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Baddest Girl – Episode 18

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(Innocent stripper)






Episode 18


Zach POV


Why isn’t she here yet?


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Where the hell is she?


There was a soft knock on the door and Sierra came in.


“Sorry am late” she said bad she walk closer to me.


“Where did you go? I asked.


“Went to visit Kierra, did you miss me? She asked with a mischievous smile.


“I was f**king worried ,but now am not anymore seeing your beautiful face is enough” I replied and she blushed


“I will quickly go and finish up with my yesterday work,here is your coffee” she said and hand over the Coffee mug to me.


“I will see you later honey” she said and peck my cheek before leaving.


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“So how was your meeting with Kierra? I asked now resting my back on the desk.


“Well it was good,I will brief you about it later” she said before walking away.


“Get ready,I have a meeting in the next ten minutes” I seethed out




My sudden likeness for Sierra is unbelievably beautiful,I mean I never expect myself to be in love with her so quickly I never expect myself to love her in the first place.


I picked up my briefcase and walk towards the door,there she was already waiting for me.


“Let’s go”


We entered the elevator silently,I can’t just stop staring at her.


“Why are you staring at me like that” she asked tenderly her sweet voice ringing in my ear.


“You are beautiful” I said and she blushed hiding her face.


“Thank you” she replied


The elevator dinged and open.



“You gon’ have to concentrate in the meeting baby,don’t get distracted by my handsomeness ”


“Oh stop flattering yourself Zach” she said and smile.


“No flatters just said the truth,you can relate to that”


“My boyfriend is cute, you are handsome love” she replied touching my jaw as we work towards the door.


Kierra’s POV


I was eating my breakfast with my phone in my left hand .


Danny came downstairs still in his casual cloth ain’t he going to his office?


Not my concern though,why do i care.


He came and sat at the head chair while the cook brought his food.


“Good morning” he said.


“Good morning” i said in return and continue with my food.


“Are you okay now? You were drunk last night” he said


His he concerned about me?


“Well am okay now,thanks for a skin” I replied and drop my spoon.


“Excuse me” I added and walk out


Sierra was right,i can’t continue with this job it’s draining the amount of respect I receive.


Now Zach is also staying away from me,I thought he understands me but no he doesn’t.


He also see’s me the same way Danny does.


A Stripper.


I went inside my room and change to my bikini.


I pick on of my scarf and tied it around my waist then went downstairs.


Danny was sitting there with his hand on his lap watching the news.


I walk towards the kitchen and drank some water before resurfacing in the sitting room.


“You’re going to the pool? He asked and I nodded


“Do you need a company? I…I mean if you want i can join you” he said and my face lit up.


“You can join if you want,it’s your pool anyways” I replied with heart felt joy and walk out.


I walk towards the pool and removed the scarf now only on my bikini.


I enter the pool and starts swimming.


I keep bringing my head out of the water to check if Danny is here but he was no where to be found.


Maybe he changed his mind.


I heaved a sigh and keep swimming,my good mood has been ruined.


I swim up to the far end of the pool ,my hands paving ways for me.


I raised my head and saw Danny smiling at me or maybe I thought that i saw it but it quickly faded.


“Sorry am late,got you this” he said as he raise the jug for me to see.

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“Oh,its my favorite strawberry juice” I said happily.



“I know,its your favorite” he said and drop it on the floor before joining me in the pool.


How did he know that strawberry is my favorite?


He swim up to where i am and winked at me.


“You wanna race? He asked


“Race? What’s the benefits? I asked


“If you win,I will become your friend but if I win you will leave my life forever” he said with a wicked grin on and my heart skipped a bit.


His words still ringing in my head.


“Leave my life forever”


What the f**k.


“Are we deal? He asked


I can’t afford to lose,am not a good swimmer but i can try too.


“Why are you silent sweetheart,I just gave you an option which you can easily choose from”


“Why are you doing this? I found myself asking.


“Since you want to be with me,you said that you love me so if you really do and pass this challenge then we can be friends” he said .


“Are you for real?


“I don’t joke sweetheart and you know that,so deal or not” he said waiting patiently for my answer.


I thought about it for awhile then look at him.



“I accept your challenge” I said and he stare at me and scoffed “Let’s see what you’ve got baby” he said and winked at me. Why is he calling me such names today?


He never address me as such before neither have he called my name more than twice.


Is this part of his games?


Danny Marvin what is going on in that your small head?


Whatever it is just know that am gonna pit every strength in me out and make sure that I win this challenge.


To be continued




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