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The Neighbourhood Saga – Episode 6

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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )


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I removed the short she was wearing and then took her to my arms and pinned her against the wall. She could not help it but groan deeply as I rode right into her park. It must have taken about an hour because at the climax, Joy was leaning on the cabinet she was seated on earlier drawing a number 7 with her body and I was standing behind her still riding in the Paradise park.


After we both got exhausted, reality hit me pretty hard. One, we used no protection. Two, Joy was still a stranger to me; I only knew her name and her job. Three, I never bothered to ask if she had a guy in her life. The many months dry-



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Guilt started eating me up but when I saw how excited Joy was, I couldn’t help it. She was the best horse rider I had ever encountered, her game was a nine over ten; sweet to the last stroke.


Instead of dressing up and clearing my mess, I decided to go for a rematch; this time round on the bed. In my room, I had an acting attire of a plane captain and that of a hostess which were to be used in a play I was writing; Joy dressed me like a captain then she dressed up like an air hostess.


“Is the flight ready to take off Mr. Captain sir?” Joy asked as she bit her index finger.


“Sure, it is.” I replied.


Joy was too sweet for my conscious to resist; she threw me on my bed and using my tie, she tied my hands behind the bed.


“I am now in charge captain.” She said as she got on top of me.


“Hoping you are not going to crush my plane on the mountains or deep into the see.” I replied putting a naughty smile on my face.


“That is why we have autopilot sir.” She said as she went mining down my waist.


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She was piloting the plane across the oceans when I heard some noises in my common room. I was torn between landing the plane at the middle of the ocean to go and check out who or what was in my house, and going on with the flight all the way to the next airport.


“Baby, did you hear that?” I asked.


“Hear what?” She replied with a faint voice.


“The noises in the common room.” I replied.



She stopped riding and we both listened carefully. There was some silence then I heard a metallic plate fall.


“Untie me fast!” I said to Joy.


She untied me then I grabbed my boxer and wore it.


“Stay here.” I said as I grabbed a rod beside my closet.


I tiptoed towards the common room holding the metallic rod firmly, ready to strike.


“Oh boy! Lax what a mess?!” I exclaimed.


It was my pet Lax, I found him lying on the seat besides some marbles he had toppled over. He was not feeling well so I had given him out to the vets for a twenty four hours medication program. He was a smart dog, he knew his way into the house once dropped at the gate by the vet. I went to the kitchen and got him some dog food then went back to my room.


“Who was it?” Joy asked.


“Lax, my pet dog.” I replied.


“You never told me you had a pet!” She said sounding excited.


“How could I remember him while I was swimming in a pool of honey?” I asked sounding naughty.


“You are one naughty boy.” Joy replied shying off.


“And you my dear are a good horse rider; I can’t get enough of you.” I said smiling naughtily.


“You got a nice horse to ride dear; I don’t recall when last I felt it so deep.” She replied.



“Talking of which, does someone own the pool I just swam in?” I asked pretending to be concerned.


“I do not wish to talk about that Ham.” Joy replied.


“Come on Joy, I need to know if I am sleeping with another man’s lady.” I said.


“It is complicated Ham.” She replied.


“So there is a chance I screwed someone’s girl?” I asked sounding sarcastic.


“Stop it Haman, I needed someone to shave my honey jar; that’s all. After all, it was a one night stand.” She replied.


“Noway!” I said smiling.


“Noway what Haman?” She asked sounding a little bit confused.


“It can’t be a one night stand. I love every bit of you Joy; you fulfilled every single desire I had, broke every spell I had. I am not letting you be a one night stand dear.” I replied.


“I wish I had met you earlier Ham, you are really sweet!” Joy said sounding overwhelmed.


“I am going to take a shower, will you join?” I asked.


Definitely Joy would not reject my offer. She joined me in the shower and the match was back on; this time, under the shower. After spending an hour in the shower, we dressed up and I suggested we take Lax for a walk. One would think Joy was already my wife, we did everything like a couple.


Joy took Lax’s leash and put it around his neck and we were ready to take him for a walk. We took him to Mekhi’s Park since we too needed some fresh air. I decided to go and get Joy some ice cream at the shop in the park; it was about 300Metres away.


“I will be back babe.” I said to Joy and left.


When I got to the shop, I could not believe my eyes…..




Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman

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