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Blue Maid – Episode 25

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His phone buzzed and he took the phone and looked at the screen. He sighed and picked it

Derek :Alice… How are you….. Oh.. Well I’m driving now, will call you back later… Okay…

Me: we’re here sir

Derek: oh so soon

I nodded

He drove into the agency’s accommodation centre and pulled up at the parking lot.

I wanted to open my door and come out but he deliberately locked it and looked at me.

I was confused

He opened his and went round to my door and opened it for me

I let out a short laugh

He led me to the lobby and signed some papers on my behalf.

Then he asked me to give his regards to Audrey and he left

I went upstairs to our room. We were on the second floor.

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Audrey was sleeping when I got in.

I checked the time

Just 9:30pm and she’s already sleeping. That’s weird

She always sleeps late

I moved closer to her and touched her


Her temperature was high

She had a fever

I dropped my bag and sat on the bed beside her

Me: Audrey….. Audrey… Audrey wake up

She opened an eye and closed it.

I had an idea

I brought out the money Derek gave me and placed it close to her nose.

Not less than a minute, she woke up and stared at it. When she realized what it was, she sat up and took it

Audrey : what’s this

Me: some paper that woke you up

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Audrey : huh

She turned it round and round as if to know what it was

Me: Audrey you have a fever. You were okay when I left

She kept the money down and curled up

I got scared

This was virtually the first time I’ve seen her like this

I stood up and got to the bathroom, carried a towel and a bowl of water.

I applied the wet towel on her and went to get drugs.

I also took pizza and made her eat.

Later her fever died down and she fell asleep.

I checked the time, 11:56pm

I yawned and fell on the bed


I got a text message from Derek, so I woke up because my phone vibrated

I’m at your door

What is this idiot doing here now?

I might not be able to sleep if he’s here

I replied him

go back to where you’re coming from

should I really go back?

why are you disturbing me?

I’m spending the night here, remember

I sighed and stood up sluggishly and moved to the living room.

My eyes refused to open properly and it felt like I was sleep walking

I managed to get to the door and I beeped it open.

The wizard was standing there and using his phone.

Me: move in

He moved in and I closed my door.

He headed to the bar and I headed back to my room

Derek : Blue is going to be working here from next week

I stopped and turned

Adrian : okay, I do not need bitches here so find another place for your whore

Derek turned

Derek : she’s neither a bitch nor a whore Adrian

Me: and why is she gonna be working here? Wait, why I’m I even asking? Not my business anyway. I have no business with maids. And if she starts working here, tell her to forget about that embarrassment she caused

He shook his head and looked at me

Derek : she’s going to be working in your chambers

Adrian : what? I hope she doesn’t try to flirt with me if she even sees me. Look I don’t want that girl here, she’s created a bad impression with me already.

Derek : you’ll see her here next week. And we’ll talk about this tomorrow. And by the way, happy birthday to you

He tapped my shoulder as he walked past me to his room.

I sat down on a cushion and used my hand to support my head

I was planning on how to deal with Derek and his love for women


I woke up feeling better than last night.

My fever was gone but I still felt lightheaded

I looked beside me, Blue was fast asleep

I checked the time, 8:40am?


It’s a good thing we’re off today

I tried to remember everything that happened last night

I think I dreamt that I saw a bundle of cash and I held it.

I sighed and stood up to wash up.

I was hungry

After washing up, I went to check the fridge.

Just water, and one slice of pizza.

I took it out and eat it cold.

I was really hungry

We needed to fill this fridge up with groceries.

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Blue woke up and I greeted her

Me: morning blue maid

Blue : Audrey, how’s your health

She yawned

Me: I’m good now Blue, thanks for yesterday

Blue : sure

She stood up and went to the small bathroom

I went to the bed and sat down.

This room is pretty small, compared to our other rooms in Derek and Belinda’s house

Blue came out and moved to the fridge

Me: there’s nothing there

Blue : we should go grocery shopping today

Me: I’m out of money

Blue : order pizza

Me: you didn’t hear me, I’m out of money

Blue sighed and went to her bag and brought out a bundle of cash

My eyes popped open


Blue : I saw Derek yesterday at the castle. He’s Prince Adrian’s best friend. He gave me this

I jumped up and grabbed the money

Me: whoahh, I gotta order pizza

She smiled and sat down

She told me everything that happened yesterday

From the sight of the castle to the room and the service.

And even till when Derek dropped her off

Me: is Adrian hot?

Blue : heyyy….. I couldn’t look at him. He didn’t raise his eyes at me too. But I think he’s muscular

Me: wait, the first day we came Derek said ”Adrian’s gonna love you ” right?

Blue : yes, Belinda once told me that too

Me: are you thinking what I’m thinking?

I smirked and she jumped off

Blue : no I’m not. Come on order pizza I’m starving

Me: okay queen of Edinburgh to be

I laughed and she covered her ears and went out.

I’m really happy to have someone like her you know.

She’s good luck

And her beauty always makes people treat us well. She’s got both charisma and character

Unlike me


I know that I’m sassy and lack manners

That’s me


I bade Audrey good bye with a tight long hug.

The agency had transferred me to the castle for real

I was happy at the same time scared.

I thank goodness the castle was large. It’s next to impossible for me to see the prince.

I know he wouldn’t like me after what happened on his birthday

I moved first to the maids quarters and I was to share my room with two other maids.

The room was a little bit big with three beds. I was directed to mine and I dropped my things in my wardrobe beside my bed.

About all my Blue colored stuff, I had them transferred to Aberdeen with mother.

From the money we both gathered, mother got an apartment in an apartment building .

It was two rooms so whenever I visit her, I stay there.

I was scheduled to start work the next day.

My uniforms were already with me

Everything I do is connected to Blue color.

The uniform is Blue

So lovely

I was looking at the uniform when someone opened the door and walked in lamenting about something

Girl: uhhh, so frustrating. Why can’t he just do it himself? Must I always clean the toilets? Why is he the janitor? I’m really really going to deal with him? But I can’t. I’m not strong

Look, my arms are So lean. No muscles. I would have punched him in the nose

I think the person noticed me

Girl: hey are you the new maid? You’re to share a room with us right? You’re welcome here… Well what’s your name? I hope you have a beautiful name?

My instincts rang a bell in my head

I quickly turned


I was right

Me: Cindy!

Cindy: oh my goodness! Blue…….

We ran and hugged each other passionately

To Be Continued

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