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Dragon Girl – Episode 15

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Possessed by love and Dragon




Nimueh:Hi husband


Prince Fredrick: Nimueh!!?


Nimueh:looks like someone is exited to see me(she flung her hair to the back)


Dash:am I dreaming right now?


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Juliet:Do mystical creatures truly exist?


Nimueh:hmmm smell fresh blood Humans I see you all smell delicious


Katherine:Did she just call him husband?


Judith:that’s what you could grab from the suspense going on Kate?


Prince Arien:you’re interrupting our work here what are you doing here?


Nimueh:so you’re sad I’m back?(her face turn red)


Prince Fredrick:no no Nimueh don’t


Nimueh used her laser eyes to attack Prince Arien but he Dodge it with a dragon sword


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Nimueh:hunnn interesting you still got that sword with you


She walk towards Judith and the rest


Prince Fredrick:Don’t touch our guest..let go and see Father


Nimueh:you should have said that before


She changed from Satyress to a pretty lady with two legs but the two legs are like horse’s.she sway her hips as she walks then she stop and face Arien


Nimueh:The river is fake..I ate that witch already no one is there to expose any soul


Fredrick went to the king and prince Arien left the river angrily like he’s pissed..


Judith:Dear girl(the maid)can you please explain everything to us?


Maid:since you’re seeing everything now it’s not right to keep the truth from you any longer.Nimueh was betrothed to Prince Fredrick as peace treaty when they were small but one day they left the palace to hang out and they stayed outside late…when the hungry wolves and some evil mystical creatures attacked them.Prince Fredrick,Nimueh,Prince Arien and Ana were still young and didn’t know how to defend themselves


Dorothy: who’s Ana?


Maid:Prince Arien friend (a female friend)


They keep running for their lives but Nimueh being a very young Satyress couldn’t save them either and they got stucked to a cave.Prince Arien saw a dragon sword, the one he’s been holding since then and tried fighting off the animals.An animal charged towards prince Fredrick and Nimueh used Ana as a bait for them to escape.and Ana was eaten.Prince Fredrick and the rest continued running and got to a cliff.Prince Arien being very angry charged toward Nimueh..she was moving backward and she fell off the cliff and since then nobody heard from her.


Katherine:oh my heavens what a Bitch she was


Judith:what of Ana?


Dennis:She died?


Dash:dude she was eaten


Juliet:now what’s gonna happen?


Sandra:Won’t she pose threat?




King Topaz have no choice than to rearrange the marriage because Nimueh is now powerful and threatening.Prince Fredrick rejected her and told his father he already have a woman he loves.


King:Show me that girl in three days or else you are going to marry her.


Nimueh went to the palace training ground to play with arrows and swords but met Prince Arien.


Nimueh:Well well well look who we’ve got here


Prince Arien:(remains silent and arch his bow with arrow)


Nimueh:Don’t you miss me?


Prince Arien shoot at her but she was quick to evade the attack.


Prince Arien:I don’t have anything to discuss with you than death


Then Judith arrived at the scene


Judith:uhm.. I’ll come back later I guess


Before she could turn away ,Nimueh ran fast and blocked her way.

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Nimueh:(using her finger to raise her chin up)why do I keep getting this feeling whenever I see you?but I don’t know who you are still?


Judith: I’m just a normal human being not a monster like you.


Nimueh slapped her and her eyeballs turned yellow


Prince Arien:I’ve had enough of your nonsense Nimueh


Nimueh: interesting…you know what she is and you’re deceiving everyone


Judith:you won’t live to tell tales(she said in electrifying voice)


Nimueh:(feeling scared)Half human half dragon you’re more dangerous than I thought.


She ran off like lightening


Judith:oh my God what have I done?


Prince Arien:Get ready to be captured.I won’t be able to help you anymore.i thought I can build you to be like me


Judith:haaaa.te . ATHUSAR?


Prince Arien:Yes Athusar.


He left the training ground




Nimueh went deep into the forest and she unleashed the three sisters of Gorgon,she picked a fight and ran away.now the Gorgons are matching towards the palace.(A Gorgon is a mystical creature that turns people to stone by just looking at them”that is if they make eye contact.)


Nimueh:Get ready for a party hahahaha(she laughed wickedly)..Prince Fredrick that’s your bachelor’s party.













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