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Love To Tears – Episode 2

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-Episode 2




After the day routine I drove back home all the way from Port-Harcourt rumoukoro park with passengers that are headed to Ahoada, I dropped off all the passengers in a park close to round about.




I picked up my phone and checked my time which was 7pm dot at then, I placed a call to Angel “hello” her sweet musical voice sounded out from the phone speaker “I’ll be coming to see you, please come out if I call you again after now” I said into the receiver “okay” she replied and I ended the call.




I drove down to Odieremenyi road were she lived and called her again, she didn’t pick up her phone so I waited patiently in a shop that the owner was yet to close for the day. I was discussing with the owner of the shop who is a lady when Angel’s call came, I stood up and searched around the area and saw her across the road.


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She was cladded with white handless top and a skirt that stopped on her kneel area, I followed her as she crawled into the dark were there is no light. “Good evening” she greeted cheerfully shining her white teeth in the concealed area from light, “evening, how are you Angel?” I asked and she replied affirmatively. I rested my weight on the wall and looked at her intently without saying anything “why are you not saying anything?” She asked coming closer to me.



“I don’t know how to tell you this, I am madly in love with you. I want you to be my wife” I said to her, she was shocked and out of words. Immediately she flashed a quick smile at me to ease up the tension “I would have said yes because I love you too, but I really want to be educated” she expressed her desire fearlessly, I was impressed.




“I am ready to help you through out your stay in the university if you will marry me when you graduate” I told her, she shouted joyfully and jumped on me. I held her both bums with my palms as she stared deeply into my eyes, I felt love beyond man’s acknowledgement and natural circumstances what I felt is divinely arranged love. Our lips clicked and we kissed slowly as our tongue dance d the dance of Eta.

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After the kiss she stood before me with tears rolling down her cheeks “I’ll never disappoint you, I’ll love you even in death. Take my virginity” she said her eyes closed, I was moved by her promise “you a virgin?” Those words stuttered out of my mouth as I realized what she just said, she nodded without opening her eyes. I cleaned her tears and smiled “open your eyes” I said to her, she did.



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“Am not here for s-x, I am doing all these not because of your body but the love I have for you” I said to her, we departed that night as a happy couple.More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App. The money I had saved to buy a new bus, I gave some out of it to Angel and bought a car instead of a bus.




A week later Angel went to the campus, I didn’t allow her parents to worry about her tuition fee and accommodation fee. I helped her with money she booked a space in the school’s hostel, my sister’s junior waec was fast approaching so I paid for it. She wrote and passed when the result arrived she shouted the house roof down “brother!!! See As” Ada my kid sister said to me showing her result to me to see “you did well, in fact. I’ll cook egusi soup with goat meat and cow meat then spice it up with tilapia fish” I promised her, she was really moved as she hugs and thanked me incessantly till I prepared the soup for her and I.



My sister and I were dedicated to studies, even if I stopped schooling I do read every time I saw her read in the night. She was a bookworm and reads a lot, I have never beaten her once when it comes to who will go to bed first while we were reading.




“Hello, baby!” Angel called the fifth time on that day, she called a lot when she was away “baby, I missed you” I said into the receiver as she giggled at the other end “I missed you more, i can’t wait for the holiday to finish and return to my baby’s arms” she said. We talked about how she spent her day and I narrated what happened on the road then said our goodnight with kisses.




When the semester came to a close, Angel returned home. At this point in my life heaven faced their back on me, the person whom I gave my bus to drive had an accident and lost his life, the bus was brutally damaged, I meant it burnt completely. I was frustrated and confused at a time, so Angel visited me one of those days since she is at home. The way she normally dressed changed, more flesh were exposed unlike before but she never put on make-up on her powdered face.




Her gracious shape sent a sensual message to my groin as it responded immediately with a h—d d—k. We started kissing as I made to remove her short skirt she held me by the hand “after our marriage you could have it all to yourself” she said to me. I was furious and tempted to say something but I cooled myself with fanning myself with my shirt, she understood that I was angry “baby, are you angry?” She asked me.











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