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Lovers – My Hooligan – Season 2 Episode 2

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#Season_2 Chapter 2 (Finale)



Zoya Pov


“Where are they? Why is the room empty?” I demanded.


“It is not empty, this is where I had put Harsha and Krish.” Krishna answered and went to check on the bathroom conjoined with the room. “They are not there either.” She said when she came out of the bathroom.


“Then where could they be?” I asked her, not believing her one bit.


“I don’t know, I am telling you the truth, I kept them here, they ought to be here.” Krishna said.


“What if they escape Krishna?” Lady Deepa spoke surprising me with her question.

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Are both of them playing on my intelligence?


I pondered in thought as I stared at mother and daughter.


“I doubt that mother, they could have been seen around the fortress.” Krishna responded.


“But the guards were not there tonight, they were all with us in the cave. What if at that moment, one of them had unlocked the room and they both ran away.” Lady Deepa said.


And at that moment a thought came to my mind.


“Krishna, if you can have hidden cameras planted in Harsha house, then I believe this castle, especially this room, has an hidden camera where you monitor their movements.” I told her.



“Yes, why did I not think of that before?” She asked no one in particular. “Let’s go to my room.” She added leading the way out of the room we were to her room, her mother followed her and I walked behind them.


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We got to her room and she quickly put on the large TV on the wall. She went on to press something on the TV and the room which we all left a few minutes ago was displayed on the TV.


She played one of the recorded videos displayed and Harsha and Krish were seen in that room. They were awake and pacing around the room, though not speaking to each other.


Krishna was telling the truth when she said she had kept them in the room. She wasn’t lying.


Then we saw the door handle of the room turning which grabbed their attention.


As we were all watching who was trying to open the door, the video became blank, nothing was shown again.


What the hell? What happened?


“What just happened?” Krishna spoke the question in my mind. “This hasn’t happened before.” She added and I nodded my head.


“Apparently whoever that was trying to open the door wasn’t you or your mother.” I said. “The both of you were in the cave and I am not the one because I don’t know the particular room in which you had kept them and I had thought they were in the dungeon in the first place.” I added.


Both mother and daughter faced me.


Lady Deepa closed her eyes and took a deep breath then opened her eyes to look at me.


“Someone was in this room.” She said and glanced at her daughter sideways.


“Aren’t you perceiving the scent of someone in here Krishna?” She asked.



Krishna took a deep breath and nodded her head. “Yes mother, someone was in this room.”


I took a deep breath and noticed a fading smell which didn’t belong to Krishna or her mother.


“That means they are two of them.” I said bringing their attention to me. “One was about to enter the room and the other one disconnected that particular room camera….which means one thing.” I told them as they waited for me to finish my little speech. “They know you had place hidden cameras all over the house.”


“True, but how could they know? Except my mother and I, no one enters my room.” Krishna said, surprising me when she agreed with what I said.


“I will find out who would have taken Harsha and Krish away.” I said. Whoever it is better get ready for me. I know the person that took them away must be connected to the one I am preparing my strength for.


“Count me in too, I know you want to kill me Zoya but do that after I have killed the fool who dared entered my room.” Krishna said shocking me even further. She stared at me and I stared at her.


Me and her working together, is that what she is trying to say? Could that be possible?


“Apart from that, didn’t you notice the foul smell?” Lady Deepa asked bringing us out of our staring contests. “It means whoever that was here wasn’t a human, it was one of our kind.”


For some reason I suddenly like Lady Deepa’s nose. She was the first person to notice the smell and now the foul smell.


I went to sit on one of the large sofas in the room which was facing them.



“So since we are not doing anything.” I said staring at Lady Deepa. “Can you tell me the whole history of your husband, I am talking about his family.” I added. “Is my father an only child? What happened to his parents? Are they demons like us?”


Lady Deepa cleared her throat to answer and at the same time my hand touched my stomach.





Authoress Pov


Somewhere (An Unknown Place):


“Yes Indra, you will change the fortress.” The priest said, smiling. “But mind you, Ravaana Kaali’s second daughter is powerful. She used her brain to kill your brother, she may use it in you. I suggest you should be careful Indra when you face her one on one.” The priest warned.


“No one tells Indra what to do, save your breath old man for I Indra is not like my brother who was killed like a chicken.” Indra boasted with pride.


“I believe in you Indra.” The old priest said.


All the demon statues with horns regained their breaths as a large roar came out from each one of them.


“Can she withstand my powerful demons?” India said with pride.


“But your brother has demons guarding him and yet, she still killed him, Indra.” The old priest told him.


“And like I told you old man, I and my brother are two different people.” Indra said to him.


“What are you going to give your humble and loyal servant great Indra. I have been passing information to you.” The old priest said.



“I will be giving you a tangible gift old man.” Indra said and one of his hands turned into sharp claws which he used and cut off the head of the old man. “Dinner is served, my demons.”


They a rushed at the headless man body.






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