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The Neighbourhood Saga – Season 2 Episode 4

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )




“Darling, you have been with him, you know how good he was, you know his size; how can a woman ever refrain from him?” Mumo asked trying to sound innocent.


“He was my man mum!” Christine shouted.


“I know he was your man darling but the feeling beneath him was always tempting and you know it so let us put that behind us and we move on dear. At times we have to make painful sacrifices for a better tomorrow.” Mumo said.


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Christine’s tears were now rolling down her cheeks furiously like a heavy rainfall. She stared at her mum for a while then looked at me; I was holding a gun on my right hand. She grabbed the gun suddenly and shot her mum twice in the right side of her chest; Mumo dropped to the ground with a huge thunder.



“Yes mum, you are right. Some sacrifices need to be made for a better tomorrow.” She said to her mum who was lying on the ground with her chest oozing blood.


Christine dropped her gun to the ground and began walking slowly towards the house where Miche was. Joy and her men stood there amazed by what had just happened; none of them anticipated such kind of an outcome.


“Stay with her, she needs someone to be by her side right now or else she will cause harm to herself; I believe you can handle her.” I said to Joy pointing at Christine.


I then bent over to Mumo to feel her pulse; she was still alive.


“You are a devil but even so, you don’t deserve to die yet.” I whispered as I grabbed her and carried her into her car.


“Call the police and have them all arrested and charged with attempted murder.” I said to one of Joy’s men pointing at Mumo’s men who were tied together.


I then got into the car and tied some clothes that were inside the car around her blending chest to slow the bleeding and drove off as fast as the car could. The nearest hospital was just a few minutes away and since they had an emergency wing to deal with casualties, I decided to take Mumo there. After we had arrived and the doctors had taken her and confirmed that she was not dead, I gave the doctor in charge my business card so as to call me for the updates on her progress or in case of any emergency.

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I decided to go back to the safehouse and be with Christine.


I had began growing feelings for her but I could not trust her yet since I thought she was working with her mum but after she shot her mum; that was when I believed that she was not aware of what her mother was up to and I got to like her more. When I got to the safehouse, I met Joy pinning Christine to the ground; Christine was trying to unpin herself.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“What’s going on here?” I asked furiously.



“She wants to kill herself, I am trying to stop her.” Joy replied as she struggled to keep Christine pined to the ground.


“It’s okay, let her up; I will look after her.” I said calmly.


Joy was not sure if that was the best idea but she had no choice but to get off Christine since she wanted to win back my trust. She slowly got off Christine and walked away leaving Christine and I all alone.


“Why do you want to kill yourself?” I asked Christine politely.


“What do I have left worth living for?” She asked as tears formed in her eyes.


“She is not dead yet.” I said after some moment of silence.


“I want her dead then I follow suit.” She said angrily.


“Darling, your mum was evil yes but she does not deserve to die; death is not enough punishment for all her evil doings.” I said as I slowly put my arms around her.


She lay her head on my chest and began to cry out loud. Her tears were falling on my shirt as she cursed the day she was born.


“Christine, from the very first day I saw you, I fell in love with you; I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I said as I hugged her tightly.


“Why me Haman, why love a Lady whose mother is a devil who tried to kill you?” She asked.


“Because you are a special lady dear, you have a loving heart and you are not like her. I need you to stay alive for me please.” I replied.


Before she could say anything else, my phone rang; it was a new number.



“Excuse me for a minute dear, I have to take this call… Please Christine don’t do something stupid, I do love you and I cannot forgive myself if anything ever happens to you.” I said as I wiped off her tears and gave her a soft kiss.


I then answered the call as I walked out of the room. The call was from the hospital, I was needed there urgently. I could not leave Christine all alone so I decided to go and get her so that we could got together.


When I opened the door to the room where I had left her, I was in for a rude shock.


I found her lying on a pool of blood and on her right hand, she was holding a knife and her stomach was bleeding. I quickly took her in my arms and rushed her to the vehicle. She was losing too much blood so I first slowed her bleeding then drove her to the hospital where her mum was. After the nurses took Christine, I went to the doctor’s office to hear what she had to say about Mumo.


“Doc is Mumo okay?” I asked.


“Haman, we have a tough decision to make.” The doc replied.


“Why?” I asked curiously.


“She is eight months pregnant and they both can’t survive.” The doc said.


“Doc, are you saying Mumo is carrying a eight months old baby yet her tummy is still normal??!” I asked perplexed.


“Yes Ham, not all women get protruding tummies when they are pregnant.” She replied.


“So, what is the complication here?” I asked.


“The treatment which should help her recover will automatically make her miscarry the baby, alternatively, we can make her deliver prematurely but she will not survive the CS because she is anemic and already she has lost too much blood. She has at most twenty four hours before she dies if she does not get any treatment.” The doc said.



I sat there trying to think which option was the right one to choose, I had to decide who to live since Mumo and the baby inside her could not both survive.


“Save the baby, it deserves to live.” I said after a long moment of silence.


“Are you sure about this Haman?” The doctor asked.


“Yes doc, I am sure. Save the baby and as for the lady I just brought in, make sure she survives please.” I replied.


“Will try our best Ham.” She replied.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


I then walked out of the office and went to the waiting bay to wait for the doctors to first examine Christine before I left. I could not let an innocent soul to die so as to save an evil one. After waiting for about an hour, Joy walked in to the reception. I was seated just opposite the reception so she spotted me immediately she walked in.


“Is everything okay Ham?” She asked.


“Yeah, everything is okay. Actually I was thinking of going to the hospital which I took Chrisham and see how she is doing.” I replied.


“She is fine, the doctor said she will be discharged tomorrow.” Joy said.


“You went to see her?” I asked perplexed.


“Is it wrong to visit someone at the hospital?” Joy replied.


“Just that I can’t fathom how you of all people went to see her after sleeping with her husband and collaborated with Mumo to try and kill her.” I said.


“Haman, I had nothing to do with Chrisham’s shooting. Mumo never wanted her as her daughter in-law so she planned for the shooting.” Joy said as she sat beside me.


“What do you mean daughter in-law?” I asked confused.



“As I told you earlier, a lot of things about this neighborhood are always kept as a secret; Chris is the firstborn to Mumo.” Joy replied.


“Haha, tell me you are kidding Joy!” I said laughing.


“I wish I was Ham but the truth is, Mumo wanted Chrisham dead so that Chris would end up marrying me but I wanted you and not Chris. I slept with Chris not because I wanted to but because Mumo threatened to kill me and then kill you and at that time I had no manpower to go against her.” Joy replied.


“So you decided to conceive his baby so as to convince her that you loved her son?” I asked sarcastically still not believing that Christine was Chris’ younger sister.


“With Chris I used protection Ham, this baby is definitely yours. Actually after Chris found out that I was carrying your baby, he chased me away from the room we were staying and that was when I decided to come to you and apologize. When I got to your place, that was when I saw them take you and decided to come and get you.” She replied.


“It will take time before I ever believe a word you say Joy.” I said.


Just then the doctor came and asked me to accompany her to her office.


“Christine is stable but she in a comma and we cannot tell when she will wake up, the surgery will begin in half an hour, I need you to sign these forms.” She said after I was seated in her office.


I took the forms and signed them then decided to go and check on Chrisham together with the man she was shot with since I had not visited them since the day I took them to the hospital. I left Joy at the hospital as she had her pregnancy check ups and went. I found Chrisham lying on the bed looking miserable. When I sat beside her, I recalled that moment I was holding her in my arms and she was giving herself to me and I felt that connection I had for her building up again.


“Hi beautiful.” I said smiling.



“Hi Ham, thank you for saving my life.” She replied trying to force a smile.


“How are you feeling?” I asked.


“I am much better dear.” She replied.


She then took my hand into hers then looked me in the eyes and said;


“I never told you why I testified against you in court, it is about time you knew the whole truth Ham.


“I am listening dear.” I said.


“You remember that night I wanted you to make love to me?” She asked…..




Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman


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