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Blood Doctors – Episode 22

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Marcus POV


Nicole mate have been found.


I ran to dad’s office.


Nicole and orchard was there too.


And that is good.


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“Marcus why are you in such a hurry”.


Dad asked.


I hope am doing the right thing cause Rebecca is also a black blood.


No I just have to tell them.


“Dad, have found Nicole mate”.


“What? “.


They all asked.


“She is an intern under Nicole”.


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“Who is she? “.


Father asked.


“She is Rebecca”.


“What the Impossible…… No way”.


Nicole said.


“Rebecca? Who is she? “.


Orchard asked.


“No time to ask questions now just bring her to me”.


Father said.


They all look shock most especially Nicole.


“Rebecca is my mate? “.


He asked.


Lucius POV




Nicole mate have been found and she is an intern under Nicole.


This is so great.


All we have to do now is to bring her here.


Nothing will happen to Nicole now.


Nicole POV


Rebecca is a vampire?.


Not only that, she is my mate.


That means she is also very powerful.


And she is the white haired lady.


Wow, am shocked.


But why didn’t I know that it was her?.


Why didn’t I know that she was the white haired lady?.


Gosh this is so hard to believe.


She was with me all this while.




Rebecca POV


I looked at my hand.


The knife cut is still there.


The cut haven’t go yet and that is strange.


I thought I was losing it.


I thought I was no longer a vampire.


I tried checking myself but am still a vampire .


Then what is wrong with me.


That knife is so strange.


But come to think of it, am beginning to suspect the granduwella’s.


They haven’t lost a patient since the hospital was built.


And they don’t age.


Or are they also vampires?


Richard POV


Finally we all know who Nicole mate is.


So now the eclipse will go well.


I need to visit Jane.


I drove to the flat and entered the house.




I called.


She came out from the kitchen smiling at me.


She hugged me.


And that really took me off guard.


I wasn’t expecting that.



“I miss you”.


She said.


“So quick”.


I asked.


She nodded.


I smiled at her.


“Am making some scorned egg. Let me go and check it”.


She said and left.


miss me?.


That is the first time someone told me that.


Few minutes later, she came to meet me.


“Let’s go to the dinning table”.


She said smiling.


I smiled back at her.


Jack POV


So emedin had a daughter.


A daughter who is still alive.


A daughter who is also working with the granduwella’s.


I need to tell father.


I went to a room and lock the door.


I just need to connect my spirit to his.


Amacius POV


“King amacius, Elias is connecting his spirit. It seems like he got something to tell you”.


A witch said.


I just hope its good news.



“Ok “.


I said.


She closed her eyes and in no time, Elias spirit was connected to hers.


Anything she said is what Elias is saying.


“Father. There is a problem. Emedin had a daughter. And her daughter is pretty much alive. She is also working with the granduwella’s. And since she is the only half vampire and half human on earth apart from Freda, then am sure she is Nicole mate”.


He said and his spirit was disconnected.




I have a granddaughter on earth.


My granddaughter is a hybrid.


Hybrids are also powerful.


The granduwella’s don’t suppose to know this.


They don’t suppose to find out about her.


Cause since she is also powerful, then she is nicole’s mate.




When Richard left Jane, he went to the hospital.


One of the thugs who want to kill Jane saw him and followed him.


“The granduwella’s hospital”.


The thug said.


He also followed him and went into the hospital.


He was shocked when Richard out in a doctor coat.


“So that means he is a doctor and not just any doctor but a granduwella” .


Rebecca POV


A message came to my phone that Dr. Lucius want to see me. But in the


granduwella’s mansion.




Their mansion?.


That is really an honor.


But why does he want to see me?.


Have I done something wrong?.


Not just anywhere but their mansion.

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At some point am scared and some point am happy cause people hardly go to their mansion.


I got dressed cause am done with my work for today.


I left my house and stood outside waiting for a taxi.




Rebecca stood waiting for a taxi but none was coming.


A car then stopped in front of her.




The odd looking man said.




“Ma’am am sure you are going to meet someone”.


“Yes the granduwella’s”.


She said.


“They told me to pick you up”.


The man said.


“Really? “.





Rebecca had no choice but to believe him cause she don’t know where their mansion is and no sign of a taxi.




She said and entered the car.


The man drive for thirty minutes non stop.


Rebecca begin to wonder why they haven’t reach yet.


“Are we not there yet”.


She asked.


“No ma’am”.


He replied and stopped the car.


“Why did you stop? “.


She said looking round her.


They where surrounded by trees no houses.


Rebecca was getting scared.


Her fangs began to come out but she hid them. If the man mean any harm then she will have no choice but to use it.


The odd looking man brought out an handkerchief and cover her nose with it.


Rebecca began to struggle with him.


He held the handkerchief tightly not giving her a breathing space.


Her finger nails grow.


She tried fighting him with it but he wasn’t giving up, he still held it tight.


She slow lose consciousness.


The man remove the handkerchief when he saw that she had lose consciousness.



He slowly remove the facemask he was wearing.


And he turned out to be Jack.

















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