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What Love Did To Him – Episode 12

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” I do see him anywhere you are, I thought it is just a mere coincidence but he is always anywhere you are, a do stay a distant from you, do you know him? ” Queen asked turning his neck to face him, ” No, I dont know him” Gabriel answered as he slightly pushed Queen aside and went towards the man who immediately started walking away hurriedly. ” Gabi, come back” Queen called back, but Gabriel didn’t seem to hear her as he walked towards the man who was walking hurriedly in broad daylight. The man got to the gate leading to the Uniben sport complex and took a sharp turn. Gabriel also went into the gate but saw no one except normal individuals who were either going out of the sport complex or coming in, the strange man was gone. ” Anyways, I dont know him” He muttered to himself and turned back to the direction of the main gate.


” who is he?” Queen asked him as he got to the main gate, ” I didn’t catch up with him, forget about him” Gabi told her. ” Thank you once again for today ” She appreciated holding his both hands. ” Let me just help you close your shop and escort you home” He said as he started packing some of her wares inside, ” I live at BDPA” She told him, ” Good news, I also live there” He informed smiling. ”



That’s good to know, which street?” She asked , ” 19th street” he replied with a smile. ” So shall we go?” He asked holding her hand bag. ” Hmm, you are carrying my bag” She said pointing at her handbag, ” I know” he replied as he held her hand and they walked outside the main gate, across the road, opposite uniben, to BDPA.


” There was this night I was going to buy matches, it was late in the night” Queen started..


” Why should you be going to buy matches late in the night?” Gabriel asked her, ”


I was hungry and thought u should cook. So on my way looking for a store, some guys attacked me at this very spot if I could remember vividly” She said standing in a spot, ” Did they beat you?” Gabriel asked with a smile. ” They never wanted to beat me, they wanted to rape me” She whispered. ” wanted to rape you?” That’s very bad” He shouted closing his mouth. ” Yeah, and then, out of nowhere, a guy came out, he was putting on a cover head jacket and surprisingly, he beat up those bad guys. The painful thing was that I didn’t get to see his face, I wish I see him again” Queen said trying yo demonstrate how the guy fought the bad guys. ” Was that the latest movie you watched?” Gabi asked her, ” Dumb head, it was real life” she said hitting him light on his head. ” the guy was like: drop the girl and I will drop him” Queen said swaying her head left and right. ” Wow, strong guy” Gabriel remarked. ” Yeah, he look more like you” Queen added staring at him, ” But he is more stronger than you” She added while Gabi smiled, only if she knew it was him. ” So this way to my house” she said taking a left turn, ” And this is my house ” She added stopping in front of the first house in the street. ” So I guess I turn back now” He said handing her her bag, “No, let’s go in a have some juice” She dragged his hand, ” Juice? ” he asked, ” Yes, Juice, something you can drink, it doesn’t harm and its good for the body” She said laughing drawing him inside the house, to her apartment. ” Nice place” he complimented, ” Hmm, thank you” She appreciated. ” So the juice” he reminded her, ” Yes, the juice” she shouted and walked to the kitchen, she came back some minutes later with two glass cup filled with water, ” Have it, Juice” She laughed and he also laughed as he took the water from her and drank it. ” So you thought I was gonna give you juice?” She asked sipping her glass of water, ” I know you were lying ” He said dropping the glass cup. ” This is what I call juice ” She said lifting up the glass of water.

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• ” No, I .gonna show that boy that I am Alika” Alika shouted staring angrily at Da monk who was trying hard to pacify him, ” Remember he is her brother” Da Monk said while Alika laughed a mockery laugh. ” Her brother? He called her his girl” Alika barked. ” Of course, he was just gonna use that to discourage you” Da Monk patted him, ” I dont care Monk, that guy beat me up, me? The head of the great



pipeline boys, death is his penalty” Alika shouted bringing out his gun. ” Alika calm down, just calm down” Da Monk pacified. ” Monk, we kill him” Alika said facing monk, ” Okay then, if death is his penalty, then, so be it, any other man of earth you can touch, but the day you touch Alika, you shall die ” Da monk shouted while Alika smiled…


” So won’t you cook for your visitor?” Gabriel asked Queen, ” Which visitor?” She asked him, ” Me of course” He answered spreading his hands open. ” Sorry, maybe next the, I will cook for you” She said sipping her glass of water again, ” You are mean” He muttered and lied on her bed, ” You are not a gentle man” She said while he stood up slowly, ” Why?” He asked her. ” A gentle man doesn’t lie on a lady’s bed” She educated while he sat up fully. ” OK, I think I have to go then because I feel like lying down” He stood up, ” Sorry, sorry, stay, you can lie down” She held him back. ” I have never heard of a gentle lady begging a guy to lie on her bed” Gabriel said, ” Sorry to disappoint you, am not a gentle lady” She said laughing and spreading out her hand. ” funny girl” he said and lied on the bed again, then some minutes of silence followed. She was standing with a glass of water and staring at him while he was lying on the bed and also staring at her. ” Queen” he immediately called out, ” Yes ” she answered as she sipped from her class of water. ” I l..ov..e You” he blurted out slowly while she poured out the water content of her mouth, her cheerful face suddenly changed to that of anger, ” You aren’t a gentle man” she shouted staring at him intensely, ” At last, I screwed up” he said to himself as bead of sweat formed on his forehead..


Am very sorry Queen” he apologized a bit embarrassed while she immediately bursted into laughter . ” You are apologizing, am ain’t angry Gabriel. But that isn’t the way you should ask, a gentle man should kneel down and tell his girl I love you or I want you” Queen explained dropping her glass of water and folding her hands, she didn’t forget to form an angry face. Gabriel bit his lips in embarrassment, but nevertheless he knelt down slowly. ” Queen, I love you, am sorry if its bad to let you know, but I will love to have you as my girl, I can’t fight it Queen, I love you and please, dont say know to me because I truly love you and you are the first girl I will ever ask out with my mouth, you know why? Because I love you, I simply love you Queen Nwok” He pleaded placing his head on her knee, she was smiling all through, she was now standing hands akimbo. ” You want me as your girl?” She asked smiling. ” Yes, I want you, that will be the best thing that will ever happen to me, I will love to have you as my own Queen” he answered looking up at her. ” Then stand up from that floor and lift me up like the girl you want” She shouted while he immediately got up and carried her on his chest, he rolled around



the room happily. ♪ Background love song echoes♪ . ” I love you too” She shouted as he rolled her, ” I love you more” he said. ” I can’t hear you” She shouted laughing as he rolled her, ” I love You more” he shouted one more time and dropped her. ” You are not a gentleman, I didn’t ask you to drop me” She formed a frowned face as she beat his chest. ” But I was tired now” he protested while she gave him a playful punch, ” Small girl like me” She said and pushed his to sit on the bed. ” So you love me?” She started, ” But you love me too” he said, ” But you love me first” she protested, ” And you love me back” He said. ” So tell me why do you love me?” She asked him, ” Because I love you” he answered. ” I love you too” She said hugging him slightly. ” Queen, I like to leave now, its getting late” Gabriel stood up..



” You are not a gentle man, a gentle man must first take permission from his girl before he leaves”She said folding her hands, ” Okay, Queen, I wanna leave” He said, ” Wait for ten minutes more” She gave a pleading look, ” please, I need to wash my cloth and do some other things, please” he begged again. ” Okay, let me escort you” she said giving her hands to him, he took it willingly and together with her, they went outside her house. ” please stop here, let me rush home” Gabriel pleaded stopping her by her gate. ” At least, shouldn’t I get a hug?” She asked twisting her face like she was angry, ” Of course” He replied and drew her into him, ” Hope I see you tomorrow” he said, ” You are too big” She said staring at his chest, ” Off course, we shall see tomorrow ” she added punching him slightly on his broad chest, ” Bye then” he freed himself, ” Bye Bye” She waved her both hands. ♪ Background love song echoes ♪. ” Hmm, at last, I got him” she shouted spreading her hands and walking into her compound.


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• ” Now this is it, the guy is in the faculty of life science, we get him from there and kill him” Alika told Da Monk and some of his guys that evening as they assembled in the house. ” So we just go there and kill him, nothing hard there is there?” Alika asked looking intensely at his gangs, ” No, Alika the tortoise has spoken and I think your idea is fine ” One of his gangs said with a smile while Alika nodded and turned to the rest, no one had anything to say. ” Then let’s go get drunk till tomorrow” Alika shouted and sprang up, ” Drink, but dont get drunk” Da monk chipped in but nevertheless, he followed them upstairs where they would normally smoke and drink, have fun. ” Tomorrow, I shall have his blood as wine”

Alika laughed bouncing up the stairs..


• Gabriel woke up that morning feeling a bit strange, he hadn’t felt like that before, he felt weak all over but nevertheless, he got up and as he would always do, he did



his early morning push ups. He then picked up his phone to call Queen, but unfortunately, he had no airtime. ” Why am I feeling this way?” He asked himself as he staggered to his bathroom and took his bath. He came out some minutes later with a towel tied to his waist, a white towel. He freshened up, prepare for class and took his normal cup of tea. Soon he was on the way to school in a black top and a white trouser. Tende the flute was in his bag, by the side of his bag. He can’t leave the flute no matter how bad he felt, Tende was like a brother to him. He got to school after some minutes of walking, he was literally the only one in class, he had come so early. Soon, students started coming in, Queen was among these students.


” Gabi boy, good morning” She greeted as she sat beside him and placed her hand across his shoulders. ” Good morning Queen, how was your night? ” he asked her, ” Fine but with the way I see your face, like your night wasn’t fine” She observed, ” I just feel a little bit weak” He told her, ” just because you carried me yesterday, you are this weak, you are lazy o” She smiled, he also managed to force out a smile.” see you after class” She informed, peck his cheeks and walked to her seat, he turned to look at her, as she swayed her waist away in her white flowing gown, suddenly a drop of tears fell from his left eyes, ” I will surely miss her” he smiled as he turned to the marker board in front of the class and wiped his eyes. ♪


Background sorrowful song…










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