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Billionaire Needs A Nany – Episode 9

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Raymond’s POV

I laid on the bed and thought about how I sacked leo… He was making me paranoid… He wanted nuella out of my house like he had an evil intention and I started to suspect him..

Nuella’s POV Flashback

“And who told you that, firstly, you said that you had a dream that she will run away with Davis and now you’re saying she’s rude to you, you know what, I’m tired of this”. Raymond said and brought out his phone.

“Hello”. He said over the phone.

“Yes, please sack Mr Leo, withdraw the rights given to him, his car, house and everything the company has given him”. Raymond added and cut the line.

I froze…

End of flashback

As I sat down, I pondered over what Raymond did, he sacked leo and had him thrown out of the compound..

Davis was definitely someone special in this world… Raymond walked into my room…

“I want you to go and get something for me from the nearest shopping mall”. He said and I blinked.

“Sir, I’ve not gone to a mall before”. I said with embarrassment.


“Wow, I didn’t know you were so poor that you wouldn’t even set foot in a mall, let Davis follow you cause I trust you but if anything happens to my son”. He said and paused. “You’re dead”. He added.

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I nodded as Davis came into the room already dressed…

I held Davis hand and went out of the compound… I breathed a sigh of relief.. it was the first time of coming out since I’ve been in Mr Raymond’s house.

“You used to live near here right?”. He asked and I nodded.

“Where’s the shopping mall?”. I asked him and he pointed to a building facing us… “Dad asked us to get a beautiful dress for you, tomorrow’s church and he wants you to follow him”. He said and my eyes poppedout.

“Follow him to church?”. I asked and Davisnodded. “Or are you a pagan?”. Davis asked and Ismiled.

“No”. I replied as we walked into the shopping mall and Davis took me the clothes section.

“I need something that would fit my anty, tomorrow’s her birthday”. He said to the salesman..

“What’s her size?”. The Man asked.

“Uhh, she’s exactly like that”. Davis replied pointing at me and the man gave him some clothes….

He choosed one and paid….

Suddenly we heard a gunshot and some group of thieves ran inside the shopping mall locking the exit and prevented people from escaping…

Another gunshot sent everyone on the floor. One of the robbers shot the security guards…

Everyone faced the floor scared and I held Davis who wasfrightenedtoo. He was

almost shivering… I had never seen him Davis scared that I worried for him…

I remembered Raymond’s words “let Davis follow you cause I trust you but if anything happens to my son”

My heart beat fastly…

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They suddenly asked everyone to raise their heads and when we did, they were already putting on masks.

One of them took a shivering man among us and put him ona chair He tiedthe

man who was still shaking and I was scared…

They shot him and Davis shivered again.

He was already running abodytemperature. I hugged him and made him faceme

so he wouldn’t see allthosekillings It wasn’t good for children to witness suchan

evil act.


They brought another person and shot him… They brought yet another person and shot her…

I was praying for the police to reach there on time…

I didn’t want anything bad to happen to little Davis, he didn’t get motherly love and I wouldn’t want him to die now.

End of Nuella’s POV

I was shivering, I had watched those type of things in films and I thought it was a joke like dad always said..

I rested my head on her chest without facing the robbers… I was also praying for the police to come…

Suddenly, I heard some footsteps coming behind me…

Then someone dropped me out of her hand and I struggled to go back to her… Nuella ran towards them and pushed one of the robbers who got angry and pointed a gun to her head..

“Don’t kill him, that’s Davis Groof”. One of them said.

“We can make money from him, if we kidnap him, his billionaire father would give us a ransom”. Their leader said and I frightened.

“Please don’t take him away”. Nuella begged.

“We won’t if you sacrifice your life for him”. He said and my heart beat. Nuella wouldn’t sacrifice her life for me…


She wasn’t my mother Even if she was my mother Shewouldn’t

I looked at nuella whose face was soaked in tears…

I shook my head negatively as I watched her in tears..

“You see, you can’t give up your life and you don’t want us to take him”. The leader said and dragged him.

“I will, I will give up my life for him… Kill me and spare him”. Nuella said and the leader dropped me on the floor and hit her hard on the head that she collapsed on the floor.


To be continued

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