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They arrived Greece and went to the hotel. They got refreshed and went sightseeing. Wale didn’t know how to start; it had been a while they were crazy together. He had come prepared with protection; no more pregnancies. He actually waited for Farida to make the first move and was disappointed she didn’t. He had told God how much he wanted a fulfilling sex life within marriage so he wouldn’t be tempted outside. His main problem was having sex in the confines of what is approved by God. He hadn’t received any revelation concerning it. He knew they had agreed on no holds barred but he also had reservations about certain things but he refused to bring it up.


That night, after dinner, Farida made a special brewed tea for them to help them relax. She then took a shower and prepared for bed. Wale also had a bath and joined her. His mind had been racing since the registry wedding but they agreed to wait until they went on honeymoon. Now they were here together, there was nothing stopping them from consummating their marriage.


Farida could sense Wale was shy. She made the first move. She planted a kiss on his lips and then his neck and slowly she went down leaving a trail of gentle kisses all over his body. It felt so awesome. She helped him take off his pyjamas bottom which was the only thing he had on. He was ready. She went down on him. He wondered how he had stayed without this for this long. He was hungry and eager. At a point he pulled her away and to himself. It went crazy from there. They were lost in their world. He couldn’t understand if it was the same sensation he felt before; this felt different. It was amazing and it drove him crazy. He also craved Farida reaction as he had always imagined it and she didn’t disappoint him. Her moans sounded deeper and louder than ever. It was different and well worth the wait. They were at it for almost an hour. Eventually, they were spent. Wale forgot



he came with three packs of condoms in the heat of the moment. “You need to take the morning after pill. We can’t afford to get pregnant”


“There is no need for that. I am on an herb that will prevent conception. How was it?”


“Amazing! It was a billion times better than what I was expecting”

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“I just sampled one of my products with you. I have to agree, it gave both of us the satisfaction we wanted and more”


“What was that?”


“I will be launching it soon”


“Farida! You had to use us for your sample?”


“Who is best to use? I can only have sex with you so be prepared, I will use us to test all my products”


“As long as they do not have side effects”


“We use this particular herb but not in the way I have discovered it can be used and be this effective”


Wale cuddled up behind Farida and held her tight. “I can’t believe you are here in my arms. I have missed you. You are my wife; what we just did sealed our fate. I want to be with you forever and ever. I love you and will always love you”

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“I love you too Wale. Can I ask a question?”


“Go ahead”


“What your father said about you loving me from that first time you met me was it true? I mean, you told him about us?”



“I did. I told him everything. He knew from the time I changed. When I told him the truth about my WAEC and Jamb, he knew I was being influenced positively. When he met you, he understood why I loved you and he assured me you will be mine; here we are”


“Did you discuss intimate stuff with him?”


“I told him when we first made out. Then I couldn’t help but share with him when we first made love. He was happy for me”


“I feel embarrassed”


“You shouldn’t be”


The rest of the honeymoon was spent exploring both Greece and their bodies. They had so much fun that they wished they could remain like that forever.


After her honeymoon, her mother contacted to let her know she had a share in her father’s property. It was shocking to her he left something to them after disowning them. They received a house and money as their mother’s share. In addition, Farida was given a land. Her father specifically gave her the property. She appreciated him singling her out to bless her but she didn’t know why. Why did he treat her special? Well, he wasn’t there to explain but his decision couldn’t be challenged. The land was in a strategic location and could be put to good use.


Wale and Farida moved the family to Abuja. They decided to live with their children under their care. Wale resumed work while Farida continued her business. She was still under tutelage of Iya Agba while selling some of the herbs she had mastered their usage. She was the Herb Queen. She discovered she didn’t need to export her products outside Nigeria. She gave out some free samples and the orders came in. At a point she couldn’t handle the demand. She hit her first N10million profit in just three months of production. It scared her. Everything was moving too fast and too well.


Monica’s father gave Farida a brand-new Mercedes benz as her wedding gift. Even though he couldn’t make it to the wedding due to his health, he knew he owed Farida a gift and delivered it to her. Farida was ecstatic and very grateful. He cried



at losing her as a daughter-in-law but Farida assured him he had gained her as a daughter. She resolved not to be distant from Monica’s family. This family gave her opportunities she could have only dreamt of. Even though things didn’t work out with Sam, she was a part of this family before he came along. She was taking that position back.


Sam had a second stroke. This time around there was no guarantee he would recover. He was a vegetable. Idara was saddled with the responsibility of caring for him. His mother came to see her son and fainted. She was saddled with two people to cater to. She called Papi and asked him to come for them. Idara was tired and fed up with the responsibility bestowed on her. To worsen it, Sam’s mother was making life excessively difficult for her. She blamed her for every damn thing. When she wasn’t blaming her, she was calling Farida. It got so bad that Idara abandoned Sam with his mother, packed her three children and left the country. No one knew where she went to.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Sam’s mother had to take over the responsibility of caring for her son. He wasn’t recovering and his care was costing so much over there. She didn’t have access to Sam’s finance and his father refused to listen to her. She brought Sam back to his house in Uyo, she employed a nurse to take care of him. She also decided to try the local treatment. One month into the treatment, he was able to talk and recognize people. But he still wasn’t able to walk. The treatment was ongoing.


Farida got to know about Sam’s ailment from Monica. She had an herb which would help him. She contacted Monica. Monica encouraged her to go and see Sam and give them the herb. When she got there, Sam’s mother brought down the roof. She accused Farida of charming her son and putting him in the condition he was in. She said without mincing words, “Shove that thing up your arse”. Farida was shocked at her reaction. She threatened Farida and insisted Farida leaves and doesn’t come back. Farida left praying he doesn’t lose his life as his condition was pathetic. Monica couldn’t get her mother to change her mind. She advised Farida to allow her stay with her son and treat him the best way she felt.


Monica announced they were having a baby. She and Hugh were excited about the news. They all shared in Monica’s joy. Farida had to take over flying all over the world to select new pieces while learning the mysteries of herbs. It was tasking as well as fulfilling.



Iya Wale came to visit them in Abuja after they had all settled down. It was decision they took so she could get to know Farida. She was shocked at where they lived and the affluence they enjoyed. At such close contact, she found out who Farida really is. She loved all the children equally and shared a special bond with Morenike as she was the child who will always sneak to sleep with her in her room. Farida did not hide the fact she was a staunch Muslim. She prayed five times a day in the full glare of everyone. The children joined in some of the prayers. They also joined their father for the morning and evening devotion. Farida joined them for moral support. Iya Wale marveled at what she saw. Her son looked happy and fulfilled. He went to work and came in good time every day. He gave the children their night bath every evening. When he was around and they all ate as a family. When he was not at home, the family adjusted. She stayed with them for three months and wondered how people could live in such co-operation, peace and harmony.


It was simple, they had agreed on how they wanted to live as a married couple. They sat down together and prepared a blueprint on how they would go about it. They researched on every aspect of marriage and together decided how they wanted it to work. They operated a mix of traditional and contemporary in their home.


Wale took care of the children as much as Farida did. They had good hands but both of them were involved in everything concerning the children. They had agreed no favourites amongst. Unfortunately, Morenike had chosen hers and it was difficult not to reciprocate the love. School was done by Farida or the nanny with a driver when she is not around. Wale made breakfast on weekends and helps to get them ready for church on Sundays. They had a timetable for all their activities and with Kufre; it worked.


They had an account; a joint account for the family expenses. Every month, quarter as the case maybe, they pay the portion of their agreed contribution into the account. Most of the time they had things in excess as Farida plans way ahead. They never lack anything except fresh vegetables and meat. Bills are sorted by Farida and they were always in credit. Wale didn’t have anything to worry about, she took the load off him as she was an entrepreneur.



They gave individually to support family or for family functions. For special occasions, there is an agreed amount they would spend as gift. For contributions, it is done as a family. Farida’s two brothers were doing very well so they contributed towards their mother’s project on a monthly basis. They would start work immediately they had enough to take the job to a certain stage. Farida’s contribution is known and approved by her husband. During festive period, their individual families receive cows, bags of rice, and others. They get them equally. Farida knew what Wale was giving to his family and Wale knew what Farida was giving to her family. They were open and sincere with each other.


Wale and Farida planned their day together and spoke with each other most of the day. This kept them in each other’s thoughts. Farida couldn’t be away for more than a week at a stretch. They talked like the friends they were and are. Issues are easily resolved between them. They didn’t show openly they were romantically involved but they were kind and caring towards each other. Se.x never starts from the bedroom; they build on it from morning until they are together. They talked about their fantasies and the ones that was comfortable to explore they did, others just remained fantasies and they realized not all fantasies become reality.


Farida was called the Herb Queen and Wale asked her to use the name for her products. She registered her products with NAFDAC and also got an export licence. She had registered only three products and still had a lot to learn before she could boast of knowing the efficacy of the herbs. With these three products, she was raking in millions. Wale supported her. 20% of the profit was credited to Iya Agba. She rejected the money. She said knowledge is passed down freely; what Farida does with that knowledge is her gain. She only accepted the things Farida would ordinarily give her.


Wale worked for the family and also for Alhaji. He had started constructing estates for him too. Alhaji tried to convince Wale to join politics but Wale, being aware of the dirty game involved, declined respectfully. He was content with the monies he made doing legitimate business. He was not greedy neither was he interested in humanitarian service such as which were offered by politicians. Alhaji was determined to support Wale. He referred him to many of his friends. Wale had so much on his hands and also had competent hands to handle the various projects. He was very content with what he had.



When Monica had her baby, a girl, they structured their business properly. They brought in a General Manager to oversee the running of the business. This would afford Monica time to enjoy being a new mum. Also, Farida had decided to step back her activities in the company so she could focus on her herb business. It was raking in more than she could have ever imagined. Even Wale was shocked at the acceptance and crazy sales. Distributors flooded their business office in Abuja, they couldn’t even meet demands. Farida was soaring and Wale was right with her.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Iya Wale prepared to leave Wale’s house. She had been thoroughly schooled on how a family should be. She was glad her son chose Farida. Farida was calm, very down to earth and painfully honest. There was no pretence around her. The way she treated Wale with respect was admirable. Wale reciprocated. She had tried to talk to Wale at night or in the evening but she discovered once they enter the room at night, they do not attend to anyone. She had to ask Farida the best time to discuss with her son and she told her Saturday mornings. It worked. They were a good team and they were raising their children right.


As she was leaving, Iya Wale gave Farida a jewelry box filled with jewelries. She told her she loved and appreciated her. Wale had credited her account with a good sum of money from both of them while Farida gave her items from her collections during the three months. She was happy. Her grandchildren were doing very well. There was nothing more to do but pray for the success of the union.


Iya Wale was informed Tomiwa was in Nigeria. She didn’t bother to check on her or even ask after her daughter. She sent word to her to see her immediately. When Tomiwa came to see her; she told her how disappointed she was in her. She didn’t behave like a mother. She advised Tomiwa to visit her daughter as the child would soon forget her. She let her know Farida was doing a great job but one day the child will know Farida is not her mother and she will be told she gave her up for financial gains which was the truth. She should visit her child and let her know she is her mother.


Tomiwa, in her defense, had an agreement with Wale which she didn’t want to flunk. What Iya Wale said made a lot of sense so she decided to try and see her daughter. She called and asked Wale if she could visit her daughter as she was in town. Wale told her to give him a day to discuss with Farida. Tomiwa took offence. Why would he have to discuss with Farida before letting her see her child?



It was offensive to her but she held her peace waiting for him to get back. When he did, he told her Farida would like to host her when she comes around so she should discuss with Farida on a convenient day she could come.


“Why do her have to talk to her? I am talking to her father; you should give Farida my date”


“Tomiwa, Farida is Morenike’s mother. She has been her mother since you chose money over her. She determines everything concerning the children with my approval. She has said you are welcome to see your child and she would host you. But I personally would like to give you some ground rules. You are not visiting with Morenike alone, she has three brothers and a sister. You are visiting all of them, don’t single her out. She doesn’t understand the difference for now and I am not ready for her to. If you bring anything specially for Morenike give it to Farida and not to the child. Respect Farida; it is her house and her children”


Tomiwa was shocked at his instructions. He never mentioned anything about being there. Even though she knew he was now married to Farida, she wanted to show him how she looked now. She had improved on everything about herself. She had a Masters’ degree and a very good job. She was dating an Australian, hopefully it would lead to marriage. The man had mentioned not wanting to have kids. It was something they had to talk about if they were tying the knot. She hasn’t confided in him yet about having a child; she had been silent on that.


Tomiwa came to see her daughter. In all honesty, it wasn’t Morenike she came to see. She was at the gate with the security who called in to find out if she was expected. Tomiwa was ushered into a massive compound. There were three cars parked in the compound including a white Mercedes benz. She walked to the door of the house and she was ushered in. She was offered a seat in the sitting room downstairs. They brought an array of drinks and snacks for refreshment. She didn’t believe she was in Wale’s house. How did Wale become this big? How could he afford to live in such a house? As she wondered, Farida came downstairs with her children. There were five of them. Tomiwa saw Morenike, she was different in looks from the others. Farida looked so gorgeous. She was still the same; no one would believe she had two sets of twins. She was beautiful. She saw clearly what Wale saw then and didn’t want to let go.



Farida exchanged pleasantries with Tomiwa and asked if she would like to eat anything but Tomiwa declined. Farida introduced the children to her and asked them to call her Aunt Tomiwa. Tomiwa watched how her daughter clung to Farida. She never wanted her out of her sight. She could feel their bond. She felt like an intruder. Her child looked good, very healthy and loved. What else did she want? She knew she would have to forget Morenike and move on with her new life. Wale was right; Farida was her mother.


Farida got a frantic call from Monica. She picked up still sleepy when she heard, “Farida, Sam and my mum are dead”


Farida jumped out of the bed and screamed, “What?”


“Please fly down and check on my father for me. I was told he didn’t take the news well. He has been hospitalized”


“How did they die?”


“Sam died in his sleep. Immediately he was confirmed dead, mother suffered a massive heart attack and died before she was taken to the hospital”


“This is sad”


“Please, my father is all I have left, go and check on him?”


Early in the morning, Farida left for Lagos. She got to the hospital and Monica’s father was in a terrible condition. His wife explained how it all happened. Farida spoke with the doctor and he assured her he would be fine which she shared with Monica.


He was there for ten days. Some days were better than other days. Eventually, he began to have a reason to live. Sam was not an only child and he had grown up children and grandchildren who loved him. Farida promised to bring her children often to see him so he would be happy. Luckily for him, the stroke did not affect any part of his body.



Farida attended their funerals with Wale, the twins, his two brothers and their mother. It was a sad moment for everyone. It afforded Farida time to reminisce about her relationship with Sam. He did terrible things to her. But he was also good to her sometimes. Why did he have to die so young?


His mother was buried in her family home. Papi attended the funeral, so did Idara. She didn’t seem to be mourning with the way she was behaving during the reception. In her defence, Idara said it was long coming. They had been warned a second heart attack might be fatal. It happened again and then a third one which led to his death. Now that Sam was gone, she was ready to move back to Nigeria and raise her children with all the help she can get. She had survived this long by the grace of God and Papi help. It was time to stop running and start living since Sam is gone.


Sam was given a state burial. People from far and near were present. They read out his biography and people had wonderful things to say about him. Farida was asked to speak and she looked for a way to speak about him without speaking ill of the dead. She prayed about it and asked Wale to pray with her. Finally, she wrote something that she and Wale believed would portray who Sam really was. She mounted the podium in the presence of everyone and said,


“Sam was a go-getter. Sam gets what Sam wants and it becomes a problem if he doesn’t. Sam had served in various capacities at the state level and many can attest to his brilliance. Sam desperately wanted to be in the house of reps and he achieved it even when the odds were against him. Sam gets what Sam wants. Saying Sam was a good man wouldn’t be a lie. There are many here whose lives he touched. There are many he did so much for and without accepting anything in return. He had saved many people from poverty and from bondage.


The downside was that Sam never knew when to stop. He didn’t know when to draw the line. He learnt the hard way. I was divorced from Sam before his demise but I have him to thank for the first set of twins I have. I am grateful for them. Our years together was not a waste. He apologized to me before his death and I hold no grievance against him. I would have preferred he was alive for our twins, for his beautiful wife Idara and their children but all we can do now is celebrate his short but meaningful life filled with lessons for us all. I pray Allah grants him eternal rest”.



The funeral struck a cord on Farida. Farida decided to empty her potentials on planet earth before she dies. Everyone around her was happy. She was living the life she had always dreamt of and better still, she was part of her success story. She had made a good name for herself with the continuous study of the herbs and spices. She built an enviable business from the manufacture and sales of her various herbs and spices. Anything could happen at anytime and so she began to write a memoir of her life for people to know her. She decided to write her story.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Farida was grateful for where she was and where she was going. It was just a matter of time and all she planned would be accomplished. She never envisaged she would be a mother of five children; it never crossed her mind but now she was a mother, a business owner, a wife to a loyal and supportive husband. She had gotten her doctorate degree. Wale’s father was building a university in Abuja and wanted Farida to represent him on the board and also work there. It looked like a good opportunity to share all she had learnt but at the same time, she was still a student under the tutelage of Iya Agba who also asked her to register for Iya Agba agbo’s classes too. She found herself attending local school just to learn and it was worth it. Wale asked her to thing about the offer, the ball was in her court. She loved to impact knowledge and would love to lecture. She would manage her time when the time comes.


Farida had come a long way. She had dreams which initially sounded selfish but as time went on, the dream began to take better for and they became reality. She passed to trials and challenges to get to where she is today. She made mistakes; grave mistakes lived with the consequences. Farida had high morals which she lowered for the one she loved and in return, he didn’t abuse but nurtured it. Their unique friendship and love helped them weather various storms. Many family members admired their relationship and marriage. They consider their partners before doing anything. Having a plan before marriage and drawing up a blueprint of how you want the marriage work is more important than planning a wedding. Farida and Wale knew this and decided to make their marriage work. They are still together.


Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, affirm it daily and work towards it.


We can be whoever we decide to be. It is never too late.


The End.

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