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Average Boy – Episode 20

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Chapter 20




Jade West’s POV


I parked my car beside Tori’s blue car. She didn’t bring this car to school today. I came out of my car and adjusted my black jeans. I arranged my white shirt and walked to the boot of the car. I opened it and brought out all the shopping bags then headed for the front door. I opened the door and saw two maids cleaning the living room




Me: is Trina home?


They bowed

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Maid: no ma’am


I smirked and went upstairs, I got to her door but it was locked. I brought out a key and opened the door. I entered and locked the door




It’s time to teach this girl a lesson




Beck Oliver’s POV


Me: have you forgiven me baby?

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She nodded. I smiled and carried her up then sat her down on the table


Me: I love you


She smiled a little and I wiped her tears off.


Me: smile for me


Tori: no


I frowned


Tori: you do the smiling


Me: I’ve been smiling since


She hugged me




Tori: I love you Beck


Me: I love you too




Tori Vega’s POV




Beck: spend the night with me this Friday


Me: your house?


Beck: yeah, so that you can get to see my mom




Me: oh okay. I’ll come


He pecked my lips briefly


Beck: let’s go to the cafeteria




We walked out of the room and I released the guards




Mrs Oliver’s POV


Me: really, your girlfriend is coming for the weekend?


Beck: yes, she really wants to see you




Me: wow, that’s nice. I’ll like to see her too


Beck: and her dad wants to see you too




My eyes widened


Me: what?


Beck: why do you look surprised?


Me: well, her dad wants to see me. But why?




He smiled


Beck: he just wants us to have dinner together. Me you, Tori and her dad.




Me: they’re really serious about you


Beck: and I’m really serious about them




Me: but don’t you feel inferior with them. I mean, you are so different from them. Different social status and all that




Beck: mom, I love Tori and she loves me too. We don’t even care about our background and we’re okay with each other


I smiled


Me: are they very rich?


Beck: very rich mom. Their house is so massive. With lots of cars, they have servants too and they live buoyantly




I smiled


Me: I wish we had that kind of life. Hmm, don’t we deserve to be rich Beck?


Beck: mom, we’ll be rich at the right time. I’ll work very hard for you




Me: ever since you were born, you’ve always been working hard. You’re not supposed to be stressing yourself out that much. You’re not supposed to be in this situation




My face was turning bitter with pains running through my veins. I didn’t give Beck the life he deserved




Beck: stop thinking about the past.


Me: I’m sorry




He laughed and stood up


Me: don’t go to my kitchen!


Beck: too late




He entered and I sighed, if I had enough food to cook and enough servants to do the cooking, why would I stop Beck from eating anytime he likes?






Jade West’s POV


I removed the bed covers and covered them with the one I bought. It had a huge image of a bleeding child, the child was bleeding from the eyes and mouth and had a huge bloody wound on the forehead



I covered the pillows with a pillowcase that had the image of bloody knives. I covered the walls with glowing stickers and wallpapers. The stickers were of large monsters and demon images. They were scary, and they glowed in the dark.




The floor wasn’t left out, I covered it totally with a carpet that had the effect of laughing zombies. If you move and you look down, it will seem like they are staring at you and laughing.




I finished all that needs to be done and I looked through the window, Trina wasn’t back yet so I went downstairs to bake some scary cakes for her to eat




Trina Vega’s POV


I parked my car and went inside, I went to the bar and took a champagne bottle. I went upstairs and opened my door




Me: aaaaaahhhhhhhhh


The bottle slipped off my hand and shattered on the floor




Jade: surprise!


Me: what did you do to my room?


Jade: I just decorated it the same way your heart is




The door closed and the lights went off. All the images on the wall began to glow. It was really scary, I felt like I was in the middle of a nightmare.




The lights came back on and I wanted to run out of the room. I tried opening the door but it wouldn’t open




Suddenly, I heard a speaker and it was booming with evil laughter. I felt like I was in the pit of hell.




Jade: you can’t open the door. Just sit down and eat with me


I looked back and she was smiling




Me: please let me go please


Jade: nope, this is your room not mine




I swallowed a lump and looked down, I quickly looked up and took a step




Me: oh no they’re looking at me


Jade: yes, I know. Now sit




She pointed to my bed


Me: I can’t sit there


Jade: you’re getting on my nerves Trina, I skipped school because of you. Don’t let me treat you like I would treat a puppy




I sighed and moved, I don’t want Jade to deal with me. I better comply with her. I refused to look at the floor because the zombies were looking at me and they were laughing




I sat down on the edge of the bed, not wanting to sit on the image.


She turned on the speakers and they began to play a sad song. Then she handed me a plate of cookies, they were designed like poisonous snakes




Me: no thanks, I’m not hungry


Jade: I never asked you if you were hungry or not. Eat this now, don’t let me come back and meet them




She walked out of the room and bolted the door. I looked around, I might faint here if I’m left alone




Tori Vega’s POV


I returned home from school and saw Jade’s car beside my second car. Why is she in my house?




I hurried upstairs to my room but I didn’t see her, I called her but she didn’t pick.


Where the heck is this Jade? She left school without telling me and now she’s not picking my calls.


I changed and went downstairs to eat, that was when I saw Jade sitting on the dinning table and her phone was beside her




Jade: welcome


Me: Jade, what are you doing here and why didn’t you pick your call ?




Jade: I didn’t feel like picking


Me: why did you skip school?


Jade: I felt like skipping




I eyed her


Me: and why are you here?


Jade: follow me




She stepped down from the table and we went upstairs. She inserted a key into Trina’s door




Me: that’s Trina’s room


Jade: I know




She pushed the door open and I screamed when I looked inside.




Jade: watch your steps, broken bottles are on the floor




I jumped over the bottles and entered the awfully scary room




Me: oh no Trina


Trina: please beg Jade to release me


Me: why is this room like this. This is too scary




Jade: Trina, do you have anything to confess?


Trina : no, I don’t. Please let me leave here




Jade: why did Beck kiss another girl?


Me: huh? Does Trina know anything about it?




Jade: yes she does


Trina : I don’t know anything about it




Jade: okay, when you’re ready to confess we’ll come back.




She pulled my hand and we left the room though Trina was begging that we help her out.




Jade: oh wait, I forgot something


She opened the door and turned the lights off. Trina screamed more




Trina: I made Beck kiss another girl!




My eyes widened and I ran into the room




Trina Vega’s POV




Tori ran into the room and Jade turned on the lights




Tori: what?


Trina: I’m sorry Tori, I was so jealous. I paid three girls to frame Beck up and make the two of you separate. I caused it


Me: why would you do that? Why?


Jade: she just told you, she was jealous




Trina: I’m so sorry Tori. I’ve always been jealous of you. Your beauty, your relationship with dad and the attention you always get. I’m sorry I hated you for all this




Tori: Trina?


Her voice was sad and teary. As if she was going to burst out in tears soon




Tori: but you know that’s not true. Dad loves us both, you just distanced yourself.




Me: no, it was always you. And I’m the weirdo, I’m the odd one




I began to cry and Jade scoffed




Jade : I love it when people cry, but not this type of cry of repentance. Ugh, I’ll just excuse you both




She left and Tori hugged me




Tori: I’m sorry for making you feel that way. I promise to be less vulgar towards you




I wiped my tears


Me: I’m sorry for being a pain in the ass, I promise not to temper with your affairs from now on




Tori wiped a tear and hugged me again




Tori Vega’s POV





Me: I already told dad that I’m going over to your place tonight


Beck: did he agree


Me: of course he did. He can’t say no




He chuckled and kissed my palm. We’re at a restaurant, from here we’ll go to his house. I’m so excited, I feel like Beck really loves me. What if he proposes when we’re done with high school? We can get married in college and still study. It will be so much fun to be married to Beck. Our kids will be so adorable




Beck: baby, what are you thinking?


Me: huh?


Beck: your face is looking so dreamy. You’re thinking about something




I laughed


Me: you caught me. But I won’t tell you what I’m thinking about yet




Beck: okay, I wont force you as long as you’re still going to tell me


Me: you’re such an amazing boyfriend




He covered his face shyly


Beck: oh no I’m blushing




We laughed




Me: Trina and I are in good terms now


Beck: really


Me: yeah, she apologized to me after Jade dealt with her. She confessed that she framed you up with Brittany




Beck: what? Trina did that?


Me: yeah, but like I said, she apologized. And I forgave her




Beck: wow, uhm okay that’s nice. I’m happy for you guys




I smiled and he smiled too




Mrs Oliver’s POV


I took a final look at the room. It was simple and nice. I hope Tori likes the small room. I know she wouldn’t like it, it’s too small and way too casual for a girl of her class.




Me: after staying here, she should go home and tell Mark that being poor is so bad. And that no one deserves to be poor. Not Beck and not I




I smirked and walked out of the room, I banged the door angrily and scoffed




There’s no way I’m going to allow Beck to keep dating that girl. Veronica was a proud and evil lady, I’m sure her daughters will be just like her. She thinks she won the fight back then, haha, and I thought the fight was over. But now’s the time to end it once and for all.




I waited for some time until I heard a car horn, I stood up and arranged my dress. I walked to the door and opened it. Beck stepped out of the car and opened the door for Tori. She stepped down with a smile




Wow, she’s really beautiful. She’s more beautiful than Veronica.




Beck: hey mom


Tori: hello ma’am


Me: sweethearts, so Adorable, please come inside




I led them in


They sat down and I offered them drinks before sitting down


Me: wow, Tori it’s so nice to meet you




Tori: it’s nice meeting you too ma’am


Me: you’re so pretty




I touched her cheek and they smiled and looked at each other.




Me: how are your parents?


Tori: they’re… they’re fine




Me: what are their names?


Tori: Mark Vega and Veronica Vega




I squeezed my face


Me: they are your parents?


She nodded




Me: oh my goodness. I know them. When they were in Washington




Her eyes brightened


Beck: really?


Me: yes, I was a friend to her dad. Then, they had a little daughter. Uhm, her name was.. Uhh, Trina.. Yeah Trina




Tori: yes, you’re correct


Me: this is so unexpected. I never thought I’d cross paths with them again. Please how is Veronica?




Her eyes dullened and Beck looked at her and squeezed her fingers. I don’t understand why they suddenly look sad




Me: what’s wrong


Beck: mom, Veronica is already late. She died few years ago, when Tori was sixteen




I gasped


Me: oh my gosh, oh no! I’m so sorry Tori, I didn’t mean to bring back sad memories. I’m sorry




Tori: it’s okay ma’am


She smiled and I smiled a little




Me: why don’t you go upstairs, I’m going to make delicious cookies for you two




Beck: yummy, come on baby let’s go check out my room




They stood up and left. I leaned on the couch and sighed




So Veronica is dead, hmm change of plans. I even thought she was still there and might serve as a stumbling block to me. But she’s outta the way




I have to make better plans. But I need to see Mark, he needs to know that what’s going on between this two people shouldn’t be in existence




I smirked and walked to the kitchen to make the cookies














To be continued


Written by Hossy




Who else is beginning to dislike Beck’s mom? This lady has something up her sleeves



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