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Bride To The Heir – Episode 45

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Chapter 45


Authoress Isabel






Cut the crap, break the ice….


Kang Mi Rae


I walked into the prosecution office as I bumped into someone.


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“I’m sorry”


He said as I looked up


“No, it’s fine”


I stared deeply into his eyes as I widened my eyes


“Mi Rae?”


He asked curiously


“And you’re Choi Nam Doo, right?”


I asked in surprise


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“How many years has it been?”


He asked hugging me


“Maybe 12 years”


I said in laughter


“Gosh.. I missed you”


He eyed me


“Same here, but is this where you work?”


I asked him in anticipation


“Yes, I’m in charge of a case so I’m working late?”


He scarred his head above forehead


“I see”


“But what are you doing here?”


I knew he was gonna ask


I explained everything from the start to the end and even why I’m here… Everything over a cup of coffee


“So I guess you can help?”


I asked in curiosity


“Park Hye Ji right?”


He asked smiling




“Okay, let’s do this”


He smiled and winked his eye at me


He stood up as he led me to her, she was on a chair


She didn’t even look bothered


After a day?


You’ll come to realize sooner or later what this place is I sat down at the same time, thanking Nam Doo


“Why are you here? You brought food?”


She asked curiously


This girl is somehow stupid


If there was a way to poison here, she’d been dead long while ago


“Fool! Are you enjoying here?”


I asked smiling



“Apart from missing Mr Kim, I’m fine”


She said as I looked at her disgustingly


“You really have no shame!”


I eyed her


“I told you to stop interfering into my business! You’ll hurt yourself” She calmly talked like some good sister


“Let’s see if you’ll survive”


smiled “Really?”



The door opened as a food delivery man walked in


“Miss Park?”


He faced Hye Ji




She smiled


“Mr Kim asked me to give this to you, but you’re really beautiful”


He said putting the food on the table


“Thank you”


I stared at her disgustingly


I stood up as I pushed the delivery man out of my way How can Je Na send a meal to her Jeez!




This is killing me…




Mr Kim sent a meal to me?


This is confusing..


What did he mean by ‘cut the crap, break the ice’..


He whispered that into my ears yesterday..


Does he still trust me?






He even sent a meal to me


Someone walked in


“It’s time for the prosecution”


The man sat down


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“I’m ready”


I said smiling


“You’re Park Hye Ji?”


He asked




“The General Secretary of Damueng?”


“Yes, I am”


“You know about the shares right?”


“I don’t, not at all”


“Really? Then what about this?”


He brought out some files as I checked them


“These are the ones I used while entering the boards meeting for this month”


“So these are not his shares entirely?”



“I don’t know, I only entered what I saw”




“I don’t kiss and tell”


“What about his net worth? You know about that?”


“Automatically everyone knows about that”


“Interesting, so you’re not behind this?”


“You’re a prosecutor, ain’t you supposed to find that out yourself?”


“I see”


“I know nothing about them”


“We’ll have to look into your bank account, your family and next of kin”




“You asked me to find everything out myself, isn’t it”


“Okay, go ahead”


“We need your cooperation”


“It’s fine, you have it. Full support”


He stood up but turned back


“How sure are you that I’ll investigate right?”


“Because you’re a good person”


I said as he immediately left the office..



I think I’m going to spend a month here..


The investigation should go on fast


I’ll depend myself..


Nothing will happen ..


Cut the crap, break the ice


I still don’t understand this..


What does this mean?





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