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His New Secretary – Episode 14

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Episode 14





Ella’s POV.


Mum was discharged yesterday and I’m super excited about it just that she’s not still very strong thou she can walk and do some things and like this morning, she managed to cook for me …


I’ve missed her cooking so much.


Ohm! It’s yum mum ” I said munching the shrimp.


You like it?” She asked

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I love it mum how much I missed this ” I said shaking my head dramatically while she chuckled.


Staying at home without mum has difficulty, I mean look how she cooked before I woke up .


I’m glad you do then, how about Lia the last time I saw her was last week when she came to visit me in the hospital” she said .


She’s fine and she will come see you tomorrow”


Okay baby girl ” she replied


Alright mum I’m off see you later ”


I said picking my bag and heading out without waiting for her response.. I’m just happy I got my mum back


Asher’s POV

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Morning boss



Morning have you found out who she is ? I mean is she my daughter?



Yes boss she’s the one and I guess she’s working in that company because I saw her this morning again





Yes boss



Alright I need you to follow her this evening to know where she lives okay .



Noted boss





I said and hung up.


I’m very elated to have found my daughter and I’m sure she’s living with her mum.


Isn’t that amazing? I can’t wait to see her.


This calls for celebration….


Reed’s POV


“Coffee sir ” Ella said dropping it on my desk while I stared at her. I haven’t seen how beautiful she looks all this while till today, she looks so beautiful even without makeup. How come I haven’t noticed her ? Or was it because we always quarrel?




Is there anything on my face sir ” She said touching her face while I smirked .


Yes there is a fly on your face ” I said and she rolled her eyes walking out of the office.


This girl is really a character.. I don’t wanna give her troubles today because I have other plans.


I supposed to go see my dad today and finally kill him if he don’t have Harley and her mother with him but i will pend it for now to go see Ella .


I will make sure I gain her mother’s love. I thought and grinned evilly. I’m evil myself so forget anything else







I waited until she’s outta sight before telling my driver to take me there. She must be home before I get there .


What will definitely be her reaction? Send me away? Hhaaahah funny enough I


know she won’t do that but what if she pour me water? . That fearless lady can do it though her mum is around she won’t try such because she will get scolded. Typical mum …


” We are here sir ” he announced


I look around the house, it look so small for even a baby gosh. How have they been surviving here ? I mean not even my enemy will I pray to stay in this place . Yuck !


I gently knocked on the door and waited for a reply or someone to open the door .


The door cracked open and Ella came into view with mouth agape .


Like surprised to see me ..


What are you doing here?” she asked


Chill I’m not gonna kill you or am I ?” I said and pushed pass her entering into the house. It has a mini sitting room also but it was well kept and decorated… I sat down on one of the couch without asking for permission and why will I even ask?




You haven’t tell me what you are doing here ” she said with a crossed arm and glaring at me


Can’t I visit a friend?” I asked innocently


The last time I checked, I’m not your friend and neither you are my friend ” she said and rolled her eyes while I drank from the water on the table as if it was my house ..


Okay I came..”


What’s happening here Elle ” a voice said cutting me off and coming to where we are


“Umm mum he’s….” She said stammering while the woman came observing me .


When she came nearer.


Wait what… I think I’m mistaking. It can’t be now can it?


I forced myself to stand up to look at the woman in front of me..


Aunt Nora?” I said and cleaned the sweat on my face while she frowned staring at me ..


How did you know my name son? You know me from somewhere?” She asked or is it not her ? But it can’t be a coincident that they bear the same name .


Can’t she remember me?


Aunt Nora it’s me Reed can’t you remember me ?” I said using her hand to touch me while i turned around


Reed? ” She called and her eyes widen while Ella stood there just staring at the scene in front of her


Oh my God Reed is this really you?” She said while I nodded happily and she hugged me so tight crying her eyes out ..


The person I have looked for for ages is standing right before me but what about my Harley? Does it mean that.. noo ! It can’t be


His New Secretary

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