Wonder Woman – Episode 14

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Wonder Woman




Jane Ambrose


——————————————- —– Authoress Jane Ese


—————————————– ——-


Episode 14


[Gang Raped ]





I was shaking in fear


God please save me


They were 10 boys of them were smoking weed with pistol in few of them hands


They were in the same place staring at us!


I quickly tapped mom


“We are dead” I whispered


She quickly got up she saw them I saw fear written all over her “Kira what do we do?” She asked “Mom I’m so scared and confused”


“Well well well sleeping beauty decides to wake up before we could wake her up”


one of them said


All of them laughed


Tears streamed down my eyes


So they have been watching us? One of them that looked impatient cracked his gun


and pointed it at mom “Do you money with you or you want it the other way?” He




Other way?


“Swears I don’t have any money with me” mom said


“My husband drove us outta the house with nothing” mom added


While mom was talking I quickly his our phones in the hidden part of my luggage “So you don’t have any money?” He asked We nodded


One of them pulled me up and dragged me to where one of them sat down This must be their boss


“Boss here she is” he told the man he addressed as boss ‘Boss’ used his eyes to rape me


God please let him not rape me I’m on my period


After he was done with eye raping me he got up from where he sat down and walked round where I stood




He grabbed my left breast hard


I choked on my tears


God why me


I could hear mom crying they must have had their way into her



He grabbed my butt hard and smacked it twice I whimpered in pain


He tore of my clothes and started kissing me toughly fighting his way through which made him to bite my lips so I could open up

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I didn’t need torture anymore so I complied to whatever he was doing with my lips buy I didn’t respond


He grabbed my butt roughly and twisted my my right nipple painfully


I yelped in pain


He tore my trouser


I cried silently I was on my menstrual cycle I pray I don’t get pregnant


He got to my pant and saw the pad


“So you are on your period?” HD asked


I nodded praying that he would pity me


“But that would not stop me from satisfying myself” he said through gritted teeth and tore of my pants


I screamed in pain as he forced himself into my virgin hΓ—le “FΓ—ck she’s a virgin” he exclaimed He increased his pace


I shouted in pain this isn’t anywhere near to pleasure but pain pure pain!


I never planned my first sex to be like this


I screamed again in pain


“Shut up bΓ—tch” he cursed and shoved the stained pad into my mouth Yuk!

Tears streamed down my face as i muffled screams threatening to be out Soon he cummed inside me


God I don’t wanna get pregnant


“Cage come with the rest she’s damn tight come have a taste of this delicious





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They came one after the other raping and assaulting all parts of my body


I tried to fight back after series of attempt they tied my hands to a pole there and banged life out of my body


At times 2 people would sleep with me one in my pΓ—Γ—Γ—y hole and the other in my ass while the other ones would twist my nipples and press my breast roughly until they were satisfied leaving me almost lifeless they all cummed inside me


Now my fear is am I gonna get pregnant?


I drifted of to sleep with a throbbing pain in between my legs





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