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Akwaugo – Episode 40

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She introduced me to the other bride’s maids. All of them were older than me but I flowed with them. One of them asked if I was Emeka’s wife and I replied, “Ex-wife”.


I had my nails and lashes fixed. I had a big girl look. I was glad auntie Nneoma had made me use palm kernel oil on my skin every night for a month because it glowed, I could see a remarkable difference even though I hated the smell. I was through with everything. I picked my phone to check my chats. There were several messages from Dubie. I excused myself, entered the room to speak with him.


“I am so sorry when I came in I had to have my nails done and then lashes. There is so much noise here, I entered the room to call you”


“I thought you were in bed with your ex because there is no way he will see you and let you go”


“But you let me go”


“Yes, I did. Did you dress up because of him?”


I innocently replied, “Not just because of him but because of the family. By the way, he is not here. We are just ladies here”


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“You didn’t dress up for me. I have never seen you dress up this way before”


“You’ve met me mainly in school and in the village. I do dress up when I feel like but because I hardly go out, it is mainly Church or the school. You are used to seeing me plain. Don’t you like the look?”


“I like it. You looked very beautiful. And attractive. Everyone looked at you, they looked at you lustfully”


“You are funny. What is lustful?”


“That guy followed you. I watched him running after you. He wanted you to go with him and you refused. He was lusting after you”


“Well, it’s possible. But men do that. If they see a beautiful lady, they go after her”


“There is a difference between beautiful and sexy. You were sexy today”


I could sense a change of tune in his voice and it made me smile. He was sexually attracted to me and couldn’t deny it. I liked the fact that I made him feel that way. I took pictures with Uju earlier and she posted it in her family group. They asked her who I was and she mentioned my name. The reaction was explosive. I had that effect on people. Dubie was just experiencing it. Before I cut off, he asked if I opened the bag he gave me and I explained I got busy.


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“Open it as we speak” My box was in the bedroom with the bag. I open it and I


saw the most beautiful high heel sandals with a platform I had ever seen. It was


silver with rhinestone details all over the body It was not too high which I liked.


“I love it”



“Look at the heel” The heel was also crafted. I was lovely, classy and obviously expensive.


“Thanks but I can’t have it”




“I already got what I will wear tomorrow”


“I ordered it specifically for you. It is a Jimmy Choo. Why will you refuse to wear it?”


“It looks expensive”


“I got it for you. You will look stunning in it tomorrow”


“Uju is calling me, let me join them. If I don’t respond immediately to your texts, know I am busy and don’t be offended”


“I won’t. I will talk to you later”




I packed the shoe back into the box and then into the bag. I came out to join others and sitting there with Uju was no other person but Emeka. I was surprised to see him. He hadn’t changed much. His hair was rescinding a little and he added a little weight, if not, he was just the same. He was shocked to see me. I had matured even more and I knew.


“Hello, Emeka. It’s nice to see you”


“Akwaugo? It can’t be my Akwaugo. Oh my God! Baby, you are hot. Nsogbu dikwa” everyone laughed at his exclamation. He came to meet me and asked for a hug which I refused and gave him my hand. “We now shake hands Akwam. You are so beautiful”


“Thank you”


“Let’s go to my room; we can talk there”


I laughed. I wasn’t going anywhere with him. I knew him well. I declined still smiling.


“Let’s talk now. I’ve missed you so much”


“Emeka, move on. I am not available, move on”


‘You don’t have a choice. I will keep pursuing you until you accept”


‘No problem”


‘Is that all you have to say?”


“What do you want me to say? If your sisters should see you here with me there will be a bomb blast”


“I can handle them”


“You can handle them now? When did you grow the liver to handle them?”


“I know you will look for an opportunity to bring the past up. I want to make it up to you. Allow me to make things right. I apologise. I never meant to hurt you. Right now, I want us to go back to the way we were. I still love you”


“We are friends, don’t get it twisted”


“This ass doesn’t look like it has been flogged in recent times”


“It is waiting for the right person to flog it” I answered jokingly.


“I am here to do the honours”


“The right person is available and we flog I well when I am ready”



We went back and forth like this until he said he was going to get suya. I was interested but I didn’t want to be alone with him in the car so I declined the offer. Other girls said they wanted so they all left with Emeka. I was alone with Uju. She gave me a big fancy nylon bag.


“It’s for you”


“What’s this?” I saw a pair of shoes in a box, it had Louboutin on the carton. I opened the box and saw a stiletto pump with the entire shoe covered with silver glitter. It was equally beautiful. Was there a competition between these two men? There were also three bottles of designer perfumes, body mist, my favourite bath and body products and chocolates. I smiled and Uju said to me


“Take them, he got them for you. I am not asking you to get back together with him but at least be civil and kind to him”


“I can do that. He looks good. I don’t want to be around him to avoid temptation. I might not be able to resist him. His sisters would never allow us to be together”


“I know”


When Emeka came back, he gave me a wrap of suya. I thanked him for my gifts. He asked if we could talk for a minute. I obliged him. He came into the room with me.


“You don’t trust me that’s why you don’t want to come to my room”


“Every time we talk or text, it is mainly sex you want. You want me to enter the lion’s den?”


We both laughed. We talked about our individual journeys. He was happy I was close to finishing. He was in Spain but from January he will move back to the middle east for another year’s contract. He told me he would be crediting my account until it gets to a certain amount and then he will tell me what to do with the money. I suggested he sends the money to his father but he refused. He refused



even his brothers and Adanne. I finally agreed to help even though I was still sceptical.


I spent the night on the couch in the living area of the suite. I thought about my life before I closed my eyes. I wished things were different between Emeka and I. He was very thoughtful. I remembered Dubie too bought me a pair of lovely shoes. I hoped Dubie wasn’t competing with Emeka. I liked our relationship the way it was. His show of jealousy made me realise he was a man after all. I knew I had more than likeness for Dubie but it had not manifested fully. AKWAUGO

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