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Johnson’s Dickson – Episode 9

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Episode 9


“Madam Daniela, you still dey awake”, he

suddenly burst in saying.

I was quickly taken a back and had to lean a

bit to know who it was only to see his face.

He had just seen my na.kedness too but was

too embarrassed to react. Eventually, we both

pretended we didn’t know I was as

we tried continuing with the conversation.

“Sorry o! I didn’t know you were set for bed

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“No problem Oga”, I said, raising myself to sit

on my mattress, doing little to cover my

exposed fat boobs though. “You want me to

do something for house?”

He chuckled a little and said no. “I just wan

apologize for this morning. It was a mistake

and I will be more careful next time”

I was confounded! I didn’t know what to say

at first given that I was the one who should

be apologizing. I managed to speak

eventually though. “Haba oga! It is not a

problem o! I should be saying sorry sef! I

should have known you had entered and

informed you I was in there”

He hissed. But unlike what you would expect

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from him at that point, I found his eyes

looking directly at my exposed boobs! How I

had wished for this all along!!

“It is not a problem sir”, I tried continuing,

with an aim to keep his eyes there

“Ok oo. I will be going back up”, he was

already leaving. How I died just then! I wished

I could just hold unto his hand and ask him

to stay over the night! How I wished I could

just tell him that I wanted him to f–k me

right then! That my boobs which he had been

looking at, longed for him too! How I wished!

But I couldn’t.

“Oya goodnight na. I will see you tomorrow”.

He was gone but left me thinking. If he

wasn’t really interested in me, he wouldn’t

have ogled my boobs the much he did. All he

needed was another chance. All I needed was

to give it to him again! I was full of hope.


My boobs heaved and danced as I dished out

breakfast for Mr. Johnson, the next morning. I

waited until everyone had left before I went in

to do so. I was dressed to kill as expected! I

had a very short black combat skirt and a red

camisole top with very tiny hands. The neck

line was so deep that I always had to return

my n—–s back into the dress each time I

bent over for anything! I was seduction in

motion! When he first met me, he tried acting

like nothing happened yesterday but yet, I

could tell how uncomfortable he felt,

stemming from what I was wearing. He kept

stealing glances at my spilling boobs and

generally stuttered with his words. I was

winning this battle suddenly and how

reassuring it felt.

I was meant to serve him breakfast at the

dining table, but I didn’t do that. Rather, I

carried his dish of custard and fried plantain

in a tray into his bedroom. He was reading

one of his Christian books when I walked in.

He was actually still in bed but was seating

and leaning onto his bed-headboard.

“Oga, here’s your food”, I was hurriedly

bringing the food to him to reduce the time

he might have to want to ask me to take it to

the dining room. In fact, before he could pull

away his spectacles from his eyes, I had

already dropped the food on his night-stand

and pulled it closer to him. However, I didn’t

exactly hurry over this part, as it was a major

point in my plan. Leaning over to pull the

stool got my boobs into attempting to spill

as expected. And before I could entirely, get

the stool to his end, my entire b—–s as well

as my two n—–s were out in the open –

hanging and swaying from end to end!! Mr.

Johnson had earlier attempted saying

something but was abruptly stopped in his

track by the lewd sinful view before him!

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