she feels like it.
“Well, I’ll leave you to your reading Mrs Williams.” She walks away. And I watch her struggle to stop the book from falling, I smile a little bit and then continued on my little trip.
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I walk around the library for a while, pretending to be looking for a book to read. Once I notice the occupants of the room is not paying any attention to me, I dash straight to the restricted room.
With my heart in my hands, I push the door open. It cracks a little, then gives way. I check if anyone saw me. Nobody did. I close the door behind me and what I saw next amaze me. Portraits of women were hung up in the wall.
I walk over to the first picture. A lady with a fierce face yet so delicate, looks down on me.
“First female president in the world Vigdis Finnbogadottir.” Is written underneath the portrait.
So in the past there was a female president. Interesting.
I walk over to the next picture, a lady in a space attire, holding a space helmet, she has a bright smile of contentment. ‘first woman to go to space. Valentina Tereshkova’ wow.
I walk over to the next picture, a lady in a beautiful white saree stares down at me. She looks like a no nonsense person. ‘First female prime minister in the world. Sirmavo Bandaranaike.’
“You know the door reads ‘restricted’ because it’s restricted.” A voice says behind me in a bored tune. I jump feeling so frighten. I turned around in a slow motion, whispering prayers to God.
“Who are you.” I ask the amazingly handsome man, resting casually on a shelf.
“Me I’m the only one allowed in the restricted area.” He says laying more emphasis on the restricted area. His brown eyes with a touch of gold stared deep into mine. I feel goosebumps.
“Yeah, I bet is restricted, cause you men wouldn’t want us women to see all this, afraid of what we might do to y’all.” I sneered, fist clenched.
“Woah, waoh. Don’t place me in the middle of it all. I’m just a janitor, that have access to this room.” He says raising his hands up.
“And besides is about time one of you women folks finds out about all this.” He walks over to me his eyes staring deep into mine.
“What do you mean.” I ask unsure of what I just heard.
“I’m just saying I’ve never been in support of all this, you know what I mean. My father killed my mum out of violence and nobody said a thing.” Jason utters, clenching his fist.
“Sorry about that.”
“You know I’ve always believe if one of you women folks comes across this, it could stir up the women from their slumber and cause them to fight their right.” For the first time I smile at him.
“That’s the exact idea on my mind. I’m Cara.” I strecthed my hand for a handshake.
He claims it.
“I’ll be damn if I don’t know you. Who would ever forget beautiful Mrs Williams.” My smile drops on hearing the latter part of his statement.
“Well I guess knowing women were really something back then, it’s enough evidence for my plan.” I said looking at the portraits.
“What plan.” Against common sense, I spilled everything out to him, and it did feel simply to good to tell him.
“Can I be a part of this revolution.” He ask surprising me.
“I’ll consider you in, if you introduce yourself.”
“I’m Jason Russel.” He state, strecthing forth his hand, I claim it, tasting his name
on my lips.
“Jason Russel.”
“Say it like that, and I don’t think I would want to bear any other name, ever again.” He smile, I smile back. A thought cross my mind, is he an enemy or an ally.
Henry could be seen pacing around in a half lit VIP room in one of the best club in the country. A song played in the background..
“Will you stop pacing, and think of another way.” Francis said in a bored tone sipping from his drink.
“Shut up Francis.” Henry barks.
“Hey, calm down man. I’m not the one that asked you to lose control.” He says and grumbled loud enough.
“See if you really want to win her heart, then do nice things for her.” Henry stops pacing around, and stare intently at his friend.
“Like what.” He asks.
“Buy her some flowers, cake and maybe apologize for how you’ve been treating her and watch how she falls in love with you.” Francis relaxed more into the comfy chair watching his friend with smug smile.
“Flowers, yes. Chocolates, yes. Jewelry and treat her nice, yes. But apologize, No!!.” Francis roll his eyes at his best friend, for some reason he doesn’t fell surprise his friend Henry isn’t one to apologise not even to his father.
“An apology will do more better than chocolates and flowers. If I may ask why do you want her to fall in love with you, this is unlike you Henry.” Francis says eyeing him.
“She’s a hard one to tame. I hate to change my statics, but I need Cara to fall in love with me, that way I could get complete control her. I want to know her every thoughts.”
“Cheers to that friend.” Francis raised his glass up and clicks to Henry glass. They
both shared s smile of contention.
So Henry wants to win Cara heart, what do you have to say, do you think he would succeed or would he fall in love with her along the way. Comments your thoughts.
So what do you all think of Jason, is he an ally or an enemy??
A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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