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Se.x Partners – Episode 8

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Chapter eight



Jasmine pov


He placed me on the chair as he kissed my leg left up to thigh.


His hand went under my nighties, he rubbed my clit while I moaned softly.


He pulled me up and removed my night gown and lay me down again.


He went for my tits, playing with them as a warm trickle of excitement gathered in my p***y.


“You have nice tits” he said while I blushed.

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I know a part of me hates him but the other part of me, well am sure I can’t resist James.


He sucked my n***les, “James!!!” I moaned his name.


He stopped and looked at me, “I want you to suck me” he said.


“But I have never done it before” I said shyly.


“Trust me” he said.


“Ok” I said, stood up and bent down.


I unblucked his belt, pulled down this trouser and bring out his huge dick.


I looked at him and he gave me a go ahead.

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I stroke his dick and suck on it as I could and it felt good.


“Jas!” he moaned while I kept sucking it.


“That is it” he said and I stopped.


“Come here” he said tapping his laps and I sat on him.


He bring his lips closer and kissed me.


He laid me down and insert his hard dick in my honeypot.


Thrusting into me slowly.


“James!” i moaned his name as he increased his speed.


“James” I cried out and he kissed my lips, then my forehead which made me felt butterflies.Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon button at the bottom of the screen



Are we just sex partners, who knows nothing but sex or are we something else. What exactly is the kind of relationship between me and James?


Anita pov


“Welcome back” I said to James and kissed him.


“Hi” he said.


“How was work?” I asked rubbing his chest.


“Great” he said.


“Really, how about I add more sweetness to it” I said seductively.


“Am sorry but am tired” he said and walked away.


Ok, that is strange. James refused sex from me, what happened?



I had refused him for many months now. We hardly have sex so why will he refuse me? Or is there someone else for him?.


Who ever it could be that person is surely going to regret having anything with my man because I’m going to exact vengeance.


I know exactly what to do?



The next day



Jasmine pov


Yesterday was the best sex ever, I couldn’t take my mind off it.


Best love……


Now, am getting confused with my relationship with James.


Nowadays, I tend to confuse my sex with James as love making.


Am not sure if I hate this guy, I am confused.


Mixing my relationship with him as something else.


Something we could never be.


He has a lover and am still doing this with him, what will happen when his girlfriend finds out. I will be ruining their relationship, everything between them.


God, am such a monster but when am with James. I feel different, safe, but at the same time guilty and confused.


Wondering what we really are?


Are we just sex partners or something more?


My office phone rings, distracting me from my thoughts.



I picked it, “waiting for you in my office, don’t keep me waiting for long” he said while I smiled and hung up.


One thing is for sure, I can’t resist him.


I stood up from my office and went to his.


I entered his office and saw James smiling.


I walked seductively to him.


I got to him, he stood up and carry me onto his table.


He kissed my neck and I moaned.


“You missed me?” He whispered and I bit my lips trying not to moan.


“No, I don’t” I said.


You moved his hands to my thighs and I moaned softly.


“Your body says different” he said.


He pressed my ass softly, making me moan.


His hands want to my breast, as he cupped them.


I wasn’t in any bra, he bit my nipples while I moaned out his name.


Suddenly, he stopped “Anita?” he called and I quickly stood up from the table.


“James!” she called with rage.


I looked at James who looked guilty and hurt. Probably because he hurt the one he loves.



What I fears most just happened, what I fear most is not his girlfriend finding out but the pain it will cause James after his girlfriend finds out.


The fact that am the reason he will be hurt, because I found out just recently that he is not just a sex partner to me and I never hate him.


Because he is someone special to me, someone I cherish.






Awwn Jas,






Now that Anita has find out, what will happen next











Se.x partners



I hate him, but my body wants him



Pain and love


Brought to you by Author Ayomiposi diaries.


Genre: Romance, betrayal.


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