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Johnson’s Dickson – Episode 2

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Episode 2


Mum herself was just an older

version of myself. She was the s–t

every rich trader in our trading

neighborhood knew. I had learnt

about sex long before I got the

first taste, simply because I

watched her have it countless

times in front of me. She had no

shame and even usually asked me

to go buy her tissue for cleaning

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up, right after a f–ksession –

herself and the pleased man stark

na.ked and beaming with smiles. It

was that bad. So when I eventually

got pregnant (at a tender age of

16), she didn’t do exactly like most

moms. She didn’t ask about who

was responsible; even though I

couldn’t have had anyone I could

have picked as responsible despite

the zillion men I f—-d. She only

brought me back home after a

nurse-friend of hers had confirmed

it, and served me dinner. But later

that night she wept bitterly.

Leaning into my shoulder and

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shedding a lot of tears. She

lamented so much that night that

I thought she was going to go

mad. She cried and asked for

forgiveness. Blaming herself for

my state and promising to do

better as a mother from that

moment. But that didn’t exactly

happen as she handed me over to

a close friend of hers in a far away

state just as my belly began to

grow. I never met mom again and

she never called or wrote. It was a

bitter end to an already rotten

relationship. Having known no dad

(my dad left mom before I was

born), I suddenly knew nothing

about the love a man can have for

a lady and the much I thought my

mom had for me, fizzled away with


Chike came into my life just after I

had arrived my new abode. He was

a reckless 20 year old cousin to the

lady (Mama Jonah) who was now

taking care of me. He started

frequenting Mama Jonah’s place

and just like every other guy, his

aim was just my body. He kept

telling me about how beautiful I

was even in pregnancy and how he

has never stopped imagining me

na.ked. This continued and soon I

found myself longing for him too.

Having been without sex for over

6months, my p—y was the first

to yell out for the dude’s touch

each time he arrived and before

we could put our names on a line,

we had already started f—–g our

brains out!! In pregnancy, and at

just 16, I was having sex with

Chike every day until my delivery

was close. Being inexperienced, I

was initially scared of what could

happen, but later learnt from

some of the street girls that

eventually became my friends that

it was just fine to go on.

My delivery gave me a girl. And

she looked so so much like mom! It

was painfully pleasant as I always

cried each time I found myself

likening her face to her grandma.

We grew together and soon began

looking like sisters. Mama Jonah

had suggested that I leave the girl

with her while I pursued a life in

Lagos. Her plan was to make sure

the girl does not get to know that I

was her mother but I refused.

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I wanted to remain with her as she

was the only thing I had. Mama

Jonah accepted this and in no

time, I was schooling with her. But

before this, Mama Jonah married

me to Chike who equally had no

parents. This was a secret

agreement as she never wanted

anybody to know about it. It

became a serious marriage once

Chika began making money on his

own. He was always following

drivers for daily jobs and was

always lucky to make little money

to bring home. He began getting

responsible and soon started

buying things for me. I knew at

that stage that I was actually in

love with him and on my 21st

birthday, I moved out with him as

well as my daughter from Mama

Jonah’s place. We moved to Lagos

where he was offered a driving job

for a bottling firm despite his

young age of 25. I was now exactly

married in spite of being of

different tribal backgrounds (he is

Ibo). The most important things to

me was that he cared for me and

then that he was also the best

f–k I had ever known! We f—-d

everyday! And I mean everyday!

He had a pretty big d–k. A d–k

which wasn’t exactly long but very

fat and thick! He would f–k me

with that thing until I began

screaming for help (not help really but I was always going to feel

like I’d tear apart), scratching his

back and clawing his buttocks! I

was absolutely loving Chike and he

loved me too.



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