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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 14

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Chapter 1 ⃣4 ⃣



Gorai Village (Part 2)



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Harsha POV


I hope her name isn’t the same with the one she has given the woman.


Well, there is only way to find out, I will have to pay Gorai village a visit without Zee knowing.

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“Grandma, I will be coming very early tomorrow to Gorai, tell the villagers not to panic, okay?” She told her grandmother.


“Okay, I will do just that, please try to come as early as you can. Hope you are eating well Zoya?”


“Yes grandma, I am eating very well.” She answered.


“Take care of yourself and stay out of trouble.”


“I always stay out of trouble grandma, love you and bye.” She said and ended the call. She started the car and was driving home.


“So who was that?” I asked trying to make a conversation between us.


“My grandmother, sweetheart.”


“Why was she calling you?” I asked, trying not to make it obvious that I overheard their phone conversation.

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“Nothing, we are discussing some stuff.” She responded.


“So who was that guy that had called you earlier?”


“My friend sweetheart.”


“Your friend? But the way he sounded on the phone seemed as if he was your boyfriend.” I told her expecting her to deny it but she didn’t say any word.



“So is he your boyfriend, wild cat?” I ask using her nickname I made for her…. just


for her.


“No, we are just buddies, no strings attached sweetheart.” She shocked me with her honest answer.


Fuck buddies?


Was I jealous? Yeah a little bit.


I stared at her, slowly taking her feminine features and I noticed she was beautiful. Why didn’t I notice that before? If she could start wearing ladies clothes, then she could win against Krishna beauty.


She honked once we reached the gate of my uncle’s house and the gate was opened. She drove in and parked the car at the same spot where the driver has parked it before.


She switched off the engine and was about to step out and I grabbed her hand, she turned her head and faced me.


“Yes what is it sweetheart?”


Sweetheart? You are fu.cking someone else!


I wanted to yell out the words to her but instead I said.


“I want you to stop whatever relationship you have with this other guy. I know it’s your life and choice but please, I don’t want you to do that.”


“And you think I would obey you?” She asked, smiling widely.


“Yes.” I answered and she started laughing. “As your husband to be, don’t I have the right to make this simple request?” I asked surprised myself and her and I was out of the car and ran inside with speed hoping she didn’t see my red cheeks.





Zoya POV



I laughed even harder as I saw his retreating back. He had a blush on his face over his statement and he looked so cute with it. I lick my sudden dry lips as my gaze went to his ass, what I would do to feel them.


I came down from the car and the driver who had wanted to take Harsha out before came and took the car keys from my hand. I entered the living room and saw Anant.


“Why was my son’s face bright red? Did you do something inappropriate with him?” He demanded.


Oh I wish.


“No, we just have a normal conversation, that is all.” I answered him. “I will be traveling tomorrow and won’t be around.”


“Okay.” He said. “I have your room ready.”


For once I did not argue with him. I nodded my head.


“The fifth room is where you will stay.”


“Okay.” I head upstairs.





Harsha POV



The following morning, I woke up very early and took my bath with one destination in my mind.





I sneaked my way out of my uncle’s house. I was putting on one of my suit so it would seem I was coming to the village as someone of high profile. I was about to leave the compound when my phone vibrated in my pocket.


Staring at the caller ID, I groan lowly and put my phone back into my pocket and continue my way. For once in many months, I ignored Krishna’s call.


By the time I had arrived at Gorai village, the morning sun was out. The village looks very organized. The whole villagers were kind people to me and I told them I was looking for Zoya’s grandmother.


Many people led me to where a large building and gate was erect. On it was writing ‘Zoya Helping Foundation’


It seems my hunches were right. Zee was Zoya.


I entered and saw many children and mother’s eating.


A young lady walked up to me and asked who I was looking for. I told her to call me Zoya grandmother and that I was Zoya’s friend.


The young lady left and returned with an older woman.


“Good morning grandmother.” I greeted the old woman.


“Morning my son, what’s your name?”


“Harsha.” I replied. “And I am looking for Zoya.”


Before she could respond the chant of Zoya filled the air and the old woman smiled widely looking behind me.


I turned around and saw Zoya who froze when she saw me.


She was wearing a long gown that covers her entire tattoos and also was wearing a wig on her head. She looked totally different.



She was surprised to see me but came out of her shock when her grandmother walked to meet her and brought her back to where I was standing.


“This is my granddaughter Zoya. She is a working class lady in the big city and is the CEO of a leading company in India.” The old lady said with a very bright smile.


The lies were overwhelming me.


“And not only that, she is the founder of this organization with the help of her fiance who is the son of the Vice president of India.”


That was it. I collapsed.









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