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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 10

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Chapter ten



Ryan pov


“Here is d information we need to save Vivian,” I said.


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“We were able to track Vivian through d GPS tracker her dad inserted in her tooth.”


“We found out dat she is located at a warehouse a Mrs Jane’s husband own.” ( Mrs Jane is d one who abducted Vivian)


“Now what we need is the number of goons in d warehouse,” I said.

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“Lucas and I will find out dat,” James said.


“Ok, I will leave dat to u,” I said and anxious.


“Cap u don’t have to worry, nothing will happen to her,” James said.


“Thanks,” I said and faked a smile.


“Let’s get to work,” ken said.



Vivian pov



All I see is darkness, I felt a pain around my hands and legs. I was being tied up to a chair.

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“Where am I?” I asked weakly


“U are awake,” I heard a voice in front me, after a while my blindfold was removed.


I looked up and saw a woman in front of me.


“Who are u?” I asked.


“It doesn’t matter who I am, what matter is how far is ur dad is willing to go to save u from me,” she said with perfect poker face.


“What is dat supposed to mean?” I asked shaking with fear.



“Don’t be scared I won’t kill u for now, if ur dad do as I said then u are safe,” she said.


“U are such a pretty girl, just hope ur dad will do anything to save u,” she said smiling.


“I don’t know what u want my dad to do but I can promise u all dis are useless, my dad won’t fall for stupid things like dis,” I said.


“Well let see how he will react when he sees ur pretty face turned ugly,” she said.


A big hefty man moved closer to me and hit me in the face making me bleed.


As if dat was not enough, he punched me in my stomach making me cough.


“Shit!” I exclaimed.


“Oh sorry, we are just about to get started” she said and smirked.



a few Hours later


A man rushed in.


“What is it?” The lady asked.


“We are under attacked,” he said breathing heavy.


“What?” She asked shocked


“We should leave,” the big guy said.


“Not dat fast,” we heard a voice.



Ryan pov


“Let’s begin,” I said to d guys through d Bluetooth communicator.



“In d front door, there are about four hefty men, Lucas said. At d back door there are six,” James said.


“Are u guys ready?” I asked heading for the warehouse.


“Yes am taking two at d front,” ken said.


“Give me three at d back,” tom said.


“Am taking d remaining three at d back then,” Douglas said.


“As soon as we attack the men outside tom, James and lucas are to go in and save Vivian,” I said.


“Roger,” Lucas said.


“Who is there?” One of man said as they saw us.


I move as fast as I can as I punched d man in his stomach while ken attacked d other two men.


He tried to punch me but I side stepped and hit him in his throat as he fell down.


The other one came at me and was to hit d bat which I dodged.


He attacked me again using d sans method but I hold d bat before he could.


I punch him in his face then his stomach which made him lose his balance. And within dat period of time I took d bat from him and used it to hit him twice in his head.


I went to help ken, he seems to be having a tough time with d other guy.



Vivian pov


“Not so fast,” a guy said.


Three guys actually.


“How did you get here?” The lady asked.


“Don’t worry about how we got here but how u will get out, a guy among them said.”


The three guys were dressed in casual dresses, jeans and shirt, fit and muscular, reminded me of Ryan.


Two of the goons with the lady suddenly attacked the guys, but the strange men were well prepared, pulled out their guns and shot the idiot goons.

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“Let’s go,” the big guy said to d lady as more goons attacked the armed men shooting at them with guns of their own.


“Ok,” she said.


“Wait,” she said and stopped.


“Meet me outside after killing her,” she said to one of guys escorting her and left with the others.


The man pointed a gun at me.


‘Am going to die,’ I thought.


“Bye,” he said and put his hands on d trigger.


I was excepting him to shoot me but instead I heard a shot.


I looked at him and saw him already on d floor with his hand bleeding.


His gun on d floor.


The handsome guy came to me and untie me.


“I see why captain likes u”, he said smiling,while I gave him a weird look.



“Let’s get out of here,” he said.


“Tom, James.” he called out.


I looked at d bodies of the criminals on the floor writhing in pain and some dead.


‘Are they here to kidnap and hurt me too or to save me,’ I wondered.


“Where are we going?” I asked.


“Outside, captain is waiting for u” he said.


“Who is captain?” I asked.


“He didn’t tell u?” the one called James asked.


“Tell me what?” I asked.


“So u mean he didn’t even talk about us?” the other guy said.


“Who?” I asked looking at them confused.


“I can’t believe dis,” tom said.


“What are u talking about?” I shouted at them and they flinched.


I took a deep breath.

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“Wow, she and d captain match perfectly” James said.


This guys are frustrating, I thought.


“Let’s go outside,” James said and I followed them.


“Captain, we are here,” tom said as we reached outside.


I look at d person they called captain and it was Ryan.



“Are u alright?” He asked checking me.


“U came for me,” I said glad and happy.


I felt like am on top of d word.


“Are u alright?” He asked again rubbing my cheeks.


“I missed u,” I said almost crying.


Am sorry for leaving, I should haven’t.” he said.


“Am sorry,” he said.


“Me too,” I said and hugged him.


Suddenly we heard a gunshot.


Who was hit?




Oh my god who was hit?


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